5 Chapter No.5 Starter Pack And Goddess Ganga(Edited)

Karna stared at the system panel with excitement in his heart because Starter Pack jumped two grades because of the Gold Upgrading Ticket. It's only a 10% chance, But his luck is not that bad.

[Do you want to open the Greatest Starter Pack?]


Karna watched with anticipation that Athena process something and create another system panel.

[Opening the Greatest Starter Pack...]

[Congratulation, Host]

[You have obtained...]

Void Steps (Movement Technique) 1x

Void Fist (Attack Technique) 1x

Master Craftsmanship Skill Book 1x

Master Chef Skill Book 1x

Master Bowmanship Skill Box 1x

Random Legendary Legacy 1x

High Heal Potions 60x

Demon's Mask 1x

Random Soul Weapon 2x

Four-Season Sword Technique 1x

Kusanagi: The Grass-Cutter

Bronze Upgrading Tickets 20x

Sliver Upgrading Tickets 10x

Gold Upgrading Tickets x2

Black Gold Upgrading Tickets x1 ]

"God Damn!"

Karna gagged on his saliva and watched the items with a shocked look. He coughed profusely and tried to pinch himself but his hands were just moving in the air cutely... If it can be because of him floating in the raging river. It is beyond his expectation.

He recognized some items and muttered.

"Greatest Starter Pack indeed... Athena, I love you."


[In total, You have obtained three master skill books, Three martial techniques, 60 Consumable items, One bloodline, Two soul weapons, Two pieces of equipment, And also 33 Upgrading Tickets]

[Do you want to proceed by checking them out?]

"Wait Athena, I want to use a Amethyst Upgrade Ticket on my bloodline."

Karna wanted to try it because he wanted to know, That he is a demigod now and if he Upgrade his bloodline will he get his father's full bloodline or even higher?

[Good Choice, Host]

[You have used Amethyst Upgrading Ticket on Bloodline]



[You have acquired Star Child Bloodline]

[Name: Star Child Bloodline]

[Type: Bloodline]

[Grade: EX]

[Description: As a star child, You will be loved by the world, Even the despair of the abyss will not harm the star child.(Warning: Star-Child is prone to have trouble with women. Beware of it when opening a harem.)]

(A/N: Sometimes Because Of Luck When Upgrading There Is a 0.1% Chance Of Upgrading To One Tier Higher And Used Ticket.)

"Damn Good, Start fusing this bloodline, Athena."

Karna marveled at the description but made a frown at the warning while thinking, 'Who's gonna open a harem I will be Bal Brahmachari(The One Who Doesn't Marry and become a saint) Hmmp!'

[Fusing the bloodline...]


"Uugh.", Karna's eyes widened because every part of his infant body screamed in agony. Feeling blood burning and bone marrow crushed and started regenerating itself.



Half an hour later.

[Congratulation, Host]

[All your base attributes and talents have indirectly increased by six hundred times]

[You have become the second Star-Child in this universe]

Karna breathed heavily for a moment and muttered,

" That was horrible."


He felt incredibly light and his tiny hands had some strength in them. He watched his figure in the system panel which Athena showed without even asking him, If someone asked that was he shocked then that would be an understatement.

[Star-Child is said to be the most beautiful person, Having more potential than gods themselves, And before the host there was only one Star-Child who disappeared 500 years ago She was the most beautiful person everyone had seen even Lord Brahma was influenced by her beauty.]


Karna was reading the system panel but in the middle of it, His stomach started growling as if a deadly monster announcing its presence. He just realize that so-called mother of his didn't even bother to feed him before abandoning him, So he didn't eat anything from the moment he was born.

"Hey, There are still a few days until I reach Hastinapur Kingdom. At this rate, I might die out of hunger here before I can reach civilization."

Karna becomes anxious, Newborn baby can only survive without food for only 24 hours to 48 hours in this time. After that, It is hard to say, Not to mention the newborn but even an adult man without food and water can't survive this long journey.

"How can the original Karna as a baby be able to bear that pain?"

