1 Prologue: Part I: The New Genesis

Have you thought of how the world will end?...

I have always thought that world will never end, it will only change, even if that 'change' can mean the end of humanity.


A few months ago, the world changed completely, some people said that the world ended and at the same time a new era began.

The Era of Adventures.

The Era of Magic.

The Era of Battles.

And everything began with the appearance of the "Origin Realm".


But before I tell you about this, first I will tell you about me, the writer, the author of this diary.

Ragnell Aragami Kyomu, twenty-five years old, long black hair, half Asian half Caucasian, sharp eyebrows that look like swords, blue eyes that I got from my father, and a handsome face that I got from my mom, pretty tall, 1.90 meters, pretty lucky if I have to say, many men have looked at me with jealousy… and women… well, I am pretty popular but I haven't found a woman to love… maybe because I am creepy, creepy otaku.

And yeah that's my name, pretty cool name, my father was an American and my mother was Japanese, but as my father really liked Japanese culture so they named me Kyomu.


Ragnell, the last name of my father, the Ragnell's always has been a family of soldiers, my grandpa was, so my father, but this has a deep reason, well… not that deep.

We like it. It was in our blood. We don't like war, but we love fighting in it.

Martial Arts, War Strategies, Firearms, Swords, Knives… everything, we love learning about how to use them at perfection and then… use them.

So as we want to fight, but we needed a reason or a way to be 'allowed' to fight, so we don't have to end in jail. That's why we become soldiers;In our heart we knew that we aren't soldiers but… warriors.

We didn't want fame or achievements; we didn't want to protect our country; we just wanted to be stronger to be able to do things that we wanted to do, to accomplish our desires.


Anyway, a family of warriors, that was my father's family. And as a family of warriors, my dad wasn't a normal guy, so he, of course didn't get a normal woman.

Aragami, the last name of my mother, an old, old, Old Japanese family. The Aragami's come from an old clan of "warrior" that specialize in "slaying", yes, slaying, not killing. They are the same?, no they are not!, slaying is way~… cooler… and fancy.


They created a martial art that allowed the user to kill- I mean to 'slay' anything.

Even if the enemy is stronger than you, even they are more than you, even if the enemy is a god.

A pretty strong martial art that allows you to see all the weakness that the opponent has and the perfect path to slay your enemy.

And of course also train you with a lot of techniques that refine your body to make you able to use a hundred percent of your strength with a perfect control, in this martial art don't exist 'skills' in particular, like karate, my mom said that the bests weapons in the world, is your soul, your heart and… your body.


So of course they got along pretty well as they were the same type of person so they fell in love pretty quickly and then they become inseparable.

They worked together; they always traveled together and… they died together.

They passed away three months ago in January 2019, a plane crash. It was one of that flights that were quite empty so few people died, almost ten died, counting the staff.

An engine failure they said…

Also, don't get my wrong. I was sad, and I cried a lot, but as a man that lived all his life fighting and killing. Death become someone pretty close to you, so I was able to move on pretty fast… it just took me three months.

So after the accident I quit my job in the US Army, why?, well, I was the last of the Aragami's and Ragnell's so I didn't want to end this old blood with my so I quit and began to travel across the world, I always wanted to have adventures in the wild and fight against lions or find some fantasy type of thing that one can see in anime or movies. So I tried and live that myself, but...

My job wasn't that well paid to be able to travel across the globe and in my parents will they donate all their saved money to charity, leaving nothing to me, not a dollar, but thanks god, the airplane company give me quite a lot of money to make me not sue them, One million dollars.

Also, don't get them wrong; they were good parents. Just… they always thought that their son is strong enough and he would not want their money…

With this quantity, I was more than able to travel the world a few times with luxuries.

Then I set off and traveled across a few countries, fought against a few highs ranked martial artists, clashed against wild beasts and… I wasn't able to find anything that could be called fantastic.

After nine months of adventures, I went to Japan to buy a house and live there from now on, why?, because I am an otaku! hahaha~

So I got to Japan and began to do a lot of papers to make me a Japanese citizen, it took me just a month because of the long history of my mother's family and a few old friends of her that I also met before worked in the government so they made all more easy to be done.

While I was waiting for the papers, I went to search for a house to buy, because the old mansion of my mother's family have long ago become an old museum, my mom donate it, I ask her why, and she just said, 'I don't use it, so why I want it?' that's the type of person she was, she didn't even thought of selling it.

~sigh~... She was a good mom.

Anyway!~, after a few days searching a fund the perfect home in Tokyo. Not big, not small, just enough.

After the papers were done, I got ready the house, I still got half a million dollars, and yes, I spend a lot in my travels, I also have my mom disease, I give a lot of money without caring about consequences, well, not just give but I also spend a lot buying things for people in need in my travel, you will surprised by the livelihood of many villages in the world.

Still a half of millions is a lot, and is enough to make me able to do my own business, maybe a restaurant or something, and when I was going to think about this, the biggest event that involucre all mankind happened.

