1 Chapter 1 (R-18)

<p>In the sunlit world of Rathina, the divide between the rich and the poor was as stark as the harsh, relentless rays of its sun. The affluent residents indulged whimsically, discarding what no longer pleased them, while those less fortunate scavenged for survival, treating each discarded morsel as precious. Amid this disparity, there were whispers of individuals with supernatural abilities, veiled shadows among the populace, their powers a secret kept from the eyes of society.<br/><br/>At the pinnacle of luxury in Las Vegas stood The Empathy Suite Hotel, a grand testament to opulence where Akira D. Deym resided. To any observer, Akira seemed merely a youth of eighteen with his spectacles, striking blue hair, and piercing eyes, yet he was, in reality, twenty-three. His days in this haven of luxury began back in 2030, marking the start of a transformation that would see him ascend to the title of the world's wealthiest man.<br/><br/>Waking to another sunny morning, Akira surveyed the world from his window. "After five years, I've finally claimed the title of the richest man on Earth," he mused, a reflective tone in his voice. His fortune was amassed through an ingenious yet clandestine enterprise—selling duplicated gold on the black market. Despite his wealth, he retained a sense of duty to the less fortunate, donating 15% of his earnings to orphanages, a nod to his own humble beginnings.<br/><br/>Akira's story was one of fortuitous twists. As an infant, he had miraculously survived a car accident, an event that led to his placement in an orphanage. It was there he met Ben, a boy with the remarkable ability to duplicate any object. Tragically, Ben's life was cut short, and in his final moments, his extraordinary gift was miraculously transfered to Akira, forever altering the course of his friend's life.<br/><br/>As the day faded into night, a contemplative Akira prepared for his usual evening retreat to a local bar—a ritual that provided a semblance of normalcy amid his chaotic life. Upon entering the bar, a place frequented by the city's elite, his eyes landed on a young woman of notable beauty. She seemed to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders.<br/><br/>Approaching confidently, beer in hand, Akira greeted her, "Hey beauty, what's your name?" <br/><br/>"Elsa," she replied simply.<br/><br/>Seizing the opportunity for company, he invited, "Wanna drink with me?"<br/><br/>"Sure," Elsa agreed, welcoming the distraction.<br/><br/>As they conversed, Akira learned that Elsa was the CEO of the third-largest corporation in Las Vegas, her presence at the bar driven by the pressures of her role. The night unfolded, draped in the glow of neon lights and the possibility of new beginnings, as two souls from vastly different worlds shared a moment of escape.<br/><br/>|2 hours later|<br/><br/>The beer was mild, and though Akira felt a slight buzz, he remained clear-headed. He noticed Elsa struggling to keep her balance, her laughter a bit too loud, her steps unsure. Concern flickered across his face as he watched her sway slightly, the dim bar lights casting shadows over her features.<br/><br/>"Hey, Elsa, let me help you," Akira called out, his voice steady and kind. He walked over, offering his arm for support. Elsa smiled gratefully, looping her arm through his as they made their way slowly through the crowded bar.<br/><br/>Once outside, Akira guided her towards his car, the cool night air sobering them a bit more. "I'll drive you back to the hotel," he offered, his tone gentle. Elsa nodded, her trust evident in her weary eyes.<br/><br/>As they drove, the quiet of the night enveloping the car, Akira found himself in an unexpected conversation. Elsa, her words slurring slightly, began to speak about her dreams of starting a non-profit for children in need, her passion lighting up her face. Akira listened, genuinely interested, his earlier plans for the night forgotten.