Reborn In DC Universe With The Dice System

Miles Brown's life takes a dramatic turn when he is killed by his vengeful girlfriend, only to awaken in the DC universe as an eighteen-year-old college student. Initially thrilled but soon disillusioned by the lack of superpowers, Miles's mundane existence is shattered on his 18th birthday by the mysterious arrival of The Dice System. This enigmatic force offers him a chance to attain powers and personas from a pool of DC's mightiest abilities and iconic characters. The Dice System challenges Miles with tasks that unlock new abilities and characters, altering his physical form and capabilities. As he navigates this power, Miles seeks to balance his aspirations for heroism with his desires for fame, admiration, beauties and a lavish lifestyle. His unconventional methods draw both ire and intrigue from DC's established heroes and villains alike. _____________ Disclaimer: Contains mature content. MC wil also go through a lot of character development.

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21 Chs

Returning To The Cabin

**[ Red Task Completed: Kill a wanted metahuman criminal ]**

< Rewards: +Concealer Mask, +100 points, + New Character Unlocked >

Miles stared at the notification with shock. A red task on the system was entirely new to him, and he tried to grasp the intricacies behind it.

He also noticed the rewards were plentiful. Although they brought back the guilt he had been trying to suppress.

However, the concealer mask bugged him the most. Information about the concealer mask appeared.

**(Retain original physical appearance after attaining the identity of a DC character)**

Miles thought about what this entailed and felt a little eager to try it out. Just then, Tara stirred and awakened beside him.

"What are you up to?" she asked groggily, rubbing her eyes.

Miles dismissed the system notifications for now and began chatting with Tara. "Just thinking about stuff."

"Like what?" Tara inquired.

"Like how beautiful you look when you're asleep," Miles smiled.

Tara blushed almost instantly; "Quite the smooth talker aren't you, Mr Popular?"

"I only speak the truth. Maybe it's time I stopped brooding and started appreciating the beautiful things of life more," Miles responded with a mellow tone while maintaining eye contact.

The atmosphere turned romantic as Tara's expression softened. "Miles, why have you never asked me to go out with you on a date or something?"

Miles was surprised by the question and stammered, "I... uh... I haven't had the time, I guess."

Tara smiled, a hint of playfulness in her eyes. "Well, if you won't ask, then I will." She paused, leaning in closer. "How about you come with me to an invite-only party in Metropolis as my plus one?"

Miles blinked. "Metropolis? But exams are around the corner."

"The party is nearly a month from now, which means it will be after exams," Tara explained, her excitement evident.

Miles decided to agree, not knowing the challenges that lay ahead. "Alright, I'll go with you."

Daybreak soon arrived with chatters from all over the environment as some more tourists arrived while others prepared to leave. Miles and Tara were in the latter category.

They bid goodbye to the Himalayas and returned home by flight. The trip was filled with comfortable silence and occasional conversations about their project and the upcoming exams. Miles felt rejuvenated and less depressed compared to before.

When he arrived back at the dorm, Ron was out, so Miles had some time alone. He took this opportunity to check out the rewards and everything he didn't have time to explore while in the Himalayas.

The information on the concealer mask was now properly understood after reading the system's description on it once more. If he transformed into a DC character, attaining all their memories, abilities, weaknesses, and physical appearance, he could use the concealer to mask their appearance as his own while retaining all other perks—abilities, memories, and all.

"If I became Lex Luthor, does that mean I'd know all his passwords and bank codes?" Miles chuckled to himself. "I'd transfer some money to myself since I'm dirt poor."

'Would this work for Bane's heightened physical strength though? I'd like to look like my usual self while using his strength,' Miles wondered but his thoughts soon drifted elsewhere.

He decided to check the new character he had unlocked as a reward.

**< Swamp Thing Character Unlocked >**

Miles was visibly astonished. Swamp Thing was the protector of nature and one of his favorite DC characters.

"Wow... awesome," Miles muttered, excitement bubbling up inside him.

He summoned the dice and let it change from 'Abilities' to 'Characters.' The dice for characters now had four faces. Miles wanted to throw the dice down but decided to wait until tomorrow before he took on a transformation.

