9 Chapter 9: Magic

After I ate my lunch, I went to the front yard to start my magic training with Mother Claire in the afternoon. The physical training in the morning really wears me out. So I had to rest my body for a while and replenish my energy.

When I reached the front yard where we train our magic, my mother Claire and sister Louise were already waiting for me. Mother was clad in a raven-black robe, while Sister had the same practice attire in the morning.

"You're late, you made me and Mom wait."

"I'm sorry. My body needs rest to restore my strength. It's my first time having a vigorous training after all."

"Then brace yourself, because that was not the most extensive part of your training yet. That was only the basics of the basics, okay?"

"Yeah, I'll keep that in mind."

"Well then, let's start right away."

Sister Louise scolded me for being late while folding her arms. She reminded me that my activities today were not that hard. It is my first day of training, after all.

"Then Raphael, have you learned how to sense the mana in your body?"

"Yes, mom. I learned how to sense my mana during my piano lessons."

"Very good. Then, it will make explaining the concepts of magic easier."

Mom asked me if I already sensed my mana. I said I learned it during piano practices, but I could already sense my mana when I was six months old.

By the way, when we asked how to address our parents, they said that we can address Mother Mylene as mother and Mother Claire as mom. Having same-gendered parents must cause confusion to their children at first.

"First, we have to identify your affinity for magic attributes."

After mom said that, she opened her right palm, and a pitch-black disk-shaped matter appeared. It looked like my Extra Skill [Inventory] but there's nothing like that in her skill set. If it's not a skill, it should be a magic spell.

A wand-like thing with several colored stones dropped on her opened palm. The wand was made out of silver-like metal, and each of the seven gems embedded in it had its own color.

"This wand will identify your affinity for the seven basic attributes. Each magic stone represents the attributes of elemental magic. Red for fire, blue for water, green for wind, amber for earth, yellow for lightning, white for light, and black for dark. The stone will shine if you have an affinity for the attribute. This wand was made of mithrill, so it had high mana conductivity. So even if you had low magic power, it could still identify your affinity."

Mom explained what the purpose of the wand was. The wand was used for identifying the magic affinity of a person.

"I'll show you how it works."

Mom held the handle of the wand with both of her hands. I sensed a flow of mana from her, then it went to the mithrill wand. The stones in the wand shone brightly, one by one, from the base to the top. All the seven magic stones shone, which means mom had all the attributes of elemental magic.

Each person in this world has their own affinity for magic. Having multiple attributes means you have more potential to become powerful.

Powerful magic users had more opportunities in life. They could earn fame and fortune by becoming a high-ranking adventurer, being recruited by the knights, or achieving an incredible feat.

Mom stopped the flow of her mana, and the magic stones' light began to fade.

"That's how it works. Would you like to test your affinity first, Louise?"

"Yes, mom."

Sister agreed when mom asked her to identify her affinity first. Mom handed over the wand to sister who began to run her mana over the wand.

Sister was too focused on her swordsmanship training the whole year and neglected her magic lessons. She said that she was not confident in her magic, so she prioritized swordsmanship first.

Now that I have started my magic lessons, she said she would join the lessons. She must have realized that if she was left behind by her own little brother, her pride as an older sister would shatter.

As soon as her mana reached the wand, all the magic stones began to glow one by one. It means she had an affinity for all the attributes of elemental magic.

Unlike mom, who had five of her magic stones shine at high intensity, sister's magic stones shone at different brightnesses.

Among all the lights, the yellow light shines the brightest, brighter than Mom's yellow magic stone. Which means she has the most affinity for lightning magic.

"Look, Mom! I can use all the attributes of elemental magic like you, Mom! But not as good as you."

"At least you can use all elemental magic attributes. Not only swordsmanship, but you had high affinity for the rare lightning magic, just like your mother."

"Really? So I can be like Mother?"

"Yes, of course. You could be as great as or even surpass her as a magic swordswoman."

"Yey. Then, I will be the best swordswoman in the world!"

Sister Louise hugged Mom, then slumped as she knew that she was not as good as Mom at magic. But she was born again when she heard that she could surpass Mother in magic swordsmanship.

Lightning Magic was a magic that me and my sister inherited from our mother through [Monarch of the Night]. Mother probably passed on Lightning Magic to us because it is a rare attribute. Mom also had Lightning Magic but it was not as good as mother.

"As expected of my daughter. Now is your turn, Raphael." Mom said still hugging my sister.

After they hugged, sister handed the wand to me. I ran my mana toward the wand and waited for it to respond. The magic stones shone from the base to the top.

Multicolored, bright lights illuminated the wand like a rainbow. Each magic stone had the same intensity of brightness. The brightness of the lights was as intense as Mom's five brightest lights.

Seeing that, mom wrapped her arms around the back of my head. My face submerged between her massive bosom as she pushed my head tightly.

"You had affinity for all Elemental Magic attributes. Not only that, it shines the brightest for each attribute equally. You had the potential to become more powerful than me."

Mom praised me as I had high affinity for all attributes. She even said that I would surpass her someday.

Despite her praises, my breathing was interrupted by the atmospheric pressure of the Twin Mount Everest. I tried to resist, but mom's strength was more than fourteen thousand. It feels like heaven, but I am also dying. I dropped my body as I am insufficient of oxygen in my lungs.

<Asphyxiation Resistance has been acquired.>

I feel like I can breathe again after hearing the heaven's voice. As I regained my strength again, I struggled to escape from mom's binding.

I moved my arms to find something I could use to push myself, but my hands grabbed something soft. I squeezed it and immediately learned what it was.

"Kyaa! You're still seven years old, but you're already this bold."

"H-how indecent!"

My mom moaned and released her arms around my head, while my sister, who was witnessing this situation, shouted upon seeing something explicit.

