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What is Highschool DxD: A new opportunity

Read ‘Highschool DxD: A new opportunity’ Online for Free, written by the author Nyarlathotep00, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ROMANCE Fanfiction, REINCARNATION Fan Fiction, COMEDY Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Life is ever changing, a choice can make great changes. A young man is given an opportunity to start over after he reali...


Life is ever changing, a choice can make great changes. A young man is given an opportunity to start over after he realizes the worth of keep moving forward, when he had already given up. Rating is M for the future content. The story is slow paced at the beginning. I do not own Highschool DxD or the characters in it, I only own my original characters. The image is also not owned by me. First Fan-fantion, I might be lacking but I hope you can tell me your opinion. An actual opinion... Might contain elements of some other anime works, particularly... the images of some characters. https://discord.gg/wezGW8yV5b Created this and have pictures for the characters there, take a look.

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THIS IS A MUST READ!!! Simply one of the better DxD fan-fictions I have had the pleasure of stumbling upon. Warning the first two chapters are a bit slow to build up, but the author takes time to develop the MC personality. This story feels like it could have been written by the canon author and feels like it stays true to the content...The good news is the MC is NOT a racist peace of human supremacy and treats all races equally. This is not a lets bash Rias for no good reason fic ether. The author developed a wonderful back story for the MC and has kept his power level at a manageable pace. The chapters are big and informative...Yes this will be a harem just like the canon. Anyway I could go on and on but just put it in your library and have fun!


Detail review below I am sorry, but this is not the greatest DxD like other proclaim, in fact, this is only above average for this site and average if we count fanfic.net, QQ, and spacebattle. The mc being nekomata/nekoshou is already exist somewhere in fanfic, and iirc, create by fairy tail dragon slayer. So why this rating? First off, author have done the worst taboo he can do in reincarantion fic, in fact, he does it in world breaking record at chapter 3. He expose his secret to his mother. So why this is a taboo? Because this break the immersion of a reader, breaking metaknowledge, and make author look like lazy. Moreover, by breaking the taboo, it gonna make ur mother relationship seem fake in the future no matter how good u write it. There many way to expose the secret without breaking the story, but definitely not as early as chapter 3. Other may find it nothing big, that just mean u have not read good fanfic, with good story development. In my experience of reading fanfic, those who expose it suffer in story development for the backlash. Its a lose lose situation for rookie writer. Those who expose it early need a strong writing skill to not degrade the story which new writer not has the level of skill, and those that act like nothing happen after exposing it suffer from story development and annoy the reader because he ignore the consequences of exposing secret. (The cause and effect)


It's honestly one of the better DxD fanfics on this site. It has great grammer, lengthy chapters, and characters that actually act as if they are real people. Not to mention it also has pretty good fight scenes. What more could you want?


well, let's go. the story is very good, the development is good, the interaction between the characters is good, the personality is good, everything is great in this story. however there are still some things that I personally did not like. FIRST: it was the speed of history. I read until chapter 8, the epilogue of vol.1, and I found the development very slow, the chapters are long, I don't know exactly how much, but about 5000 words or more, and with so many words these 8 chapters could cover almost 50 chapters from other stories, and despite that Mc is only 5 or 6 years old, so far the story is more like a slice of life than anything else. SECOND: it was that the author decided to make one of the taboos of stories of reincarnation that was Mc talking about his reincarnation with his mother. from that point on I felt that the interaction between Mc and his mother was completely forced, not because the author wrote this interaction in a bad way, but because, with you aware that your mother knows that despite his infantile body he he is already an *****, the way they act simply "does not make sense", so the situation does not seem to fit, so for me the interaction between the MC and his mother after this point were situations that I did not like to read, I preferred Mc's interaction with any other character than reading him and his mother talking. THIRD: it's a very personal thing so it doesn't serve as a criticism, which is the fact that the MC's personality seems to be that of a "hero" if you know what I mean. personally I prefer more selfish characters, who act for themselves or for those he likes, but so far it doesn’t seem to be the case for this character, at least I understand his personality (SPOLER: and I’m not just talking about how he acted to save Rias and Sona). Overall the story is great and very well done, unlike other authors who write without thinking too much to kill time, the author seems to be taking it seriously, but personally I think the author should increase the pace of the story (I'm not talking about chapter updates, but the speed at which the story goes).


