60 Bad News

Expected a Chapter? No! It is an announcement! The thing... I am going on hiatus

How long? More than a month.

Reason?- I am not entitled to tell you.

Any consoles? Nope.






Anyway the Real Announcement starts,

I am really going in a Hiatus and for longer than a month, that's no lie.

Simply because I am need to study, and pass the coming exams. You know the life you have after you choose science after your 10th. You know it is going to be anything but easy.

Now here comes my consoles, first I could have updated a chap yesterday but that would have keep you hanging, and I think Aftermath finishes up the plot till now quite nicely so it won't be much problem after I come back.

Yes, I uploaded like 4 or 6 chapters less in this update spree simply because you guys don't give me as much as powerstones like before. First week was totally understandable, even the second one but third one disappointed me. I have no option of turning into a full time writer just you know, otherwise my patreon would have been rolling down. By the way this is console for me.

Now for you, now I have decided to arrange a few things in the discord I have created. If you want to join, then join- if you don't want to then don't, not my problem.


I would be arranging some votes for R18 chapters to be uploaded after the hiatus, also Ai generated arts by me for some guys personally. Maybe upload a few Nswf as well.

Already got fics that haven't been released there for free, for who have high roles. Basically advance stuff for loyal readers. 

Also, I know many will say don't expect a top position after this. The thing is when it came to Fate-Poseidon it did hurt, but we aren't in top 10 for me to continue this fic for a week more and I don't care much about the position after the hiatus gets overs, I write chapters, people give me powerstones that's just that simple.

You guys are getting too much spoiled(Only for those who don't give powerstones, for others I give an advice grow up and don't take stuff that isn't even targeted to you to heart)

Hmm, Bye then I guess!

For now...

Next chapter