1 Chapter 1: Hell mode at the start?

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It was winter in December of the lunar calendar.

Two shocking events took place in Hui City.

The eldest son of the Yan family passed away at a young age.

Taifeng Real Estate's president Song Yueliang got into a car accident.

These events involved two well-known figures in the upper-class circle of the city, and all the newspapers and news media were scrambling to report it.

The news spread like wildfire quickly, and the entire city knew about it.

It added a mysterious tint to the city near the end of the year.

In the old industrial district north of the city, a small figure was dragging a dirty snakeskin bag with difficulty out of an alley.

It was a freezing winter in Hui City, with the heaviest snow in the past ten years.

The entire city was covered in white.

Because the bag was too heavy, it left a long drag mark on the snow.

As the new year approached, the factories and enterprises in the city began to take their annual leave, and people were rushing to buy new year goods everywhere.

The children followed their parents and cheered. Their little faces were full of excitement and anticipation for the new year.

Such a lively scene made the little child standing alone at the alley entrance seem out of place.

After the little child stood in a daze, she lowered her head and continued dragging the bag with all her strength. Because she had to exert all her strength, her little face was unnaturally red.

"Did you guys read the newspaper yesterday? The Yan family, a top-class family, was so rich! I didn't expect their son to die of illness at such a young age. He was only 29, right?"

"What's the use of having so much money? He couldn't buy over the God of Death. He was such a handsome lad. It's such a pity that he left before the new year was over."

"Why pity? In terms of youth, wasn't the boss of Taifeng Real Estate even younger? A car accident, and she's gone, just like that."

"You mean Song Yueliang? She was a ruthless person! I have a relative who works in the police station, and said that she drove her car into the car of the Song Group's CEO! They were rushing to die together! There were three people in the Song family's car, and they're all in hospital now!"

"Hiss, what deep hatred is there that wants to kill someone's entire family? Song Yueliang is ruthless!"

"Isn't it? She was known in that circle as Yaksha and was famous for being ruthless and crazy!"

A few women carrying baskets in front of the little child chatted as they walked with their children.

The little child subconsciously dragged the snakeskin bag to the side of the path, afraid that it would block others 'way.

However, she was still a little too slow, and the corner of the snakeskin bag brushed against the side of the little boy's shoes.

"You're courting death, you little beggar! Don't you have eyes when you walk?" The woman with fashionable curly hair immediately picked up the little boy and kicked the snakeskin bag away while cursing.

The little child's hands were still tugging hard at the mouth of the bag, but she was pulled off course by this force and fell unsteadily on the snow. She only wore a pair of pants, and her knee hurt.

The opening of the snakeskin bag was also ripped, and bottles and cans rolled out from it. There were also some folded old newspapers and waste paper in the hole in the bag.

"My son's shoes are new. They cost thirty dollars! Can you afford to pay for it if you dirty it?"

The child's reaction was slow. It took a while before she got up. She couldn't care about the pain in her knee and looked at the little boy's feet in a panic.

It was a pair of beautiful shoes, new and clean, with only some mud on the soles.

"I didn't, I didn't dirty, " the little child said timidly, her voice soft and sweet.

She looked to be only about five or six years old. She was wearing a tattered and thin flowery coat. The coat was already too short and could only cover her stomach.

She was only wearing a pair of gray pants and a pair of sandals that had been repeatedly glued together after their straps had been broken.

The little child's face and lips were purple from the cold. She stood there timidly, the snakeskin bag in her hand taller than her.

Because her face was too thin, her round eyes looked even bigger. They were dark and innocent, but they were extremely clear and clean.

It was a pair of eyes that could make one's heart soften.

One of the women pleaded, "forget it, forget it. Don't be calculative with a little child. Don't we still have to rush to the grain and oil store to buy oil? There's a long line over there. I'm afraid I won't be able to buy it if I'm late."

The curly-haired woman glared at the child when she thought of rushing to buy something. When she left, she stomped on the snakeskin bag on the ground. It's so unlucky to meet a beggar in the new year!

"Alright, alright, let's hurry!"

The child stood there, staring at the little boy in the curly-haired woman's arms. Envy flashed in her eyes. After a long while, she turned around and squatted down. She put the empty plastic bottles and glass jars into the snakeskin bag with heartache.

She had spent many days picking up these things, and they could be exchanged for money with the owner at the waste station.

After she sold these, she could eat steamed buns today.

She wouldn't be hungry again.

The waste station was a little far away. The little child dragged the bag and staggered on the snow. The unnatural blush was getting deeper and deeper on her meatless cheeks, and her head was also dizzy.

The feeling of weakness became heavier and heavier. The child couldn't hold on any longer and squatted down by the telephone pole on the roadside.

Worried that the bag would get in the way of others, she used the last of her strength to hold the bag in front of her.

Her tiny body leaned against the telephone pole. She closed her eyes gently, and her little hand habitually held the small black stone hanging on her neck.

The sky was getting dark.

Snow began to fall from the sky again.

The streets were still lively, with lanterns and streamers everywhere.

A gust of cold wind whistled past, and the newspaper from nowhere hit the little child's feet.

The two news articles on the front page were side by side, reporting the anecdote of the wealthy Yan family and the president of Taifeng Real Estate.

The man was handsome and elegant, while the woman was bright and beautiful.

The little child did not move.

She was curled under the telephone pole, her tiny body stiff and cold.

The little child had also died in this cold winter in Hui City.


A mechanical voice sounded in the air.

[Host has been reborn. The omnidirectional system has been activated. Connecting successful---]


June 1990.

The midday sun was nasty and hot, dazzling one's eyes.

The little child's head was dizzy, and she didn't know where she was. She only felt someone pulling her arm, which was painful.

She struggled to open her eyes, and a back appeared in front of her.

The woman had a robust figure and wore a brand-new floral shirt and a pair of nice pants. She had a low ponytail behind her head.

The woman was dragging her up the mountain.

The little child's eyes suddenly widened, and fear filled them.

Even though it had been a long time, she could still recognize the person in front of her at a glance.

"M-mother?" The little child mumbled in panic and called out the unfamiliar name.

The woman stopped in her tracks and turned around.

The sun shone through the dense trees and plants on the mountain, and the delicate light and shadow hit the woman's face, revealing her long face and high cheekbones and the fierceness and coldness in her eyes.

She looked at the child and slowly smiled. "Da Ya'er, there's a beautiful flower over there. Mommy likes them a lot. Go and pick them for me."

The little child followed her finger and saw an unknown flower blooming on a rock not far away. It was shrouded in the blazing sun and swaying in the wind.

The familiar scene made her stop, and fear spread in her heart.

In the hot June, the little child's body was cold.

"I told you to pick flowers for me!" The woman's voice suddenly became stern. She picked up the little child and threw her toward the rock.

Like a kite with a broken string, the little child's thin and small body was thrown over the rocks and fell straight into the cliff behind her.

Her eyes were wide open, and all she could see was the woman's cold smile after she had succeeded.

At the same time, a voice suddenly sounded in her head.

It was a teenager's voice, which was extremely irritated

[ Hell mode at the start?! [ f * ck you! ]

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