Reincarnated as the Fallen Angel, Argus, in DxD

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What is Reincarnated as the Fallen Angel, Argus, in DxD

Read ‘Reincarnated as the Fallen Angel, Argus, in DxD’ Online for Free, written by the author LoliConnoisseur, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: This is the story of how I was reincarnated as Argus, the Immortal Fallen Angel from the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang o...


This is the story of how I was reincarnated as Argus, the Immortal Fallen Angel from the game Mobile Legends Bang Bang or MLBB for short. And Became the Strongest!

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J'ai prétendu être la Mort, mais elle m'a tenu tête.

“Mon nom est Kobayashi Shinsuke, 42 ans. Je suis chef de la Section Finances du Département Catastrophes Naturelles de Marline Insurance. J’ai une nouvelle recrue sous mes ordres, et je ne supporte pas ses sourires, ses regards, et son attitude détachée. Elle ressemble exactement à la folle qui s’en est pris à moi hier, et elle travaille ici maintenant?! Cette fille… JE DOIS LA FAIRE DÉMISSIONNER!" "Mon nom est Shinohara Hana, 21 ans, et je suis la nouvelle recrue! Je m’intéresse de près à Mr Kobayashi. Depuis un moment, même… Ce type… JE DOIS LE FAIRE TOMBER AMOUREUX DE MOI!" Ou la relation bizarre et basée sur un malentendu d’ennemis (mais pas vraiment) qui deviennent un couple, dans le monde des sociétés d’assurances! Hana le connaît depuis longtemps, et s'est faite embaucher dans la même entreprise pour le retrouver, et lui exprimer toute sa gratitude, malgré son mauvaix caractère. Mais Shinsuke ne se souvient pas d'elle. Pire, même, leur première rencontre, à ses yeux, était horrible! Et la jeune femme ne semble pas avoir de remords, ni même se souvenir des faits! Mais, elle compte bien lui tenir tête, quoi qu'il arrive. Car elle a une dette à régler... Et parce qu'une seule chose est importante, à ses yeux. __________________ EXTRAIT: Yuuto grimaça, et se pencha alors en arrière pour apercevoir Mari. « Hé, Hasami-san ? » Dit-il pour attirer son attention. La femme plus âgée se pencha alors également en arrière sur son siège, elle et Yuuto se positionnant de chaque côté d'Hana comme deux gardes du corps un peu trop zélés. « Jette un œil à ça, » dit Yuuto en pointant du doigt l'écran d'ordinateur de la nouvelle interne. Interne qui, à présent, avait complètement arrêté de travailler, et se demandait pourquoi elle avait à présent deux adultes penchés sur chacune de ses épaules avec un regard concentré braqué sur son document. Et après quelques secondes, Mari grimaça. «Ouch...» Dit-elle, comme si ce qu'elle voyait était douloureux, rien qu'en regardant. Elle mit alors sa main gauche sur l'épaule d'Hana, et secoua la tête. «Le Chef Kobayashi t'as dans le collimateur...» Déduisit-elle avec une voix navrée. «Il t'a demandé de lui rendre ça pour quand ?» «Demain matin... ?» Répondit avec hésitation Hana. «Ouch...» Dit à son tour Yuuto. «Quelle espèce de...» Mais le jeune homme s'interrompit rapidement, regardant avec un regard suspicieux tout autour de lui et tournant la tête comme un chien de prairie sur ses gardes. Puis, voyant que l'objet de ses insultes n'était pas en train de marcher dans l'étage - comme un rapace planerait dans les airs pour chercher une nouvelle proie – il chuchota vivement pour compléter sa phrase. «Quel enfoiré !» Dit-il en un souffle, de façon presque inaudible. _________________________________________________ Illustration de couverture par Banae (Instagram: @ba.nae ) BETA : Nayrroda.

