53 Passion

With one of their allies incapacitated the others doubled down on their assault giving the trio more of a chance to escape as the full focus was now in Hisashi after he proved to be a very real threat to them.

Grimmjow managed to add a bunch of additional cuts and scratches to him, but didn't manage to cause another significant injury again as Hisashi was able to pay more attention to Grimmjow again now that there was one less ally backing him up.

As the fight continued Grimmjow was also growing more and more aggravated which made his attacks easier to read too. Not long after the blasts being fired were also slowing down as they had started running out of energy and had to start physically backing up Grimmjow instead which they were much more hesitant about seeing how he had easily physically overpowered one of them already.

Slowly their injuries were piling up since except for Grimmjow none of the others could even defend against the arm he had hidden using his illusions allowing him to quickly pile up a lot of relatively light injuries on them once they came into the melee speeding up the drain on their stamina which was now being used both for fighting him and healing the many non-fatal wounds he was inflicting on them. Only Grimmjow was in mostly good shape as he managed to even dodge most attacks from the hidden arm using his high reaction speed and improved senses.

Hisashi even made sure to stab the more humanoid members to drain what memories he could to improve his own bipedal combat abilities now that his physique was slowly becoming more human again after passing the Gillian stage. Although he wasn't able to pierce them for extended durations which would allow him to copy most of their skills and techniques, but every little edge he could get he would take.

The combat had significantly slowed down and he was hoping the trio had managed to get far enough to where these guys wouldn't be able to catch up with them in their current worn out state. He made sure to focus most of his attacks on their legs when he could as he would rather slow down their chase than reduce their offensive capabilities. By now 2 more were down for the count leaving it with just him, Grimmjow and three of the other Adjuchas in their clash.

Although Grimmjow was visibly exhausted his eyes hadn't let up. Quite the opposite they contained far more fire than they had at the beginning.

'Fuck, he isn't going to treat me like he does Ichigo and go around repeatedly harassing me to battle him for the sake of his pride is he?' Hisashi worried when he saw the "passion" in Grimmjow's eyes.

[Mission Completed]

[Active Skill - Skill Infusion gained]

[Skill Infusion]

[Allows the user to share one of their own abilities with a 3rd party within a short distance of the user themself. The user infuses an amount of their spirit power into the target and the skill will last until the infused spirit power has been used up by the skill. The consumption speed of spirit power depends on the skill that is being infused.]

'Great, now to lose these guys.' Hisashi thought relieved he no longer needed to stick around anymore.

It took a while to find an opening, but when he did he gave Grimmjow a powerful kick to the sternum sending him flying back.

"Well it's been a pleasure, but this party has become a bit of a sausage fest so adiós." he told them sarcastically emphasising it with a little mocking bow as his figure disappeared using his illusion skill before he dashed away after the trio. He was fairly sure they should be fine given that the mission was completed and he got his reward, however he had no clue if just escaping Grimmjow's band of merry men was enough to complete it even if they ran into other danger while managing to escape.

He managed to hear a loud frustrated roar that could only be Grimmjow coming from behind, but even if he could somehow track him despite his illusory camouflage he still wouldn't be able to keep up with him let alone in his exhausted state. Hisashi couldn't wait for the upgrade to Super-Speed Regeneration in these kind of long drawn out battles it became obvious how useful it was in both healing the minor and major injuries that accumulated and drained stamina on top of it helping speed up his stamina recovery itself as well. He couldn't fathom why the majority of Hollow sacrificed it when becoming Arrancar. Though given his regeneration skill had already been upgraded once he wasn't sure just how much better his was compared to the one that the average Hollow had.

Although maybe just over half an hour or so had passed while he was holding off Grimmjow's posse it didn't take him near as long to catch up to the exhausted trio. Thankfully it seemed his worry was for naught as they seemed no worse off than they were when they left ignoring them possibly being a little more tired from running non-stop since then. He did a quick scan of the area to make sure there were no sources for immediate concern which ended up being quite clear.

He cancelled his camouflaging while running beside them causing them to jump and prepare for a fight until they realised it was just him.

"I'm going to kill you one of these days!" Apacci yelled in rage though she had no energy to actually even try.

"Apacci, not the time nor place! If it weren't for him who knows what would have happened." Sung-sun cut her off before she could continue and Apacci for the first time had the decency to look at least somewhat embarrassed regarding her behaviour. Sung-sun quickly turned back to face Hisashi and lowered her head.

"Thanks for saving us, we would have died if you weren't near." she told him.

"Yes. Quite the coincidence I was nearby..." he teased back at her ribbing them for regularly tracking him over the past 3 months.

"Well it doesn't hurt to run into someone so strong." she replied shamelessly acting like she didn't have a clue what he was referring to. At least her playful behaviour was easier to deal with than Apacci's form of hardheaded and brashness.


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