Reborn Into Royalty Book

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Reborn Into Royalty


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“I do not love you, and I do not hate you. I tolerate you.” ***** 44-year-old Eloise Carlton was a notorious drunk. A stoner. A disgrace to the well-known Carlton family of England. She had no proper certificate or etiquette, a black sheep in a family where are three sisters were Doctors, and her two brothers were CEOs. She had nothing to show. After being abandoned by someone she thought loved her, she went to prison. Her life was a mess, and she died the night of her birthday. She awoke in a new body after watching her body turn to ashes. The sick body of Cerys Sandor of house Crystal in a world where magic exists and Lords rule over the land. Due to her sickly state and blind eyes, Cerys was also an outcast in her family. She couldn't wield magic. She was weak, quiet, and unfit to rule. Her father has found royal doctors to heal her, but none was able to. When Eloise awoke in this body, she must decide a new fate for herself. Unfortunately things don't always go as planned especially when she became a pet to a certain lord. In a world of magic, there is greed for more power, and loyalties waver. Trust is a dangerous game, for others can manipulate those who trust.