Reborn In DC Universe With The Dice System

Miles Brown's life takes a dramatic turn when he is killed by his vengeful girlfriend, only to awaken in the DC universe as an eighteen-year-old college student. Initially thrilled but soon disillusioned by the lack of superpowers, Miles's mundane existence is shattered on his 18th birthday by the mysterious arrival of The Dice System. This enigmatic force offers him a chance to attain powers and personas from a pool of DC's mightiest abilities and iconic characters. The Dice System challenges Miles with tasks that unlock new abilities and characters, altering his physical form and capabilities. As he navigates this power, Miles seeks to balance his aspirations for heroism with his desires for fame, admiration, beauties and a lavish lifestyle. His unconventional methods draw both ire and intrigue from DC's established heroes and villains alike. _____________ Disclaimer: Contains mature content. MC wil also go through a lot of character development.

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Partnering Up With Tara

Miles sat at his desk, a notebook open in front of him with five possible superhero names scribbled down. He tapped his pen against the paper, deep in thought. The names ranged from the mundane to the dramatic, but none seemed to fit perfectly.

- Nightterror

- Vortex

- Sentinel

- Ashhawk

- Laserstorm

He sighed, leaning back in his chair, and rubbed his temples. "This shouldn't be so hard," he muttered to himself. "It's just a name."

His phone buzzed, interrupting his thoughts. It was a text from Sarah, who had been in contact with him frequently since the party.

Sarah: Hey Miles, Derrick's been driving me crazy. I really need a break. Want to hang out later?

Miles felt a pang of sympathy but also the weight of his own responsibilities pressing down on him. He quickly typed a response.

Miles: I'm really swamped with stuff right now, Sarah. Got a ton of schoolwork and some personal projects. Can we rain check?

He sent the message and almost immediately received a reply.

Sarah: Sure, I understand. Just let me know when you're free. :)

'As much as I really wanna finish what we started, it's difficult to create space for socializing especially when exams are around the corner.'

As he put his phone down, another message came in, this time from Tara.

Tara: Hey, looking forward to our geology class today! See you there. :)

Miles smiled. Despite the chaos of his new dual or tri life, his interactions with Tara had been a bright spot.

They usually didn't share any classes, but the recent addition of a geology course to her department's curriculum had given them a chance to spend more time together.

They had studied together a few times since then, and their bond had deepened.

Miles: Same here! I will saved you a seat.

With that, he closed his notebook, still undecided on his superhero name, and grabbed a quick breakfast—toast with peanut butter and a banana. He checked his bag to make sure he had everything for the day and headed out.

The geology lecture room was buzzing with activity by the time Miles arrived. The course had merged two departments, so the room was packed, but spacious enough to accommodate everyone. Students chatted in small groups as murmurs of conversation filled the air.

Miles spotted an empty seat near the front and made his way over, placing his bag on the chair next to him to save it for Tara. He exchanged a few nods and smiles with classmates as he settled in, pulling out his notebook and a pen.

A few minutes later, the room fell silent as Tara walked in. Her presence drew every eye in the room. Her shimmering blonde hair caught the light, and her confident stride made heads turn.

Several students stood or shifted, trying to make room for her to sit beside them, but she gracefully avoided their attempts and made a beeline for Miles.

"Hey, saved you a seat," Miles said, standing up slightly as she approached.

"Thanks, Miles," Tara replied with a warm smile, taking the seat beside him. "I swear, it's like walking through a minefield just to get to class."

Miles chuckled. "Yeah, well, they can't blame them. You do have a certain… presence."

Tara rolled her eyes playfully. "And you, Mr. Popular, have been quite the talk of the campus. You turned down the football team attempt at poaching you again."

Miles grinned, trying to hide his discomfort with the newfound attention. "I'm just really busy so it's not in my books."

They chatted casually as more students filtered in, shooting Miles envious looks as Tara laughed at something he said. Eventually, the lecturer entered, and the room quieted down.

"Good morning, everyone," the lecturer began, adjusting his glasses and shuffling his notes. "Today we'll be diving into plate tectonics and the forces that shape our planet's surface. Let's get started."

The lecturer's voice was steady and engaging, and Miles found himself absorbed in the topic. He took diligent notes, occasionally glancing at Tara, who seemed equally engrossed.

