62 New Friends

"I'm Hisashi the uh... Vasto Lorde?" he responds unsure of himself. Unlike her adult form, Nel's child form had a rather... unique personality. He couldn't hate it though, it even reminded him a little of when his younger sister was still little.

"Hitashi? Nice to meet you," she responds happily with her lisp.

"No. No, please no! It's Hisashi....Hisashi! Please say it right!" he said sweating nervously.

"Hitashi!" she responded excitedly, no change at all from the first time. She didn't even seem to be trying.

Hisashi could only sigh in defeat. He knew trying to fix her pronunciation was a waste of time, but accepting how she said his name was just too embarrassing to accept.

Shortly after, the other three finally caught up.

"Release Nel-sama right now!" the skinny one yelled indignantly.

"Give her back!" the chunky one bellowed. Hisashi could see tears of desperation in his eyes

"Bawa Bawaaa!!" the snake cried out.

"Hitashi, run!" Nel yelled while giggling.

The three trying to save her looked surprised.

"Brothers, Nel-sama has been brainwashed!" the skinny one said in a panic.

"W-what?! We have to save her!" the chunky one said joining in on the panic.

"Hurry or we'll lose eternal pursuit!" Nel Tu said continuing to ignore their panic, adamant to win her game. Hisashi wasn't even sure how they were supposed to win at eternal pursuit.

The skinny one makes a sudden desperate jump for them, but Hisashi sends him flying back into a nearby dune with a simple push kick.

"Aaah! Pesche!" the chunky one yells running after Pesche who was sent flying.

"Bawa Bawa!" the snake cried in confusion looking back and forth between the two groups.

"Nooo! That's not how you play eternal pursuit! Don't bully them!" Nel Tu cried out.

Hisashi softly smacked her upside the back of her head with the side of his blade. "Then tell them that," he chided her. 

"Ouch," she said and pouted.

After his warning she leaped down from his shoulder and ran to the three to warn them. Though Hisashi gave her a good feeling, she also felt that he could be very dangerous from the pressure he gave off even when suppressing his spiritual pressure. It seemed even more dangerous than some of the other Arrancar she knew.

"Brothers! This is Hitashi! My new friend!" she said happily.

"Hisashi! Hisashi!" Hisashi yelled to make sure they understood what his name really was. One person calling him that was already enough of a disgrace.

"What? Are we being abandoned?" Pesche said in a distraught tone. Falling to his knees as if he had given up on life.

Dondochakka patted him on the back. "You'll be ok, I'm still your brother," he said to console Pesche.

Bawabawa lowered his head crying sadly.

"No! We're still brothers!" Nel Tu assured them.

The three of them did a full 180 as if they hadn't been depressed seconds before.

The three bowed humbly. "Nice to meet-cha," they said in unison.

"So who are you all?" he asked them despite being very well aware of who they were.

"I'm Nel Tu," Nel Tu said.

"You already told me that," Hisashi deadpanned.

Nel Tu bonked herself on the head with her tiny fist while smiling derpily.

"I'm Pesche Guatiche," the skinny one said.

"I'm Dondochakka Birstanne!" the chunky one yelled.

"And united we are-" they started in unison.

"-The Neldonpe Desert Thieves!" Nel Tu completed the sentence.

"-The Great Desert Brothers!" Dondochakka completed the sentence.

"-The Three Super-Powered Siblings Of The Burning Sands!" Pesche completed the sentence.

"-Bawa Bawa!" the snake said.

All four were yelling different endings at the same time while posing like power rangers making it hard to understand.

"Are you all idiots?" Hisashi asked increduously.

"Idiots?" Nel Tu asked with confusion.

"No, I'm a masochist!" she said proudly.

Hisashi sighed.

"Would you mind coming to see some friends of mine?" Hisashi asked her.

"Of course! If they're your friends they must be great." she said with a wide smile.

She got back up on his back grabbing on to the hair coming from under his mask to hold on to him.

Hisashi started running at a speed that Nel's Fracción would be able to keep up at.

"Yahoo!" she yelled excitedly kicking his chest like he was her steed.

Her Fracción was a lot less excited as they ran as fast as they could simply to keep up. They could only keep this up before they jumped on top of Bawabawa who was able to move faster and for longer.

To their surprise when Bawabawa went faster and was catching up to Hisashi and Nel Tu, Hisashi simply smirked and increased his speed even further.

"Hahahahaha, faster! Faster! If you go even faster Nel will explode!" Nel Tu yelled happily.

Hisashi could only deadpan remembering that child Nel had quite the potty mouth whether it was intentional or not he wasn't sure.

Bawabawa could only cry silently as he did his best to keep up with their new speed. Secretly he wished the other two had never jumped on top of him so he could have kept up at the relaxed pace.

It took quite a few days to get to the forest of Menos which he needed to pass through to get to Harribel's hideout. It would take a few more days to get through the forest and reach the hideout.

"Well look who we have here." they suddenly heard someone say shortly after exiting the forest.

Suddenly a tall muscular young man with light blue spiky hair walked out from behind one of the trees. He had a partial bone mask of a sharp toothed mouth covering the right half of his jaw and green eyeliner-like marks on the lower and outer edges of his blue eyes. He was wearing a pure white hakama and jacket combination with black accents.

A sword was tied to his waist with a black sash and his hand was resting on it threateningly.


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