it's really well done. it's good in every aspect. [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]


character design is good and world background is so so. but the story is baad. This has so much tragedy that i dont get why the comedy tag is attached here. The story is quite readable. But i started skipping the moment he got kidnapped. i mean after he got reincarnated * he got into a life and death situation in underworld. * His mom left to do some things without thinking to much about her son. * While looking for his mom, he got mixed up with bellial incident. * next moment he got kidnapped. This looks like xianxia to me .


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great job on the novel. looking forward to more chapters. Personally i think the mc is too nice and tries to make people happy sometimes even though it is somone else's fault. so will he grow a spine. will he kill later in the novel or will he not kill thx.


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All in all. This is a Great Read. But these are the things that you have to know if you want to read it too. *Early chaps are quite boring *MC tends to make decisions that some of you might say are stupid. *If you ignore the fact about the info dump and boring early chaps then it gets better. *The story is good and the MC starts to become more likable overtime. In short. Just try to enjoy it and leave if you can't.




The story is amazingly well written good grammar, pacing, formatting and hugr chapter sizes. That said.... The plot is fairly predictable. There are a few Nekomata and Nekoshou mc fanfics on ff and Archive, and this pretty much follows the most popular formats... It's just written way way better. Still... You will feel the moment something is mentioned, that you know whats going to happen by assuming the most cliche thing... And It usually does. This is also why i didn't give a full score, because the story essentially uses simular stories from before as its canon lore. Making it sort of like fanfic that is better than the original fanfic of a story. Thats perfectly okay. Hell its definitely written better than the simular ones, it just prevents me from giving full marks. Because the plot is too predictable. These are the things the author can still work on tough: - Plot originality / twists / predictability - Authors Notes to be seperated from the text with a visible divider or AN: A very meager list of things that can be improved on, that is how well this fic is written. I definitely recommend this fanfic as a quality read.


The story and plot itself isn't bad, but not great either. What has me really frustrated is the mc himself. He is naive, stupid and even after all that he has experienced he is like your typical shounen protagonist.


Webnovel still sucks for not letting me give power-stones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I gotta give another five-star for maid power..................................


🔋is this a huge harem🔋 🔋is this a huge harem🔋 🔋is this a huge harem🔋 🔋is this a huge harem🔋 🔋is this a huge harem🔋 🔋is this a huge harem🔋 🔋is this a huge harem🔋 🔋is this a huge harem🔋


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Easily one of, if not the best DxD fanfics I've come across. The author plays with the canon and brings characters from other fandoms into the story in ways that actually make sense by adapting their powers and such to fit the existing power system of this world, and changing their race (species) to fit as well, but in a way that doesn't betray the core of the existing character. The MC is very well written, and isn't just OP for the sake of being OP. He struggles, he has to work and earn his powerups and even has drawbacks and penalties for overusing his abilities. Looking forward to reading more.


Well first of all the wtiting quality is quite good and there are rarely any grammar mistakes and updating stability is okay aswell. But that is really where the good news stop. The MC used to be an adult yet as many other fics do, the reincarnated Mc acts more like a child than a fully grown up man, which is the reason I detest reborn Mc’s that start as babies/kids. Now this is just my personal opinion so to those who like these kind of scenarios, I’m sure this will be a huge plus for you. Then we come to my biggest problem with the fanfic; this does not feel like a DxD verse, this is more Xianxia fantasy than anything else. I can get that each fanfic will have a personal touch from the author but when you go so far as to almost completely changing the genre, then maybe you should take a moment to rethink your choice of work.


I have no words, the story is incredible, the characters are incredible, the developments are incredible, and the relationships are incredible. The story is a 10/10. Thanks for doing it :)


One of those good fanfics about DxD that features a progression from weak to strong, unlike other fanfics of DxD that automatically gives the Mc some OP gifts and having some similarities to cocky Mc's that think he can do whatever he wants. Shame that the updates are slow but at least the chapters are not so short so overall author


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