Reincarnated as an Adorable Baby Book

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Reincarnated as an Adorable Baby


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Qiqi, a young beggar, reincarnated. She returned to her four-and-a-half years old self on the night before she was beaten into a fool. Eggie, the arrogant system that brought her here, wrapped her up in a piece of cloth. Their journey from rags to riches began. Ever since Qiqi returned, the poorest village in a ten-mile radius, Taoxi Village, began to prosper. The barren land became fertile, the crop yield increased significantly, and the villagers no longer fell sick as much. Seeing how big houses were being built in Taoxi Village, her former parents showed up and wanted to take her home. The female entrepreneur who freeloaded at Qiqi's house and refused to leave sneered. "I haven't even made you pay for kidnapping my daughter back then. How dare you show up? Surely, you have a death wish!" Qiqi's rich guardian, who refused to leave her, glared daggers at them. "You don't deserve to have any connection to my daughter!" *** The rebellious and bad-tempered crown prince of Jing City, Xiao Li, was feared by all. After a car accident, he began having nightmares. In his nightmares, he turned into some freaky system! Xiao Li was furious. Later on, countless people personally witnessed the crown prince, who had always hated women, pulling a young lady into his arms during a high-class cocktail party in Jing City. His eyes filled with tears as he spoke. "You're here."The young lady stammered, "I-Is that you, E-Eggie?"The man froze for a moment. He clenched his jaw and chuckled in a sinister manner. "I am your man!"


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