11 Chapter 11: First Hunt

I started my training in swordsmanship and magic with my sister last year. Today is the day when we hunt weak monsters in the world's dangerous forest to gain levels and combat experience.

We can only explore the shallow parts of the forest, where weak monsters lurk. The deeper you dive, the more powerful monsters await your tasty meat.

"Are you nervous, Raphael?"

"No, mom. To tell you the truth, I was really excited yesterday that I couldn't sleep last night."

"So that's why you woke up late this morning."

Mom asked me if I was fine with this, but it's really the opposite. Mom was clad in her raven-black robe with a hood. She wore long-sleeved clothing with the same lustrous raven-black shade. She also wore a knee-length skirt of the same color.

Her outfit was a relic-grade item looted from the 60th floor of a dungeon. It was made from the black metallic threads of an S-ranked monster called Vermin Kaiser. The set had high resistance to magic, slashing, and weather effects and had a purification function. It also had an automatic fitting function that automatically adjusted its size to fit comfortably with the owner.

She had a pair of black stockings that tightly squeezed her thicc thighs. The materials were also the same as Mother's inner garments.

In her hands, she wielded a pitch-black, five-foot-tall staff. It was her legendary-grade weapon, which was also one of the Seven Demonic Weapons, the Demonic Staff Beelzebub.

When our mothers told us the other day that it is time for us to fight monsters, we jumped out of joy and trained more vigorously with gleaming in our eyes. I was so excited because I could finally test the results of my training in a real battle.

I trained my body and abilities the whole year for this day to come. And this is the result of my work.


Name: Raphael Raevender

Race: Human

Title: Reincarnator, Heir of the Raevender Viscounty

Condition: Normal

LV: 1

MP: 108/108

STR: 100+20

DEF: 60+12

MAG: 80+16

MDEF: 50+10

AGI: 90+18

Ultra Skill: Ultimate Art, Monarch of the Night

Unique Skill: Parallel Profile, Plunder, Skill Synthesis, Computerized Mind

Extra Skill: Inventory, Limiter

Racial Skill: None

Skill: Item Enchant, Weapon Enchantment, Magic Sense, Thought Acceleration, Parallel Thinking, Martial Art: 4, Sword Art: 5, Close Quarter Combat: 3, Detection, Danger Detection, Weakness Finder, Concealment

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic: Light Magic: 5, Lightning Magic: 5, Fire Magic: 4, Water Magic: 3, Wind Magic: 3, Earth Magic: 3, Dark Magic: 2, Compound Magic: 3] [Non-Elemental Magic: Space-Time Magic: 7, Pure Magic: 5, Force Magic: 5, Illusion Magic: 3]

Resistance: Pain Resistance, Impact Resistance, Asphyxiation Resistance, Exhaustion Resistance, Magic Resistance, Mental Attack Resistance, Visual Effect Resistance

Blessing: God's Vessel, God's Eye, God's Veil


The hellish training of my mother made my body as strong as a Level 10 human, even though I am still at Level 1. My skill levels were those of an average adventurer, and my magic prowess was already at the level of an average student at the academy.

I seriously practiced my magic, especially at Space-Time Magic. It currently has the highest level of mastery (Level 7) in my magic skills. It was because I really wanted to acquire Teleportation Magic.

Being able to teleport was useful in battles. I squeezed my brain just to learn the perfect teleportation spell that I wanted. There are many teleportation spells available, but the Level 7 Portal and Warp are the best.

Right now, I am exploring the forest with my mom behind me. I am looking for a weak monster to use as my stepping stone to improve myself using the Detection Skill.

Detection is a skill that scans for lifeforms in my surroundings. It conjures a translucent map that the user can only see. It can also be placed in the mind or in the peripheral vision, but that requires concentration.

The coverage of the Detection skill was proportional to the amount of the user's mana. My current Detection only covered around fifty-meter radius. Two spots can be seen on my map: mine and my mom's.

"Looks like no monsters lurking this area. Hmm?"

As I surveyed that area, a new spot appeared from the ten o'clock position of my map at fifty meters. I walked and approached the spot silently. I did not forget to activate the Concealment skill to blend in with the surroundings.

I looked behind me, but I cannot find Mom anymore. Not even her presence can be detected by the Detection skill. She used a high-level Illusion Magic spell to hide her presence.

I stopped my feet at ten meters from the creature and hid myself behind the bush. I used God's Eye: Telescopic Eye to enhance my vision.

