Reincarnated as The Slave who Became a God Book

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Reincarnated as The Slave who Became a God


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This is the story of Blake Batson, or widely known as the Voice of God. But Blake was not part of any church or religion, his title was bestowed to him by his fans and the people due to his godly voice that serenated the world. He became famous at the early age of 13. He became the world’s best selling artist at 15. And at 19, he held the biggest concert recorded in the world. At 20… He died. And years later, he conquered another world. WARNING: Contains very strong language, violence, smut, racism, attacks on pseudo-religions, explicit scenes, word nudity, and gore. This is a work of fiction, if you find anything similar in the real world, please do note that it is purely coincidental and not... real.


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