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Adjustable World: Tefter

I WILL NEVER SIGN A CONTRACT, HENCE PLEASE DON'T SEND ME COINS OR SUCH. WRITING IS MY HOBBY AND I DON'T NEED MONEY. Yooo everyone!           This novel is a story I've been structuring for over 5 years now, and after writing from scratch 4 times, I'm finally somewhat self-confident enough to publish it! This will be the only novel I'm ever going to write since I used all the inspiration and reference I have for this one.           The story is pretty much completed, but I'm not done writing yet as it's only my hobby! That's the main reason why chapters are relatively long but I assure you that there are no cliff hangers or such! New chapter every Saturday!           This piece contains tons of action, vast yet simple World Building but also a little bit of philosophy like the purpose of life and the definition of love.           THERE ARE NO FILLER CHAPTERS! Each chapter is mostly a combination of action and World Building/ Character development, and sometimes only one of the two!           I pondered a lot while constructing the story in order to avoid any repetition, so each action scene and plot twist is unique in it's own way!           As mentioned, the only thing that's distorting my confidence is my writing skill, so PLEASE LEAVE A FEEDBACK. This is crucial for my improvement as I would love to turn this novel into a manga.           The approximated length of this piece is about 150 chapters. I hope you enjoy reading it at least as much as I enjoyed writing it. Blurb:           "Adjustable World: Tefter" is a fictional novel where every individual is born with some form of inexplicable anomaly, ranging from barely noticeable to wildly disruptive, impacting their own lives and the lives of those around them. The organization "Source" is tasked with containing these "wild individuals" to prevent disasters and with studying them to advance the understanding of the supernatural phenomena.           However, what happens when such an organization suddenly collapses? The Pashtrik Mountain basin is the first area affected by the absence of the Source.           The story is told from the perspective of a character named Zafer, a local of the basin, who inadvertently becomes a key figure in establishing a new world order. He interacts and mediates with numerous other characters from the region, whose interests intertwine, unaware that they are simultaneously shaping a significant historical period. Zafer spends most of his time training, fighting for what he loves and considers right at the moment, philosophizing about the many life inconsistencies that befall him, and uncovering the sources of all the ancient mysteries of the world.

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ELISE PETERSON a beautiful young girl, who grew in the midst of humans without knowing of her true origin, she is a kind and quiet type of person, although she found herself different from every other children she knew as sometimes when she gets angry so many things I mean bad things happen which makes other children scared of her and always call her names, they said she was cursed, others said she was a witch and some elderly ones thought she was evil and always chase her away from their children hence making her to be alone and idle, She hates her life, to the extent when she considered suicide but somehow or something always brings her to life, like she couldn't die or something, on top of that the voices she hears in her head makes things worse as now people have started thinking she is a crazy, thereby giving her the name the THE CRAZY CURSED CHILD. Fortunately she moved from her home town to a new City where things turned out to be quite normal, the voices stop and strange things stopped happening. She thought changing her location and school will help butter things up well yes it did to some extent as she got to make friends and study with comfort, However a transfered student called Aiden Jasper suddenly came into the picture, turning things upside down making it hard for her new life to be in peace as if that wasn't enough Henry Lotus the schools quiet boy and nerd started calling her master, "What's going on" she asked herself.. * * * * * WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE THE REASON FOR AIDEN JASPER TRANSFER, IS IT ORDINARY OR HE HAS SOMETHING DOWN HIS SLEEVE? WHAT ABOUT HENRY, HOW COME HE STARTS REFERRING TO ELISE AS HIS MASTER? WHAT COULD HAVE SUDDENLY HAPPENED,? HOW WILL ELISE FIND OUT ABOUT HER TRUE ORIGIN? WHAT IS SHE? (I don't know for sure how to answer your questions now, but the truth is this novel is filled with things intriguing and mysterious, Read this book to know what is really happening and why is Elise the way she is, is she normal or not. Get to know exciting things from Elise's story from her childhood till date, you wouldn't know if you don't look into this book.) A/N: hello everyone, my name is LISA EVANS, this is my second book, I lost my first account on webnovel, I'm not new here, I really appreciate those of you who find time to really go through this book, I'm really happy to be able to bring another book to your notice, even though I'm sad about my first account anyways I love writing and I'll always keep writing. This book is originally mine and I wont take it likely seeing any part of my book published by someone else, you'll be sued for copyright. I will really appreciate it if you guys can read this book and even recommend it to your friends I'll, really appreciate it. This book is available on, 1:WEB NOVEL, 2: WATT PAD, 3 :KONG FU BOOKS 4: LIGHT READER 5: FICTUM BOOKS. THANKS DEAR READERS FOR READING THIS BOOK, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO DROP YOUR COMMENTS AND ASK QUESTIONS, VOTES AND REVIEWS... EMAIL: LEXILOVE23401@GMAIL.COM.

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Very Epic Story. Good Story. I love this story. -Not The Author


its' good keep it up....................


could've been better if the writing's a little better just wanna whats the family seeing him when his already dead could've just sent him to reincarnate why add more words


Don't you dare drop this fanfiction it is really perfect and wonderful just keep it going we're all really love this


Just for the Argus I'll give a 5 star ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕




This is a good work I say, the characters are well written, the romance is not forced and is reasonable, but he leons need some more details though😏😏 but that's just me hehehe🤤🤤.anyway for me its over all good and worth the time.


I think it’s pretty good just the updates are too slow to the point you forget about it


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