149 Checking My Spoils 

"Nnn... What a wonderful last night." 

In front of a newly opened window, I summarized the things that happened just last night as I was stretching my arm equipped with my birthday suit. 

Too bad that the rising sun is shining in the opposite direction from the window, so it was kind of a letdown. Well, it's not like I am taking care of that matter anyway. 

I turned around after greeting the morning and inspected the love nest of my parents. In front of me was a bed with two fully naked sleeping beauties under a brown quilt. 

One has long black hair, while the other has hair with a light brown luster, and I remarked that they are incredibly youthful for their real age. 

They are soundly sleeping as they are facing each other. These two sleeping beauties were, of course, my Mom and Mother. 


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