<br/><br/>They arrived at the hotel, and Akira helped Elsa to her room, Akira's thoughts were buzzing with sinister plots, He started removing her clothes. He moved his hand to the buttons to do her clothes, and after that, he removed her clothes. He started by sucking her tits while his left hand was groping her D cup breast. "Mnn~" is a moan that comes from Elsa, while Akira, who heard this, looked at her and asked, 'is she awake? ' thought Akira as he opened Elsa's legs, which make an M form. He continued sucking her tits while his right hand was rubbing her clitoris. After 5 minutes, Elsa squirted. Seeing this, Akira started licking her P*ussy like a dog.<br/><br/>"Ahn~" A deep groan escaped Elsa's lips<br/>Akira's left hand is pinching her clitoris while she licks her vagina. When Akira noticed that Elsa had squirted once more, he pointed his penis toward her vagina. It occurred to him, while he was licking her vagina, that she is a 22-year-old virgin. Then he inserted his dick into her vagina. "Ouch," Elsa exclaimed as a tiny trickle of blood began to emerge from her crotch. Elsa woke up, but Akira didn't mind because he knew she was still drunk.<br/><br/>Akira got moving, although slowly. "Mnn~" Elsa moaned as she pressed herself against the bed, believing that this was merely a dream. Then, as Elsa's groan grew louder, Akira began to thrust deeper. Elsa exclaimed, "Ahhn~ faster," as she heard the sound of meat and fluids colliding loudly. Akira leaned in to whisper in Elsa's ear, "Let me plant my seed in you." With a leg embrace that locked Akira in place, Elsa exclaimed, "I'm cumming!!"<br/><br/>Both reached climax at the same time. Akira then held Elsa close and lifted her, maintaining his dick inside her pussy. In this position, Elsa moved rhythmically while Akira helped to increase their pace.<br/>"ahh~" moaned elsa as she moved her hips.<br/><br/>Akira was kissing Elsa while his left hand is groping her breast, he moved his right hand to Elsa's back to make it faster since he was about to cum "I'm cumming" said Akira. After the 2nd round Elsa was exhausted and fall asleep again, Akira wasn't satisfied yet since he still has energy, Later, Akira headed to the shower, contemplating whether he'd seek another woman for satisfaction while bathing. Ultimately, he chose to join Elsa in bed and fell asleep beside her.<br/><br/>As dawn broke, the first tendrils of light spilled over the horizon, casting a warm glow that heralded a new day.<br/><br/>"Kyyaaaa!" a girl shouted, rousing Akira from his sleep.<br/><br/>"What is it, Elsa?" Akira asked, turning to look at her.<br/><br/>"Who are you?" Elsa asked, shielding herself.<br/><br/>"Hmm, I'm Akira, and there's no need to cover up; I've seen everything already," Akira responded, indicating the blood-stained sheets.<br/><br/>"You!" Elsa exclaimed, tears beginning to fall.<br/><br/>"Don't worry about it, I'll take responsibility," Akira reassured her.<br/><br/>Elsa studied Akira's face, searching for any sign that might betray his bold claim. His expression, cool and assured, gave nothing away. Seeing her skepticism, Akira's voice took on a hint of pride as he declared, "I am the richest man in the world."<br/><br/>"As if I would believe that," Elsa retorted, her voice dripping with sarcasm.<br/><br/>Unfazed, she straightened her posture, her gaze steady and forward-thinking. "I'm not asking you to take responsibility; I can support myself," she stated firmly, her mind already weaving plans for her future.<br/><br/>"Sure, you're welcome here anytime you need help," Akira offered.<br/><br/>"I'll be leaving later since I still have work," Elsa announced as she headed toward the shower. Once refreshed, she approached Akira with a request, her car being still parked at the bar. "Could you give me a ride to the office?" she asked.<br/><br/>After dropping Elsa off at her company, Akira returned to his hotel where he found the room freshly tidied, the sheets changed, signaling a new start. Settling into the quiet of his own space, Akira indulged in his lifelong habit of watching anime, a simple pleasure that always brought him comfort.<br/><br/>Midway through an episode, a craving for something sweet struck him. He retrieved a pudding imported from Japan from his fridge. Slicing it into five pieces, each no bigger than a coin, he ate casually, unaware of the dire turn his day was about to take. In an unexpected twist of fate, Akira choked on a piece of pudding. The trivial act of satisfying a snack craving had led to a sudden, tragic end.</p>

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