84 Commitment

Al woke up.

On a bed.

As promised, he was clean.

Not a trace of anything weird or even the smell.

Actually- he was too clean.

'Ow… ow…' His skin stung. And what was this pale whiteness? Was his skin painted white? 

Did they like… bleach him or something?

'Well, that's weird…'

But at the same time, it was what, it was.

Wooden room: wooden ceiling, wooden floor.

"Where…" Neither the lizard nor the fishdemon was around.

"Ow… Ow…" Al sat down, feet dangling.

Feet dangling?

Just how, how high was this bed?


Was it him or the door too tall?

Despite being just a fourteen-year-old kid, almost fifteen, he was definitely taller than most kids.

But this damn door was still double his height if not higher.

It stung a bit but he casually stood up, put on his shirt, picked up his knife and-

Headed out.


'An inn?'


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