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Read Reddit influenced fanfiction written by the author WalterHeisenberg on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Book&Literature fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, comedy, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


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This is a collection of werewolf stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat, flipping through the pages and wanting more. ************************* Book1: Her Alpha Mate Freya is the joy and life of the pack. All revere her as the daughter of Alpha. She's blessed by the moon goddess. The Moon Goddess blessed her with a heart of gold. But her mate Zack, an alpha, doesn't want her because he doesn't want a mate. ********* Book 2: Her Broken Mate Sarah is now twenty-three and still without a mate. When visiting the packhouse, she finally found her mate. The son of the Alpha. The hottest man she ever met. But he is a mute. ********* Book 3: Her Passion Ava is a rogue who is forced by a new law to attend a school for werewolves for a year. There she meets her mate, a certain Alpha, who has a grudge against all rogues. Will he get the life he has always longed for, or will his pride get the better of him? ********* Book 4: Her Annoying Mate Mary James has had a pretty rough life. After being betrayed and heartbroken by both her boyfriend and her father, Mary moves to a small town to find comfort with her mother. All isn't as it seems, and soon Mary finds herself in a world she didn't even know existed outside of novels and movies. Not only does the city seem bizarre to her, but her senses sharpen, her temper gets out of control, and her hunger grows. When an arrogant, egotistical, sexy and possessive alpha male who didn't want her in the first place comes along, her life seamlessly descends into madness.

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Grace Kelly (22 years) is a young detective who is under the auspices of a protected Intelligence Agency in the city of Switzerland. As the youngest member of the detectives, Grace is often assigned to cases with a teenage background. At her young age and with her baby face, it is not uncommon for Grace to accept assignments by posing as a student or college student to complete her assignments. In real life, Grace lived alone, her parents and siblings died in a plane crash and until now their bodies have never been found. To disguise her job, Grace works at a bakery owned by her best friend Calvin (24). Living alone in a modest apartment on the tenth floor doesn't make Grace feel lonely. Grace lives her daily life casually and quietly. One night when it was raining heavily, after working overtime, Grace almost ran into an Angora cat that had jumped on the windshield of her car. Seeing the sad blue eyes of the cat, Grace did not have the heart to leave the cat. With compassion and love, Grace brought the cat home and took very good care of it. "Edward" Grace named the cat after her ex who had died in the line of rescuing hers. Edward has been living with Grace for more than a week, and Grace's life is getting more colorful with Edward's antics and humor. Until one day Grace came home with a fever and saw a man dressed as a prince sleeping in her room. "Who are you!" Grace shouted in a semi-conscious state. "Edward," Edward answered with his blue eyes glazed over. "What do you think? if we have slept every day with a cat, ate, played, and bathed together with it, and it turned out that the cat was the incarnation of a cursed prince

Nickscart_2 · Teen

Dragon in The Apocalyptic World.

From The Novel: My Dragon System by JKSManga. After being defeated by the Great Dragon..No it was a human, Sen...It was Ray this time. Anyways, The Great Human Ray. The Purple Dragon lay brooding in a dark cold misty opening. The place was Helluva, a hellish infinity for great creatures like himself. Lost Dragons. The great evil dragon stood in the midst of three grey great dragon statues defiantly. "Child, you, the last dragon, have been foolish," a voice sounded about him. "I wasn't foolish, it was..." "SILENCE! When your elders speak male," The live dragon felt a painful stab on his back and behaved. "Your foolishness stemmed from your malice with the entire human race and your actions taken towards them," The dragon was stumped, he had did what he did to them because he thought his dead ancestors needed a heavy tribute to compensate them and also because they had derived him of his childhood and family. And now instead of getting a pat on the back, he got a stab and now they were telling him that it was foolish of him for wanting to destroy the humans. "It wasn't foolish for me to want to avenge my race and ancestors, they took everything from me, from us. It's their pride, their want to put everything under their dominion, being dragons and way superior beings we could not so they started hunting us, one by one all because we were powerful than them," "Quiet, child. Calm down, the humans were merely stepping stones to a higher world and life form for us dragon. This world was made for them, it doesn't matter whom or which came first, earth belongs rightfully to them...." The voice stopped as the owner realised that the person whom it was talking to wasn't even listening but his attention was on something entirely different. "Okay! I wanted to ignore his nonchalant behaviour but we can't let someone like him into the Upper Dynasty, the lost red one would have been an outstanding candidate but just like this purple one, he was too powerful to be caged and would rebel," "I couldn't agree more, we can't let him into the human world like that either," "So....We're going back to our former plan, the one that involves us locking his soul and power essence with The Ten Dragon nails of Karma," The evil dragon in the middle flinched, The Ten Dragon nails of Karma, (stupid name) but that was a power seal blockage that prevented the user from using their powers or soul essence. Each of the nails were made from the material of a dragon beast stone, and that was ten dragons to make up ten nails. It was a legendary tale of ten dragons whom sacrificed themselves to chain a menace. The part about chaining a menace was a tale but not about the ten nails apparently. And they were about to use it to block him from accessing his powers. That should have made him angry but it made him proud that they had to use that legendary weapon to block him. Ha! Was his powers that great?! This was awesome! "Are you...Are you happy that we're going to use that weapon on you?!" Another voice asked incredulously. "No....I mean yes" The three heads were exasperated, they had actually thought it would take alot of power, strength and mind will to bring him down and block him with the nails but this one was even pleased to that 'offer'. Well....But this was making things easier anyways. "Sigh, anyways, we're going to send you back to earth...." "What?!" The dragon fired. "Yes to earth, there's nothing you can do about it, the people and we will never accept you back neither will the humans, I'd like to see how you'll survive. We'll be watching you." The sudden change in aura and demeanour was unsettling for the Great Evil dragon. And with just that they disappeared leaving him in Helluva alone, cold and utterly unmoving. • • Follow Glidaetor's adventure as Roots in breaking the nail seals, getting back her powers, giving a slap to the three dragon heads and destroying the human race. Might have to put those all in a to-do list. Heh!

MuteRivals · Sci-fi
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