54 Quit Playing Games

Mila Rose just quietly bowed her head in thanks without feeling the need to add anything unlike the other two. He wasn't sure if it just took longer for her to open up or if she really was just the quiet type unlike the other two. Thankfully she seemed easy going enough at least when compared to Apacci.

They all still seemed kind of antsy looking at the surroundings worrying that they might still be tracked by Grimmjow's group after everything they went though.

Hisashi with his enhanced senses though and the knowledge how far they had made it was fairly certain they wouldn't be keep up with them let alone track them down. As long as they could make it back to their lair to join back up with Tier Harribel they would be safe even without him there to protect them.

"I'll escort you ladies back to your lair just to be safe. Is that ok with you?" he said to reassure them.

"Oh my, what a gentleman." Sung-Sun responded playfully.

"Whatever Hmpf…" Apacci harrumphed. That was probably the best he was going to get from her for now, though improvement was improvement.

"What's that Apacci? Cat got your tongue?" He asked her teasingly.

"That's Emilio for you." She said stomping her hoofs in irritation. He decided to not push her any more for now no matter how fun it was to push her buttons and tease her.

"Ok, you two love birds. Let's get going before they do catch our trail." Sung-Sun said to get them back on track causing Hisashi to chuckle and Apacci just looked away deciding it was best to ignore her friend. It wasn't like she wasn't used to Sung-sun's teasing.

Everyone agreed so they started rushing towards their lair at their fastest sustainable pace. It was easy to keep up with them for Hisashi due to his insane dex stat to the point where it was little more than a jog to him.

When they finally made it to the lair a couple hours later they found it empty.

'Harribel must have things of her own to do or she is out looking for these three.' Hisashi thought to himself.

"I'll wait here with you guys until Harribel comes back. Unless you all are in the mood for a group date." He says joking playfully.

"That's Harribel-sama you… you… bug!" Apacci says no longer able to contain her frustration once she feels the disrespect isn't for her, but rather their leader now.

Hisashi chuckles and looks at himself before teasingly responding: "You're right. I am indeed a bug. But this one can crush you until your juicy insides come out."

He decided to press on now that they are secure. At least it is something to amuse himself and he is sure Sung-Sun appreciates it.

"GAAAAH! Make him shut up!" She yells back knowing she can't attack him simply for being annoying most of all after he saved the three of them. Realising this wasn't going to ease her frustration though.

Sing-Sun chuckled mirthfully and decided to egg her on some more by chiming in: "You know you two talk the most out of all of us is this how you flirt?"

"Sh-shut up Sung-Sun. You're supposed to be on my side." She responds getting flustered by being attacked from both sides.

"Ara~ ara~? But you're being so cute~." She continued teasing her.

At this point Apacci just grumbled and sat down t0 the side, where Mila Rose had settled down, trying to ignore the two of them.

It was times like these he realised how mind numbingly boring Hueco Mundo was for regular Hollow. Your options literally were fight. Do nothing. There was no entertainment and socialisation was far and few between. Eventually he thought of something they could do to pass the time even as a bunch of Hollow without opposable thumbs or in Sung-Sun, Apacci and his cases no fingers at all. He took them outside and taught them how too play tic-tac-toe in the sand. At least it was something to do and unlike having a conversation which both Apacci and Mila Rose who were pretty bad conversational partners at least to him they at least seemed to enjoy playing a game as a change of pace.

He managed to get a little closer to Sung-Sun who actually seemed to enjoy talking with him, though he felt like though not much better and despite a few frustrated outbursts when she lost Apacci did seem to loosen up some towards him by playing together. If he considered getting yelled at and cussed out marginally less as loosening up. Now that he didn't have the constant hunt to distract him he did end up also ruminating a bit which lead him to realise he was missing his sister and Masaki. Not that the trio was that terrible as far as company went. Even Apacci grew on him as he got more used to her abrasiveness plus messing with her was fun.

"You bastard!" Apacci huffed and erased their game of tic-tac-toe that she just lost when Harribel came back. Although it was hard to tell the passage of time in Hueco Mundo Hisashi was fairly certain quite a few hours had passed.

"Hmmm... what are you doing?" Harribel asked her expression seemed neutral, but she sounded somewhat curious.

"I want to play with you Harribel-same. I hate playing with this guy," Apacci said as she jumped up to greet Harribel.

Hisashi just shook his head at the disparity between how Apacci treated Harribel and literally anyone else, he really wondered what Harribel had done to earn such deep loyalty from the tres bestias despite this not being the norm for Hollow. She really was the reliable and respected nee-san to the three.

"Hey Harribel. Long time no see. Good to see you again though." Hisashi said cheerfully.

"Long time?" Harribel asked with some confusion evident.

'I guess to most Hollow, most of all high ranking ones likes Adjuchas and above, a few months or even years counts for nothing.' he sighed inwardly.


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