Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi
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Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi


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What is Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi

Read Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi novel written by the author IntactReincarnator on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering reincarnation, transmigration, naruto, rebirth, ninja. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Mc is reincarnated on Naruto has a member of the Sarutobi clan world with some perks. The picture fan art belongs to Green Tea. was the only most handsome Asuma when searching for pictures for this fanfic light novel. This is a Fanfiction and I don't own any of the characters from Naruto, or MHA except for the Mc and others I may add.


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This story has promise but it has a ton of stuff that irritates me. First of all the vocabulary of some of the characters doesn't make sense. The Hokage is using the word totally in his vocabulary as if he is an ignorant high schooler rather than a highly learned leader of a village that is nicknamed "The Professor". I love Op Mc's which this mc is but I hate Mc's who think that they can take other characters and make them Op just because he trained them. That's not how it works. The mc has cheats that give him a huge advantage so it makes sense his speed of advancement but at age 6 all his friends can beat chuunin and have mid chuunin level chakra is ridiculous. The author also doesn't really realize how chakra intensive some techniques are. 7-8 years old can not use A or even B rank Jutsu. Kage bunshin no jutsu is restricted to jonin level ninjas because of many reasons. One is that an average jonin with a jonin level chakra and control can only use it to make 3-4 Kage bunshins and that's it. An 8-year-old kid with a chuunin level chakra and control can summon 7-8 Kage bunshins to do his moonlight style Kenjutsu. Another thing that annoys me is that the author confuses kenjutsu with taijutsu and it irritates me a lot. There are other things that irritate me but I don't want to write more.


umm first of all the grammar is just bad i cant read it past ch3 even if im curious about your story... sorry there... hopefully you can use gramerly or other grammar checker before you post it here or update it later on.. please... because i think the premise for this story is good please tell me if it become better and what ch it start from?


Im not a writer and English is my second language but i have to say that this novel was imposible to read with the amount of typos and grammatical errors. I thought that after a few chapters the author would stop writing the same typo over and over again and again after a lot of people mentioned it in the comments but he didn’t correct the typos or stopped writing them (the typo is “has” instead of “as”).


Pole please comment I would like to get involved with my readers to see where I can take this story. I am no expert on Naruto story but i know at least the main story line. I'll like to share ideas with you guys. So please do comment on the latest chapters.


helping lots of canon/non canon char stronger around mc is annoying for me -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


awesome I love it please post more chapters.🙏hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhj qjnckwc wokdjc cojwknckjmw ckmc owejkc kweojcmowe o


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Orochi is not bad or at least worse than tobirama who invented the technique, I just feel that he was frustrated by what made him hiruzen in his investigations and the defeat by itachi that made him seek the sharingan for god they are a ninja village and they are scared by human experiments.


Looks like a promising beginning...... Just wondering where the future may take it. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


the grammar is horrible and I don't like the changes made to the naruto verse but past the grammar this story is a 3.7. [img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]


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One of the best Fan-Fics that I’ve read so far, great quality of writing, in depth action/battle/in general fighting scenes. Overall the thing that really made me enjoy this story would have to be the NON-harem,thank you, just thank you so much, for not being an insanely perverted author!!!


God damn the English sucks. Like it's really bad. I can't express it enough. It's comical at times how painful it is reading broken English. In addition, the autocorrect is awful as well. It's fucks up so many words and makes the verbiage absolutely horrible. Once past the broken English, however, the story is actually of great quality. The characters are great and it is a very interesting and different take on the Naruto world. It was kind of disappointing that Might Guy was changed into a girl but oh well. If you could get an editor or try to improve your English by actually proof reading what you upload, it would be so much better. Thanks for the great story!


This is a really interesting perspective, a unique fan-fic if should say it a word. The MC's talent in fuinjutsu is at the level of savant, which I would say is illogical considering he is no uzumaki. Other wise its good please don't drop the novel


An interesting story but ruined by attrocious grammar mistakes. I would like to continue reading this but I get a minor headache just reading a paragraph. This story needs a good editing.


Character gets reincarnated into the body of asuma but instead of making his own path, he seems to be choosing to following the path of the original asuma. So if you like a happy im going to teach everyone my new techniques type of character then this is for you


this really good I love it😁


Great story would highly recommend it to anyone who wants a fresh take of Naruto or the world or Naruto in general.


This fanfic novel is one of the best I've ever ridden, I recommend this to you people. Don't miss this great story. Ohhhhh also try to support the author so he won't drop this novel. One last thing, We want more We watn more We want more We want more


Original fanfic of naruto and really well made ! The caracter are hardworking and they each have they story wich make everything much more interesting. A little bit of romance and great story so far. Continu the good work !!


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