I pushed Mom further and bent my body to catch my breath. After I began to breathe normally again, I caught a glimpse of my sister, who was putting her hands on her chest.

"Mom, I am still growing, right?"

"Of course. So there's no need to worry about it."

Sister Louise started comparing her child self to a mature adult woman. She must have her own worries about her body in the future.

Seeing our parents' beautiful body figures must have caused her to have an inferiority complex. It probably made her sad if she didn't inherit the body composition of our parents.

In my opinion, I am sure that she will have mom's body figure in the future. She was like a carbon copy of mom, after all. They had almost the same facial features and had long, lustrous, silky straight hair.

"Now that we knew what your attributes was. We will start by performing Level 1 Magic, the everyday life magic."

Level 1 Everyday Magic has spells that can be used by almost everyone. It consumes a small amount of mana, and it is easy to activate.

"Casting a magic spell has requirements to fulfill. First is your affinity for the attribute. Second is your flow of mana. The last but not the least is your visualization or the spell."

I have already fulfilled the first of the conditions. I leave the last requirement to my Computerized Mind skill.

"Let's start with fire. Candlelight. You have to imagine this flame and chant the spell."

She pointed her right index finger upwards, and a small flame appeared at the point of her finger after she cast a spell.

(Looks like a lighter to me.)


Sister pointed her finger and cast the same spell. The size of her flame was as small as Mom's. I pointed my finger and cast the same Level 1 fire spell.


I visualized the image of the light of the flickering candle and imagined it at my fingertip. The flame that appeared on my fingertip was the same as what I imagined.

<Fire 1 Magic has been acquired. Fire spell Level Candlelight learned.>

I learned another magic spell again after years. I had to learn more magic spells to give purpose to my high magic affinity.

"As expected of our children, both of you learned the spell immediately after your first attempt."

"We had a great teacher and mother, after all."

"Fufu, I'm flustered."

Your overpowered blood is flowing in the blood vessels right now. So it is not wrong to assume that we inherited it from both of you after all.

"Next is a Level 1 Water spell. Water Ball."

Mom opened her palm and chanted a water magic spell. She conjured a sphere of clear water above her palm. The size of the water ball was about the same as a basketball.

After seeing the spell, me and my sister opened our hands and tried to imitate Mom. We recited the chant at once.

""Water Ball.""

A ball of water appeared above our little hands. The Water Ball that was conjured by my sister had the size of a baseball. It's probably because of her amplitude with Water Magic.

<Water 1 Magic has been acquired. Water spell Level Ball learned.>

Me, on the other hand, had conjured a ball of water of basketball size like mom's. By the way, Level 1 Magic does not have magic circles.

"Raphael's Water Ball is bigger than mine."

"It is because he had more affinity for Water Magic than you. You can increase its size by pouring more mana."

Sister puffs her cheeks and does a pout. She added more mana to her spell as mom says. The ball of water increased its diameter until it reached basketball size.

"There you have it. Let's proceed to Wind Magic. This spell does not have an appearance, so you need to feel it to execute it."

After Mom explained that this spell is invisible to the eyes, the ball of water dropped to the surface and moistened the grassy earth. She straightened both her arms and opened her palms toward us.


When the chant was cast, gentle winds passed me and my sister. The breeze flickered our garments and blew our hair. The wind feels so soothing that I was like in an open meadow at the beginning of spring.

When I took a glimpse at my sister besides me, she had her eyes closed and opened her arms. She looked like the female lead standing at the nose of the ship in a certain shipwreck movie.

The gentle wind subsided after mom put her hands down.

"That is the Breeze spell. It used for drying clothes. Remember that feeling and try to cast the spell."


Sister placed her arms in the air and closed her eyes. The gentle wind from before occurred. It brushed mom's long and silky black hair and blew the mantle of her robe.

"You got it already. Now it's your turn, Raphael."

I put my arms in the air and opened my arms. I closed my eyes to prevent myself from being distracted. I don't know what the visualization of the spell is, so I imagined the feeling of being blown by a certain electrical appliance.


I felt that the spell activated even though I hadn't recited the chant yet. Why do I feel like I heard a strange cry.

<Chantless skill has been acquired.>

<Wind 2 Magic has been acquired. Wind spell Level Gust learned.>

Yey. I acquired the Chantless skill. It was because I cast a spell without chanting. But why a Level 2 spell? Then I realized that I had made a mistake.

I opened my eyes, and I saw a one-meter diameter green-colored magic circle in front of my palms. When I looked further, I saw mother holding her knee-length skirt from being blown by the strong winds.

The gust was strong enough to lift her skirt. Mom only grasped the front of her skirt to cover her underwear. But it didn't hide her porcelain-white, succulent thicc thighs.

"W-what are you doing, you pervert?!"


My head suddenly felt a sharp sting, and I reflexively covered it with my hands, canceling the spell in the process. I turned my head and saw Sister Louise doing a karate crop stance.

"I didn't really think that you were into older women."

"N-no! It is a misunderstanding! I made a mistake!"

That's right. The mistake that I made was the type of electronic appliance that I imagined. Instead of the gentle wind of the ceiling fan, I visualized the gustiness of an electric fan.

As I was thinking about my mistakes in my mind, I felt something soft pressing on the back of my head. Mom was already behind me and wrapped her arms around my neck.

"That caught me off guard. Not only did you do a Level 2 magic spell, but you also did it without chanting. Because of that, I'll forgive this humiliation this time."

"I-I understand, and I am very sorry, mom."

"He's too dangerous to be left alive!"

"That's hurt!"

I immediately apologized to my mom for humiliating her in front of her own children. Sister shouted as she bonked my head with a karate chop again. We continued our magic lessons and ended them with a pain (literally) on my head.

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