December 24th, 2019.

God appeared.

Yeah, he just appeared as a vision in front of every person in the world.

He just appeared one day and began to tell us about what would happen in a week, and why will happen that, and that the world will completely change.

He explains us from the beginning.

He first told us that the universe is like a 'tree' and the planets are like 'fruits', and the first 'fruit' that this "tree" made was our planet, the first world, he called it 'Eden'.

And with this world as base the 'tree' began to made more and more worlds, many of them similar to ours, and he told us that many of the dreams or part of ours imagination that we saw were worlds of far, far aways, in other dimensions, and that many of ours movies, novels, anime, mangas, mythologies, etc, are based in those worlds.

Of course, everyone was shocked, but everyone believed him, after all he was 'god'.

Well, I only saw a white-haired old man, just a like a 'godly Gandalf'.


But these was just the beginning. He then began told us that this wasn't the only "tree".

There are many others, and the place where all those 'trees' are planted was full. And the "trees" want to continue growing more, but they cannot do that, so they decided to do something about this.

They decided to wage a war of taking worlds from each other, and when a world is taken from one "tree" this "tree" will get smaller, and the one who take it will get bigger. And this way they decided to continue "living".

And at how are they going to fight? and were?

They made a realm to decide that they called "The Origin Realm".

But people can't go there, because is not a place, is more like a system.

A system that anyone, anywhere, was able to interact with it. And this system has a few ways of deciding the fate of every world, even ours.

Then, he told us about this system. He first told us to think the words "Open System" then a window that only you can see appeared in the eyes of everyone.

This window has a few tabs and menus that he began to explain.

The first one was the "Stats Menu". I will show mine to explain.


Name: Ragnell Aragami Kyomu Rank: Iron

Level: 1 Exp: 0/200

Title: -

HP: 102/102 MP: 163/163 SP: 102 /102

Stats Points: 0 Soul Coins: 1000


VIT: 10.2

STR: 7.3

AGI: 7.1

INT: 8.7

SPT: 16.3

LCK: 1


A pretty simple and easy-to-understand menu, our name was first with our level and exp, and we need 200 exp to level up, and to gain exp we need to kill monsters and enemies, or with quests that system give, after we level up with got 5 Stats Points to add to ours stats.

The same for soul coins, the only currency of the realm, the 1000 coins is a gift from the "tree", and 'dying' have a cost, and Soul Coins is the basic one.

The title, one can get titles making some achievements that the realm has set, they give quite good bonus.

Then we have HP, our life points, he told us that our body in the realm is quite different that in the real world, every attack have a set amount of damage and we can't get killed just because we got stabbed in the heart, of course those type of attacks deal more damage.

The same way as a game he told us. And of course if you manage to cut an arm, the arm will not be cut off, but it will give the enemy more damage and he will not be able to use the arm till he get healed. HP is linked to the VIT stats.

Then we got MP, also called Mana, or magic points; this are the points that we need to use for magic and some skills. MP is linked to SPT.

Then we got SP, or stamina points, is what we need to move our body and do some skills, also linked to VIT.

Then we got the stats, you can get details about them in "Stats and Skills Descriptions" section.

And at last the Rank part, Iron is the first rank, and as you rank up, you will be able to unlock more features of the menu, and much more, to rank up you just need to level up.

Then he told us about the "Skills Menu" and skills, he began with the biggest bomb, and that was that no one in the earth had a skill. Skills are special he said, and they can only be got in the realm or be born with it.

The skills that one have from born are called "Innate Skills", for example, in a world of magic, a wizard is born with the skill of being able to manipulate an element or magic, that is counted as an Innate Skill, and those people will be able to use them in the realm.

But don't worry, even if this wizard was able to produce a fireball of the size of a mountain in his world, in the realm it will begin in level 1, and the wizard will have to level up the skill to do more. To level up a skill one has to use it continually in the realm, and to rank up the skill one has to gather some requirement to do so.

But…. they are a lot of people with a lot of skills that can be counted as Innate Skills, so he told us that our "tree" give us a present for being the first fruit and also… the weakest one.

He woke up one Innate Skill to everyone in Earth. Then he told us about the types of skills, the Innate Skills, Active Skills, Passive Skills and Tree Skills.

Then, let me show you guys my "Skill Menu".


Rank ?: Innate Skill: Lucky Strike [Lvl 1/10][0/2000]: 0/3 Charges

Extremely rare skill that allows the user to go against fate itself, there are few details about this skill in the system.

Effect: Activate the skill before you want to change fate.

Wow… a pretty OP skill!~ Still the 1000 exp cost is quite harsh, well, I don't know; I need to know how much exp the monster gives to make a good decision. But still….WOW~

1 Luck Point… Well, in my life I was always called unlucky, and that was the true, but sometimes I got some pretty good lucky strikes so maybe that is why I got this cheat skill.


After that, God began to explain the rest of the menu.

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