59 59. Interlude - Nezu.

Aizawa hadn't believed it at first, when Nezu had called him on mission for this. But now, seeing the legendary underworld broker, known for being able to peddle anythin to anyone, lay cowering on the floor at the mere mention of the name, his suspicions were beginning to mount.

Perhaps, there really was something dark behind the mask that Yuji Matsumoto portrays to the public.

And to think he'd felt Yuji a good boy when he first met him. That charisma was truly frightening.

He pulled out his phone and rang the number.

"So how was it?" A mousy voice asked from within.

"You're right. There is something off about his story." Aizawa sighed.

"I see. That's....a shame." Nezu replied.

"Come see me in my office." Nezu added, "Perhaps it's time we talked."

As Aizawa returned to UA, Nezu greeted him at the door.

"I thought you wanted to meet in your office?" He asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Sometimes, it's better to get some fresh air while we're at it." Nezu replied, "Walk with me."

"About the broker..." Aizawa said, hesitating.

"No no. Go on. Tell me all about it." Nezu said, "It can't be worse that my suspicions."

"If you say so. The broker seemed alright when I called for a meeting. He was the typical seedy character his files point to. He talking like he was in charge, above the law. But then, I mentioned him, Yuji. He pretended he didn't know anyone by the name, but I know a liar when I see one.

So I showed him a picture." Aizawa said, remembering, "When he saw that photo, he...just screamed. For a whole minute or two. It was a visceral gut wrenching scream of horror. As if he was looking at a monster. It was all downhill from there. He just crumbled to the ground like wet sack of papers, and before I knew it, he just died. Heart attack I suspect, but the medics haven't given any notes on that yet." Aizawa related.

"As I feared then." Nezu said, "Nighteye reported something similar."

"What?" Aizawa asked.

"When he asked Yuji's neighbours, Nighteye found out that he has been fostering a child, a silver haired girl, for the past month or so. They were told it was a relative of his. Except, he has no living relatives. I checked." Nezu answered.

"I see. And Hawks? Did that story check out?" Aizawa asked.

"No. That is the worst part." Nezu replied, his face grim, "On the day of the raid on Shie Hasseikai, Hawks was in Chibata for a commercial shoot. Now technically, he could have flown over in time, but somehow I doubt that ever happened. What's more, Aizawa-kun, is the girl Nighteye found out about is likely related to this too. Remember the report on the raid I showed you?"


"They found a lab complex in the basement of the manor, one used for human experimentation. What they also found was a room, pink, frilly, filled with precure merchandise."

"You think this girl....the one we assumed dead is this relative the neighbours talked about?" Aizawa asked.

Nezu quietly retracted a photograph from his vest pocket handing it to Aizawa.

Aizawa looked at the folded, compact photo of an old man, and unfolded it, revealing, another man, a woman and a little girl with silver hair.

"What do you think?" Nezu asked, sarcastically.

"Oh, and I found out one more interesting fact. A police report from the Hosu elementary outpost. Apparently, a boy matching Yuji's description filed a complaint against a feathered pedophile stalking him, blocks away from where Hawks happened to die. Coincidence? Or something more?" Nezu said, toying with the words.

"Then it is true..." Aizawa muttered through grit teeth, "Yuji Matsumoto is the traitor!"

"Nothing is certain yet, Aizawa-kun. Let's be patient. I don't want to point fingers or accuse any of my students just yet. Only when we have enough proof, only when we know the truth. And we will find out the truth, the whole truth once he returns." Nezu assured, "But it won't do us any good jumping to conclusions now."

"What is uncertain?" Aizawa asked annoyed.

"Something here doesn't fit. If he really was a spy, why would he purposely irritate the league and Shigaraki? Why help demolish what looks to be production center for those Nomu of theirs? I don't know about villainy and profitability, but even countries wouldn't be able to afford such losses, just to prop up a spy's credibility. Not to mention spies aren't supposed to stand out!" Nezu explained.

"So he is working for someone, but who, we don't know?" Aizawa realised.

"Yes!" Nezu said with twinkling eyes, "You're smarter than people give you credit for, Aizawa-kun!"

"It is a possibility, yes. He could be working for one of AFO's rivals in the underworld, if any still exist." He added.

"Maybe the metahuman liberation front. They have been rallying for public support for sometime now. This would fit their modus operandi and Yuji does seem the type...." Aizawa put forth.

"But I don't think so." Nezu disagreed, "I saw Yuji's first act of heroism when All Might asked me to do a background check on him."

"The sludge villain attack?" Aizawa replied, confused.

"Yes. There are many recordings of it online. You should watch it, it's quite something." Nezu said, "But in that fight, Yuji said something I hadn't heard before. He said, quirks don't make a hero, brains do. You'll never find that sort of thinking in those quirk supremacist circles that make up the MLF, nor would they help a quirkless kid get into UA."

"So...what are you saying exactly, principal?" Aizawa asked, yawning.

"I think he is working towards something, a goal. He is too motivated not to. But what that goal is, and how ignoble it is, is yet to be seen. But the mere fact that he is a completely unreadable enigma is what scares me. That has never happened to me before. As if he knows something I don't. Like someone so far out of reach I can never....." Nezu said, his eyes lost in the middle distance, "Just like men who turned me into....this."

Aizawa scooted closer to the principal, patting his back gently, comforting him.

"No use worrying over it now, then is there?" Aizawa replied.

"You're right. Perhaps this a topic best left for another day. It is late, after all. Go home, Aizawa-kun, have some rest." Nezu said, shaking his head, before walking away.

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