Reincarnated as a Jade Beauty?!

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What is Reincarnated as a Jade Beauty?!

Read Reincarnated as a Jade Beauty?! novel written by the author DaoistDumbledore on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, r18, system, comedy, weaktostrong. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Everything was going well for him: a well-earning job, a car, a home, but then he was tossed into a world of immortals, in the body of Jade Beauty of all things! ------- Hello, there. I'd written this novel a while back and only recently picked it up again, and decided to post it. I write mostly for fun, so uh... I can guarantee no update consistency. I will try to post 3 to 4 chapters a week, but again, I can't guarantee anything. PS: This is a Gender Bender work. If you dislike that, this is not for you; just don't give it a bad rating/review for that. However, Gender Bender does not have much relevance to the story. This was an idea I had a long time ago when I'd read the first Transmigrated-into-Villain/Young Master story. That's when I wondered what if it was written from the perspective of the Jade Beauty instead? So, I came up with the idea of some guy transmigration into the body of one. But at the time, I despised the 'conflict' that came with the category, so I kinda skipped the entire thing. So don't expect gender identity issues from this story - even if there are, it will be resolved in a few chapters at most. This is primarily a Progression Fantasy/Power Fantasy from a Jade Beauty's perspective. Though, you can also think of it as an amateur author's way of escaping his responsibilities and not studying the female psyche deeply. Like I said - I write for fun. PPS: I don't have much writing experience and I do want to improve, so your critiques are welcome. Just don't be too harsh - my glass heart might just break. PPPS: MC will be extremely strong in her Cultivation Stage - and the strongest later on, but that doesn't mean much in the Cultivation World, where there is always a 'Heaven beyond the Heavens'. PPPPS: This is still a WIP. I have the general plot idea in mind, but nothing concrete. Plus, I haven't made the mechanics of this world as concrete as I would like. So, I might make minor changes here and there. If I do make such changes, I'll do it retroactively across all relevant chapters. So, early readers might get a little confused, and I apologise for that. Of course, I'll post a note when I do make changes. PPPPPS: This story will take a while to pick up. So don't expect MC to have tremendous odds stacked against her from the very beginning. In fact, this will be more slice-of-life at the beginning.

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穿越到了巧妇难为无米之炊的蛮荒之地,她欲哭无泪之际,忽然发现随身空间,可还没能笑出声,就发现空间是个大坑——里面有个美男,美其名曰灵主。 灵主会吸取灵和精气神,搞得她整日头昏眼花无精打采。 为保小命,她只得妥协,为他各处奔波找寻药材补给灵气。 心中不禁腹诽:这哪是什么灵主,简直是债主! 后来有一天,灵主成型,空间再无他的身影。 她摸着心口,怅然若失。 * 前世他助好兄弟披荆斩棘推翻朝廷暴政,却在最后被人算计,心爱的小公主被祭旗,他自己也被围杀,乱箭射死。 怨气太重,重生了。 可上天却像是跟他开玩笑,重生在一个蛮女随身的空间里,还没有形体。 为了早日成型找寻前世爱人,保护家人,他只好使出各种办法汲取灵气。 终于有一天,他成型了,离开了空间找到了小公主。 可为什么小公主让他那么陌生,反倒是那个力大无穷又蠢笨的蛮女却给他万分熟悉的感觉? * 女主两世穿越,是男主前世今生唯一的心上人。

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As is customary for a writer, I have to give my own work a 5-star rating! Although, I do write this review after a few others - so I can say with some confidence that my story ain't bad~! Right then, review! Writing Quality: I do try my best to ensure that I haven't let any mistakes through. But I'm only human, so expect some small errors. Stability of Updates: I can't guarantee anything, but I will try my best to post 3 to 4 chapters a week - with each chapter being around 3K words. Comment on this review if you want, say, double the amount of chapters but half the length. Story Development: It has reached only 10 chapters so don't expect much in terms of this just yet. In my projected view of the story, it will take a while to pick up. Character Design: I don't really know how to evaluate this, but I will try my best to give my character depth World Background: It's a Xianxia... or is it? Read to know more *wink wink*


Hmm a good cultivation story as of ch5, the author introduced the cultivation realms and I found it pretty interesting not like all cultivation storys that describes the realm in two sentence and the realms are connected with the next realm so even if you don't like cultivation story's I think you will enjoy this one,World Background:The world is pretty unique we aren't fully introduced to its depth but I see that it have a good potential. All in all, the story is just in the Beginning(ch5) so I won't talk about other things but i see that it have potential 5 stars.


I usually don't read cultivation stories, but this is one of my favorite. I am here for the yuri, but the world and the funny characters make it really enjoyable. I definitely hope for more chapters b/c it really promising.


