Reborn: My Two Systems at War

A young girl opened her eyes, the left one glowing blue and the right one glowing red. With a smile, she looked at the bars on her window. The invisible force swirled on the tips of her fingers, making her smile even deeper. 'Now, I don't know if I am lucky or unlucky.' She was framed and locked away. She was alone and cold. However, now she has awakened the memories of her past life, filled with betrayal and her two systems. 'A world of magic? A world of space-faring ships? I will make them both mine!'  With access to the two systems and the ability to travel between dimensions, she was ready to retake what was once hers, using her unique advantage of having access to both magic and advanced technology. ------------------------- This novel has an infinity-world setting, meaning that MC will visit and travel across various universes and gain strength. ------------------------------- Release schedule: 1 chapter each day Bonus chapter goals:  200, 250, 300 ----------------------------------------- Official discord: https://discord.gg/pWfgFHwvh4

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131 Chs

Above Level 5

(AN: Sorry for the lack of chapters, I am kinda of sick. Also, I was writing this pretty groggy with a fever, so excuse me if it is kinda of different.)

POV Tia:

In the heart of the granite chamber, the very essence of opulence radiated. Intricate carvings etched into the stone were occasionally caressed by the gentle light emanating from a mesmerizing crystal chandelier.

The chamber was suffused with a stifling silence, broken only by the gentle rhythm of a woman's breath.

A girl with hair as silver as moonlight sat gracefully on the expansive bed, her alabaster feet hanging idly off the side. Her lilac eyes, deep and distant, seemed lost in their own world.

In a soft voice, she inquired, "ES, can you explain why my telekinesis abilities continue to grow even after surpassing the upgrade threshold?"



<Info >: For skills above level 5 proficiency, the user can delay the evolution to gather more Esper points.

<Bonuses >:

  >= 150% --> one free enchantment

  >= 175% --> one free technique

  >= 200% -->one free enchantment 

>= 250% --> one free body adaptation 

>= 300% --> A Special Perk


'Huh? This is new.' Tia murmured at the floating window before her, already feeling like she knew the reason behind it: 'As the number of skills and their levels rise, it will become harder and harder to afford any meaningful upgrades.'

Tia massaged her temples, grappling with the conundrum presented to her. The choice was clear: either tap into a swift surge of power now or let it mature like a long-term investment.

Lost in thought, Tia was suddenly brought back to reality by a gentle voice. "What are you scheming?" Red-eye's shadow elegantly draped against the room's ambient glow.

She didn't even notice when she entered.

'Yes, that's it!' All Tia's worries have vanished as fast as they came—the solution to them standing beside her.

'There isn't any immediate threat forcing me to grow stronger fast enough.' A weak smile formed on Tia's lips as she came to the decision, 'If I am in this degrading situation, I can as well make use of its advantages.'

"Nothing, and what are you doing in my room?"

Red-Eye replied with a chuckle, her voice a blend of sophistication and amusement. "Your chamber? My my, you are quite mistaken. This has always been my private space." She then settled gracefully beside Tia on the bed.

With a raised eyebrow, Tia shot back, "Alright then, where's my room supposed to be?"

With a cultured grin, Red-Eye responded, "You, my dear, are my cherished companion. Your place? It's here, right next to me."

Tia's lilac eyes darted to the floor beside the bed, a hint of unease in her gaze.

"I don't want you to feel uncomfortable. You will sleep here in my bed. I don't sleep too often anyway."

Suddenly, Tia felt a warm and slight pressure on her back, sending shivers of shock down her spine. The hand moved up and down, slowly circling her back.

"W-what are you doing?" Tia uneasily squeezed words out.

Red-eyes replied calmly while her arm palm gently roamed Tia's back, "Petting you? You are my pet, and pets are supposed to be petted."

Suddenly, her voice turned cold and serious, the smile vanishing off her face, and the hand halted and rested on Tia's shoulder. "You know, you should enjoy those moments of peace."

The words carried a slightly ominous tone that made Tia tense even further. She didn't know what was happening in the background, but for the Empire to invade the Federation's territory, she knew something had to be happening in the shadows.

"What will happen?"

"Chaos, war, and death."

Tia wanted to question more, but the look in the ruby eyes told her it was all she would learn.

In the silence, both stared at each other. Squirming in her seat, Tia could feel her anxiety grow.

"So, you have called me Red Eye?" The red-eyed noblewoman broke the silence with her calm and melodious voice.

Tia couldn't feel even the smallest trace of anger in the voice tingling her ears.

"Red-eye and her pet Pretty Eyes—it has quite a ring to it."

The staggering words brought a scorching wave of embarrassment: 'How didn't I catch this sooner?'

"I will allow it; from now on, you can call me Lady Red-Eye, my Pretty Eyes."

Smiling, Red-eye brushed gently through Tia's long platinum hair with her slender and soft fingers, slowly separating the stands from each other.

Tia wanted to draw back and retreat from the red-eyed monster, but she couldn't—an invisible force binding her body and rooting her to the spot.

"Will you allow me to go outside, or will you keep me locked here?" She couldn't hold herself back any longer as she blurted out loud the question that had burned on her tongue for a long time.

Red-eye's hand that was caressing her hair paused while still gripping the platinum strands between her fingers. In the silence, Red leaned forward and looked directly into Tia's lilac eyes.

"Of course, you can go out as you are my pet, not my prisoner. As long as you always come back home, to my side, you can go.", She paused for a moment. "I guess you are more like a cat than a dog."

'Is it really so simple?'