Reborn to be the strongest God Book

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Reborn to be the strongest God


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After Centuries of being the Demonlord, Gerar quits. Why must he torture men when it's no longer fun? Why must he conquer the world when there's nothing to gain from it? Why must he be the demon lord when there's nothing left to challenge? So, he decides to quit and just dies. But instead of being reborn as a weak demon or even a human, he gets reborn as an Angel and thus his journey to supreme godhood begins! . .. ... Hi, Yet here- So, this is a fantasy story but there are also sci-fi elements. There's a harem but Mc's not particularly into romance. This story is basically a culmination of the things I find interesting and hopefully, you guys will find it interesting too (It'll keep on evolving into different coherent stories as the volumes pile up). This'll also be my largest planned novel yet, so let's see how that turns out. I'll try to keep the updates regular and will release bonus chapters if I can. In return, I expect votes. Oh yeah, I do have a server. https://discord.gg/vnnbHCJ4Sn Thank you for reading; I wish you a good day.