About halfway through the lecture, the lecturer paused to ask a question. "Can anyone tell me the primary driver of plate tectonics?"

Miles raised his hand, and the lecturer nodded in his direction. "Yes, Mr. Brown?"

"Convection currents in the mantle," Miles answered confidently. "They cause the plates to move."

"Exactly right," the lecturer said, nodding approvingly. "The heat from the Earth's core causes convection currents, which in turn drive the movement of the plates. Well done."

Tara nudged him playfully. "Show-off," she whispered with a grin.

Miles shrugged, smiling. "Just trying to keep up with you."

The rest of the lecture passed smoothly, with the lecturer covering various aspects of plate tectonics, from the creation of mountains to the occurrence of earthquakes. Miles and Tara exchanged notes and whispered comments, making the class both informative and enjoyable.

As the lecture concluded, the lecturer assigned a project due in about two weeks. "I want you all to pair up and create a detailed report on a significant geological event of your choice. Be prepared to present your findings to the class."

Tara turned to Miles immediately. "Partners?"

Miles nodded. "Definitely. We make a good team."

They gathered their things and left the lecture room, the buzz of students' conversations filling the air. Outside, the sun was shining, and a gentle breeze rustled the leaves of the trees lining the path.

"So, where should we start with our project?" Tara asked as they walked.

"I was thinking we could look into the formation of the Himalayas," Miles suggested. "It's a fascinating example of plate tectonics in action."

Tara nodded, intrigued. "That sounds perfect. Let's meet up later at the library and get started."

"Sounds like a plan," Miles agreed. "I'll see you there around 4?"

"4 it is," Tara confirmed, giving him a playful salute before heading off to her next class.

Later that afternoon, Miles met Tara at the library, and they dove into their project with enthusiasm. Fortunately, he had a day off from work today so other activities were unaffected.

The library's quiet atmosphere was a stark contrast to the bustling campus, allowing them to focus and work efficiently. They pored over textbooks and articles, taking detailed notes and discussing their findings.

"So, the collision of the Indian Plate with the Eurasian Plate is what created the Himalayas," Miles explained, pointing to a diagram in one of the books. "The process is still ongoing, which is why the mountains continue to rise."

Tara nodded, fascinated. "It's amazing to think about the forces at work beneath our feet. Nature is so powerful."

"Yeah, it really is," Miles agreed, his mind briefly wandering to his own powers and the responsibilities they brought.

After they had made significant progress on their project, Miles and Tara decided to call it a day.

As they exited the library and walked across the campus, Miles couldn't help but notice the attention Tara attracted.

Being the campus belle, she drew stares from all directions. Some students tried to approach her, but she remained focused on her conversation with Miles, laughing and chatting as they walked.

They reached Tara's sports car, a sleek red convertible that only added to her allure. Miles opened the door for her, and she smiled warmly. "Thanks for today, Miles. I really enjoyed working on the project together."

"Me too, Tara. Looking forward to our next meet," Miles replied.

Tara waved as she drove off, and Miles watched her car disappear down the street. He turned around to leave, unaware of the two figures watching him from the shadows.

"As you can see, he will soon have Tara for himself if you don't do something about it," Derrick whispered to the person beside him.

Derrick's companion, Patrick, was tall and muscular, his expression darkening with annoyance.

Patrick grunted. "I will teach him a lesson."

Derrick felt a surge of satisfaction at Patrick's statement. 'Finally, I will have my revenge. Prepare to suffer humiliation, Miles Brown!' he thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Miles returned to his dorm and changed into an all-black outfit to blend into the night. He slipped on a mask and summoned the dice into his hand. With a deep breath, he threw it, watching as the number '3' appeared on its surface.

**[ Activating Catwoman Reflexes ]**

Feeling the surge of agility and lightness, Miles darted out of his room. He leaped from the third-story balcony, landing smoothly on the ground below without discomfort.

Miles proceeded to moved swiftly through the night, using the time to train and keep an eye out for any disturbances.

About fifty minutes into his patrol, when it seemed like the night would be quiet, he heard a loud scream followed by faint cries for help.

His heart raced as he sped towards the sound, leaping from rooftop to rooftop until he landed in a yard.


Creator's Note: 1000 powerstones = 2 extra chapters

2000 powerstones = 4 extra chapters