This story is a bit maddening to review, but... well... I thought maybe it was important to put something honest and not just spam blind praise. First, the novel is a cultivation novel, with mind-numbing amounts of "realm" this and "dao" that. So much time talking about power levels, realms, dantians, Qi, blah, blah, blah. That comes with the genre, and it's not fair to criticize this particular novel for staying true to that genre. However it is fair to say that this novel deviates from all the other cultivation novels with it's levels. Most of them can't decide on what power, or level, or cultivation technique is more powerful than another, so there's always some changes. This one however is all over the place with unique names and new categories. Things that were once staples of beginning cultivation, suddenly find themselves in the center of power. It's the author's choice, but it's a little disorienting. It's also a system novel, and that comes with a deluge of "character info" dumped on the reader, treating them like children who need reminders about the power of the MC. The system would be fine... but it's always wrong. The MC is constantly stepped on by people who *should* be at the same strength or weaker than her. To top it off, she is constantly put in situations where she can literally do nothing but bat her eyelashes and accept the advances of nearly every male character (except for Chen Yu, he's cool). I'm not a fan of Mary Sue characters, but having the MC be constantly stepped on isn't exactly fun to read. Because of this, the yuri feels more like the "Tragic Yuri" novels of old where you're just waiting for the MC to become the plaything of a man, or for them to never realize their love because it's forbidden. The story has a lot of promise, but it's dragged down by genre cliches and trouble with power scaling the MC. It's a curse of Cultivation and System novels, and this one is both in spades.




Everything about this novel is great. From consistent upload, writing quality, etc. The one thing I really hate though is the absolutely busted power scale. An insignificant outer disciple is supposed to be able to fly around and flatten an entire city? An inner disciple is already someone that looks like a divine being? Bruh, tone it down.


Not really a review but just realised Author really likes gender bends doesnt he?


It's great. The quality and everything is high. Has a lot of character development too. The only negative thing is the long explanations of stuff, then that gets compared to other stuff etc etc. Some chapters have 0 progression but are just explaining how that item does that in relation to that while being that. It's a must read, especially as it gets more chapters.




Overall this cultivation novel is quite enjoyable; there is nothing I can complain about and I'm excited to see where the author plans to take the story!🐱


Absolutely amazing, love the story!


It’s just amazing, no words needed!


It’s such a good novel it’s just the release so slow


a 10/10 book it's the perfect mix of cringe and not cringe plus it's a really good gender bender that is consistent with it


I like reading cultivation and yuri. This is a perfect combination of both. One of my favorite reads so far, the quality is good and I'm looking forward to reading more. 😁


This novel is awesome. I don't think any words needed.


To be honest, this novel deserves 4 stars instead of 5 due to two negative points. The reason is that the cultivation system is very strange, the 5th to 8th levels are actually one very large group and it is necessary to reach level 8 before the age of 30 to be accepted as an internal disciple of the sect, which makes sense since it is one of the most powerful, but in subsequent chapters it was added that if you do not reach level 8 before the age of 30, the cultivator will be unable to go beyond level 11. The problem here is that this does not make sense since cultivators live for centuries and 30 years is just a cultivator's childhood. Except for the strongest powers in the world, it seems impossible for anyone to reach level 8 before the age of 30. Another negative point is how physical and soul cultivation seem to be almost useless, being nothing more than secondary skills as they do not even increase the protagonist's lifespan. Around chapter 40 the author seems to have realized this too and started to correct it, explaining that the reason physical cultivation is ignored is because of the lack of versatility and some other reasons mentioned before that really make sense, but that doesn't change the point. the fact that physical and soul cultivation didn't really even increase the protagonist's lifespan and were relegated as secondary skills. The system also does not give slots when advancing unless it is in essence cultivation. Now, although a bad power system is quite frustrating at times, everything else is actually pretty good. I loved the plot of Jade Beauty and although the protagonist suffers because of it, it is also a great motivator that helped her a lot in trying to become strong to protect herself. It's also worth mentioning that although two young people want to use their status to sleep with her, the sect is very safe for those who show even the slightest potential (in the case of the protagonist being an alchemist) and as long as she becomes an internal disciple she won't no longer need to worry about young masters in the sect. This puts the protagonist in a difficult situation where she always needs to move forward, but she is not in immediate danger of being abused in the sect. Another interesting point is that only two male characters chasing the protagonist are villains, there are several male characters who are actually decent people who get along well with the protagonist. It is also interesting to see a young master trying to win over the jade beauty from the jade beauty's point of view. The novel Yuri is developing at a good pace in terms of number of chapters and is very well written, perhaps a little slow if we remember that the development took a few years, but it is excusable because they are cultivators. Conclusion: The cultivation system needed to be better worked on, but the story, plots, characters and developments in general are very interesting.


I have no other thing's to say other than it's good.


just a Mary sue who is smart strong and of course beautiful who has never faced any challenge




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