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ISEKAI: Leveling Service


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Chronicle Legacy is an MMORPG game that has a lot of players, it was the best game of the era with 9.1 stars according to the reviewers. As it has the best graphics as well as the game-play mechanics. Still, there’s a reason why it only gets 9.1 stars. The missing 0.9 stars were regarding the leveling system of Chronicle Legacy. Why? Player was required to spend a lot of times just to level up their characters, there’s no booster pack to boost experience points at all. Yet there is another method for players to be able to level up their characters without wasting a huge amount of time in the game. The method was Leveling Service - It focuses on providing professional leveling to the player. ---------------------------------------------------------------- [MTL] [PG-17] [UPDATE SCHELDULE ON BOTTOM] *This was an MTL novel [Scheldule] 10 PM EST- Daily (One per day) [Mass Release] 100PS - 4 Chapter on Sunday


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