Reincarnated In Mahabharat with Seven Deadly Sins System Book

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Reincarnated In Mahabharat with Seven Deadly Sins System


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Greek × Indian × Norse mythology) This is the journey of a man from the end of Kaliyug, named Aryan, who got Lord Vishnu's boon and survived the end of the world by reincarnating to Mahabharat period in a parallel universe with a seven deadly sins system. Now Aryan has to navigate in this dangerous world, all the while trying to figure out how to use this system of his to gain the seven abilities from the famous anime seven deadly sins. May be this time, the ending will be slightly different with the addition of a man from Kaliyug into Dwaparyug? But wait, why are there Greek gods and Norse gods in this world too? A total of three Pantheons? Follow Aryan on his journey and see what different choices he will make and how are they going to change the bigger picture? * [ Those who don't know the story of Mahabharat can also read. I have tried my best to make you understand everything. ] [ PS - This is only for entertainment purpose and I don't want to hurt anyone's beliefs and religion. So if you have any problems with these then please don't read further. ] * I'll try to make 5 chaps / week, unless something urgent comes up like exams and all. *********************** Hungry for more chapters? Support me on Patreon and read 5 advance chapters, along with advance chapters of my other novels .  patreon.com/Daddy_strikes_