A transformation would last for 12 hours before going into cooldown, after all.

Ron came in after a while, looking tired but cheerful. "Hey, man! How was the trip?"

"It was great," Miles replied with a smile. "And I'm doing much better now.... Sorry for getting you worried."

Ron could sense the change in Miles's demeanor. "I can see that. You seem more like yourself again."

"Thanks, Ron. The trip really helped to get away for a bit," Miles said appreciatively. "By the way, Tara invited me to a party in Metropolis next month."

Ron whistled. "Metropolis, huh? That sounds fancy. You better have a good suit for that."

"I'll figure something out," Miles chuckled.

Ron's expression turned more serious. "By the way, Sarah and Lara came by to check on you. They were worried."

Miles nodded. "I'll reach out to them. Thanks for letting me know."

They chatted for a while, sharing stories and catching up. Ron talked about campus life, funny incidents, and the latest gossip. Miles felt a sense of normalcy returning as they laughed and joked.

"Remember that time we nearly got caught sneaking into the kitchen at Aaron's party?" Ron said, grinning.

"Yeah, you were pissed they wouldn't give you any more cake," Miles chuckled.

"Hey, it was a good cake," Ron defended, laughing along.

As the evening wore on, Miles felt more at ease. He was grateful for Ron's company and support. The guilt from his recent actions still lingered, but he knew he would have to get over it.

"Thanks for being here, Ron. It means a lot," Miles said sincerely.

"Anytime, man. We're in this together," Ron replied, clapping him on the shoulder.

As Miles and Ron kept chatting, Miles felt a pressing need to get some perspective. He decided to ask Ron a similar question to the one he had posed to Tara.

"Do you think superheroes should take lives?" Miles asked, trying to sound casual but feeling the weight of the question.

Ron looked thoughtful as he considered his response. "That's a tough one. I guess it depends on the superhero and the life they decide to take. Why do you ask?"

Miles shrugged, trying to keep the conversation light. "Just curious. What would you think of Superman if he started killing his enemies?"

Ron chuckled, shaking his head. "Superman? Man, I don't see him as that sort of person. But honestly, if he did, I'd be okay with it. I mean, some of those enemies are real monsters. But the public... they probably wouldn't take it well."

Miles nodded, processing Ron's answer. "So, do you think some villains are better off dead than alive?"

Ron leaned back, crossing his arms. "It really depends on the villain. Take Batman, for example. He's terrifying in Gotham City, but he doesn't kill. Yet you've got guys like the Joker who escape prison and go on killing sprees every time. Sometimes it feels like putting them down would save more lives in the long run."

They delved deeper into the topic, discussing the ethics and consequences of superheroes taking lives. Ron's perspective was pragmatic, understanding the complexities of the issue.

Ron eventually asked, "Why are you so interested in this subject, Miles?"

Miles hesitated for a moment before replying, "A friend is writing an article about it and she needed to draw points from every source possible."

Ron accepted the explanation with a nod. "Makes sense. It's definitely a topic worth exploring."

As they continued to chat, Miles suddenly recalled the cabin in the woods. He realized he had fled the scene without properly dealing with the thug's corpse or the injured one. If anyone stumbled upon that place, it could become a big problem.

He abruptly stood up, his expression troubled. "I just remembered something I need to take care of. I'll be back later."

Ron looked concerned. "It's pretty late, man. Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine. Thanks, Ron," Miles said, quickly grabbing his jacket and heading out the door.

The night was cold, and the streets were mostly empty as Miles made his way to the woods in his sedan.

Arriving at the edge of the woods, he got out of his car and took a deep breath to steel himself for what lay ahead.

The forest was eerily silent, with only the occasional rustle of leaves breaking the quiet. He navigated the familiar path back to the abandoned cabin, his footsteps crunching softly on the underbrush.

As he approached the cabin, his heart pounded. He steeled himself once more while slowly pushing the door open...


Creator's Note: 1000 powerstones = 2 extra chapters

2000 powerstones = 4 extra chapters