Karna thought about it, He as a demi-god has consumption needs beyond a normal human. If this goes on like this then he will die either by hunger or by thirst or at least go close to it. For newborn Karna to suffer that kind of pain is impossible he can't even imagine him.



Karna... well cried like a baby. Because of his past childhood experience, He forgot about the system, He didn't want to go hungry ever again.

"Why are you crying, My child? Are you hungry or are those jewelry's hurting you?"

Suddenly a very motherly concern-filled voice came out of nowhere.

Karna's crying abruptly stopped. He didn't understand what the voice said as he didn't know the language spoken by the other party but he did feel the concern in it.

He started hovering his hopeful innocent eyes everywhere but he didn't find anyone's figure.

"Am I hallucinating because of hunger?"

Karna doubted himself, After all that voice sounded like someone speaking next to him but now there is no figure at all.


His stomach demanded food again, Karna's eyes become hopeless and again he started crying even more loudly as this is the only thing he can do for now, According to himself.


"Hey so you are just hungry, Don't worry I will feed you."

That voice sounded again but this time Karna ignored it, In his opinion his mind is playing tricks on him, If not, How can he not understand a single word from the other party?

But this time changes started to happen on the surface of the river, The stable basket started to shake uncontrollably as if the next moment it will topple over.

"What is happening?"

Karna was startled, He doesn't know why these sudden changes is happening in this river but he knows one thing, If he fell from the basket then his situation will be worse than death.

As he can't swim because of his small body and he can't die because his armor won't let him, So he will continuously drown over and over again until someone intervenes. Just thinking of that sent shivers into his body.

"Don't be afraid I will not let anything happen to you."

Just as the voice fell, The river's surface water rose in the shape of a human silhouette.

Then water fell and a very beautiful woman contain an infinite tenderness, Motherly love radiating from her whole body. She gives a feeling as no matter who comes in front of her she will shower them with all of her motherly love.

Even when she is this beautiful, No one in front of her can raise evil thoughts as she wipes out those thoughts with her mere presence.


Karna looked at the woman and was stunned and tears filled his eyes again. All the bad memories of the past kept flashing in his mind. All the things that he went through that, he thought he let go of, All the suffering he went through as a child all at once.

At this moment he just felt like emptying his heart to this woman. Tell her his suffering, Tell her the pain he felt when his mother said those words, Tell her how he survived all those years. He felt no matter what if it's good or bad she will listen to him, She will accept him as it is.

"Hehe, Did shaking scare you?"

The woman bend forward and picked him up in her arms, She concernedly asked him, While carrying him towards the shore, Unbelieving thing was that even though she going through the river, There was not a bit of resistance from the water to her as the river was part of her body, Even basket moving with her ignoring the flow of water.

After crossing, She sat on shore taking Karna in her arms. She used her other hand and lovingly wiped the tear stains from his cheeks, While the other hand firmly held him, Giving him a sense of security.




Karna felt her loving touch and got a sense of protection. This is the first time he experienced these emotions, He was already close to breaking out and this action of hers became the final straw. He burst out crying as he felt like he finally found his salvation. He didn't need to hide his pain in front of her.

"Why are you crying more Putra (son)? Are you that hungry? Wait, I will just give you milk to drink."

Then when she show Karna for real and up close she saw just how beautiful and majestic this infant was, His white unkempt hair, His extremely beautiful Golden colored eyes like Sun Itself giving its warmth to her, his golden earrings and golden armor which shone as beautifully as the sun in the sky. She got into a trance and kept looking at the child.


Karna's crying woke her up from her trance then remembered the child's hunger, She quickly flipped her hand hands intending to summon the milk for him but a strange thing happened.

"That's weird, Why is my divine power not working?"

The woman confusedly look at her hand not understanding why her divine power was not working.


Karna's intensity becomes louder and louder. The woman became more anxious, She again tried to use her divine power but it still didn't work.

In the end, Seeing the child crying so much her heart softened, She held Karna close to her bosom and started feeding him her milk.

*To Be Continued*



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