Reborn: Villainess' Harem Book

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Reborn: Villainess' Harem


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[WARNING: MATURE CONTENT!] Sue Terin is a human — the only human in a continent where werewolves, vampires, and warlocks exist. She died after being defiled by a beastman and promised to come back and destroy the world. But who would have thought she would come back before the horrors of her past life began? And what is this? A Harem System? She is only out for revenge; how did she attract the three most powerful beings on the continent? With her Harem System, will she be able to stand atop the world that once trampled over her? "Your smell... How's your smell so addicting?" – Lucien, the young general of the Beastmen Territory "I want to turn you into a palm-size doll, so I can carry you anywhere with me." – Sigfrid, the Silver Tower's Archmage. "Sue, Sue, Sue... Your blood sings for me. Be my blood queen, and I'll deliver the world to your feet." – Levi, the Vampire City's Lord. ---------------------Reward System ------------------------ Gifts: Castle: 3 Extra Chapters Spaceship: 5 Extra Chapters Gachapon: 7 Extra Chapters ------------------------------- Power Stones (Per Week) Top 200: 2 Extra Chapter Top 100: 4 Extra Chapters Top 10: 6 Extra Chapters ------------------------------ Golden Tickets (Per Month) Top 200: 2 Extra Chapters Top 100: 4 Extra Chapters Top 50: 6 Extra Chapters Top 25: 8 Extra Chapters Top 10: 10 Extra Chapters ----------------------------- You can find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IceFontana18Official The book cover belongs to me since I let an artist draw it.