150 Consideration 

"Hey, Inari," I turned my back from her and asked. "How are your people doing?" 

"Thanks to you, Master, that my kind are able to settle themselves in a safe place like here. As of now, the transportation of the weaker ones, the three-tailed and below, had successfully finished." 

By people, we are talking about the fox monsters, the Tailed Foxes, under the thumb of Inari, their queen. Inari had started the transportation of the foxes last night and effectively and safely evacuated her people from a harsh environment. 

Currently, there are numbers of huge foxes that can be seen within the 0th Floor of the dungeon, around fifty, but most of them are not bigger than the true size of Inari's daughter since Inari prioritizes the younger and weaker ones. 

"I never asked about it yet, so can you tell me how many foxes there will be?" 

"Well, about that, Master..." Inari then averted her gaze after hearing my question. 


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