Reincarnated As Karna With System In Mahabharata

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What is Reincarnated As Karna With System In Mahabharata

Read ‘Reincarnated As Karna With System In Mahabharata’ Online for Free, written by the author Suryaputra_Karna01, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: (This Story Takes Place In AU So, Don't Expect To Go Things As It Was In the Original Mahabharat.)A Young Boy From Kalyu...


(This Story Takes Place In AU So, Don't Expect To Go Things As It Was In the Original Mahabharat.) A Young Boy From Kalyug Named Jaswant An Orphan But Was Hardworking And Caring To His Fellow Orphan. But When He Was At The Age Of 16 Years Old When He Died Mysteriously And Got Reincarnated- As Karna From Dwapar Yug With Boon As A System. Let's See What A Boy With a System From Kalyug Does In His Second Life, Will He Live As the Original Karna, Will He Walk On His Path? Disclaimer: Remember, This is fanfiction of Mahabharata. Not "Original" Mahabharata. I have no intention to harm anyone's religious belief, I am just writing what-if story from my perspective. If you don't like it, So I kindly request you not read further this. 4 Chapters/Week Minimum. Bonus Chapter Depends On Mood Teehee~

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Not Many people write about ancient India And Story about Karna who was Unlucky His Whole life, So keep it Up


good though in starting it's a copy of another novel then to system is good and if you can update regularly then we are good thanks for you efforts 😊


This is almost a complete copy paste of another novel just with a different system.


you're writing a poem, not a novel story the amount of " renewed purpose, unwavering determination, awe and warmth, etc........" I am sure you are using Ai just to write but the level of drama in one's monologue is disgusting 🫣 Well, at least the grammar errors are almost not there, but I am very sure it's the work of the Ai


It's very boring. Also the comedy feels VERY forced and uncomfortable.


very good , please upload more chapters I can't wait to read them


plagiarism of @ForManaga it's a copy of I become Karna with a Million crit system in Mahabharata. Even though you made some changes in the later part it's still like a copy so please try to change it as the story progresses. Good work


I think that Mc should try to aim for the reform of society and create a kingdom as per the rules of the vedas that is based on the duties executed by a person their caste will be decided you can take reference of this type of kingdom building from another set of fictional Indian novel by AMISH the immortals of meluha in which the kingdom of meluha had laws which were based on the old vedas. I always felt that it was a shame that Karna didn't do anything for people who faced similar situation like him and we're exploited and made fun of . And since most of the kingdoms wouldn't want this the entire world will become his enemy and scheme against him. Fitting for our overpowered Mc.


Mc is Karna huh, the Same Karna who is more righteous than Yudisthir, More expert than Arjun in warfare, Stronger than Bhima, More knowledgeable than Nakul, Handsome and Charming than Sahdev. This man is the whole package of pandav.


Bhaiya the story is great, the character development, background story and it's connection to our culture is mind blowing. I loved the story but I wouldn't be able to read it now as I don't come from a very well off family. So I thought I should motivate on the last chapter I am going to read.pleaee don't think I got bored of the story it's just that I can't read it now as I just used my last freepass on this chapter. You are doing a great job keep it up bhaiya!


Poorly written, plot has absolutely no direction, grammar is all over the place, and just unpleasant to read. The only reason I managed to get through around 20-30 chapters is because I find mythology interesting. Once the excitement of that wore off, this is not a good read for anyone.Save yourself the trouble, and give this a hard pass. Or hey, give it a try and regret wasting your time later.


Your story so far is very good. I think you should make a new novel. this is my personal request. "A modern young boy of India who is follower of Tenali Rama show of SAB TV get reincarnated as an extra when the first episode started . he thought that by following the story he can enjoy this ancient life and start doing it but he discover that this is not the same as so because some people have super human strength and some people have magical powers and there are some mysterious beings that are spotted by him" Can you make a new novel using this synopsis please


Writing could have been better there some situations that feel cringe 😔😔. Hope you change them. Karna is my favourite character so don't do him dirty. That's it and few minor upgrades in writing style might make the story more interesting.


Good Story With Great Main Character Like Karna


I have read till the latest chapter and thus far the story is exactly the same as the OG one with minor differences. I hope that the author can bring major differences and change the story completely instead of following the exact OG one. I hope that you can completely alter the story from now on so that you don't have problem with the author of the OG series.


bro it would have been cool if you let karna have the ability to harness arrors without a quiver


I knew it was gonna be trash when I saw the harem tag. A cringey Chinese novel seems to have been the inspiration behind this. There are many novels and fanfics on this platform written by Indians that don't ape the Chinese and Korean style. They're very much enjoyable. Desi style suits Mahabharat rather than a Chinese knockoff writing style.


This is a 90℅ percent copy of the novel "I Become Karna With a Million Times Crit System In Mahabharata". I know it's hard to start from nothing but taking inspiration is good but not outright copying


It was kinda weird reading lord shiva say that “ the syastem is op”. But still a fun and unique read.


You can write some new books. One of them will be hit 🔥 So don’t be discouraged🥲


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