Upon my eyes, I saw a classic monster that often appeared in fantasy books. It was round in shape and had a crystal-blue, translucent body. The size was about a foot in diameter, and it had a sluggish motion. In other words, a slime.

I did not waste a second and immediately used Analysis on the slime.


Race: Slime

Condition: Normal

LV: 24

MP: 129

STR: 80

DEF: 116

MAG: 110

MDEF: 140

AGI: 80

Racial Skill: Regeneration

Skill: Danger Detection, Martial Art: 1

Magic Skill: [Elemental Magic: Water Magic: 3, Wind Magic: 2]

Resistance: Physical Attack Resistance, Pain Resistance, Exhaustion Resistance, Hunger Resistance


Its level is higher than mine at Level 24, and my stats are lower than the slime's. It had Danger Detection skill so I had to be careful to be noticed.

The slime also does some magic and can attack from a distance. Its body can tolerate physical attacks, and it has also learned some Martial Art. It has a Racial Skill Regeneration that heals injuries at a fast pace, and it's worth plundering.

To kill it, I need to finish it in one attack by hitting its core. Its Regeneration skill and resistance to physical attacks made it difficult to kill it with half-hearted attacks.

I put my right hand on the hilt of my mithrill sword and unsheathed it from the scabbard. I positioned myself and activated some Martial Arts.

"Speed Boost, Power Up, Sense Enhance, Acceleration, Defense Break."

My whole body glows a pale light as I recite the Martial Art techniques. I readied my feet and lunged at the peacefully eating slime. Level 1 Speed Boost enhanced the power of my foot, so I moved really fast.

The slime immediately noticed my approach and shot a Level 2 Water Magic: Water Gun. I avoided the Water Gun with my enhanced senses and immediately stepped to the left with Acceleration.

Realizing that I had avoided its attack, its body lumens and ran away from the spot. The slime was trying to escape by enhancing its body using Speed Boost but I do so. 

With the sword in my hand, I chased the slime and did not let it escape. As it reached my attack range, I brandished my sword and swung it horizontally.

The speed of the sword was incredible, and its smooth motion created an arc. The sword easily penetrated the slime's soft body without resistance and immediately reached its core.

The sword sliced the slime's core in half and went through the other half of its translucent body. The sword successfully touched the air and cleanly sliced the slime in half.

The slime stopped its movement, which indicates that it is already dead. I swung my sword one more time to wash off the slime fluids and sheathed it back to the scabbard. And that was the end of my first monster kill in this world.

"Phew. That was easier than I thought."

<Experience fulfilled. You leveled up by 3. MP +70, STR +80, DEF +40, MAG MDEF AGI +60.>

<Racial Skill Regeneration can be plundered. Would you like to obtain it? Yes No.>

Yeah, I gained experience and leveled up by 3. My stats were also increased by 360 points in total, or 120 points per level up. I feel like something warm is flowing throughout my body. I'm also feeling more powerful than before.

The Racial Skill of the slime can be plucked and made into an Extra Skill. Having this skill will make me more sustainable in battle. And Yes, I want to obtain this skill.

<Racial Skill Regeneration has been plundered. Extra acquired.>

Unique Skill Plunder was really a broken skill. It is more efficient at taking skills than the effects of my mother's legendary-grade weapon, the Demonic Rapier Mammon. After I leveled up, these are my stats now.


Name: Raphael Raevender

Race: Human

Title: Reincarnator, Heir of the Raevender Viscounty

Condition: Normal

LV: 4

MP: 186/192

STR: 180+36

DEF: 100+20

MAG: 150+30

MDEF: 90+18

AGI: 150+30

New: Extra Skill Regeneration


All of my stats are in three digits, including the bonus stats. My STR stat already reached 200 points, and my mana reserve almost reached 200. I gained a new skill that improves my sustainability.

"Congratulations on your first monster."

"Thank you for your guidance, mom."

"You're welcome, my son."

Without me noticing, mom undid her camouflage and revealed her presence again. She congratulated me on my successful first monster kill. It is the result of their training, after all.

"Then let's continue further."

"Yes, mom"

We continued to explore the forest and searched for the next monster to hunt. I spotted and hunted several slimes and leveled up again.

I used my Analysis and all the slimes had almost the same skill set. I stopped using Analysis and did not use their skills for every slime I encountered. I will use it again if I encounter a new monster.

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