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'System, how long have I been at this?' he asked.

[Answer: 3 months 7 days 2 hours 54 minutes 34 seconds]

'Can you give me a summary of my progress during that time?' he continued.

[+16,299,420 XP from Hollow]

[+191,400 Spirit Power from Hollow]

[+34 Levels]

[+34 Stat points]

'Ok. System, show me my status.' he requested.

=Status Panel=

[Name: Saito Hisashi]

[Soul Age: 58]

[Race: Hollow]

[Rank: Adjuchas]

[Level: 153 -> 187]

[XP: 105,992/175,780]


[Strength: 130]

[Dexterity: 220]

[Constitution: 60]

[Intelligence: 74]

[Spirit Power: 601,482 -> 792,882]

[Available Stat Points: 0 -> 34]

=Passive Skills:=

[Spiritual Energy Absorption]

[Super-Speed Regeneration]

[Acidic Touch]


=Active Skills:=

[Soul-Body Separation]

[Spirit Power Concealment]

[Illusory Aura]


[Energy Blade]


[Hachigyō Sōgai]




'Round Intelligence to 100 and put the rest of the stat points towards Dexterity.' he ordered.

[Dexterity: 220 -> 228]

[Intelligence: 74 -> 100]

[Available Stat Points: 34 -> 0]

He felt the points making changes to him, the dexterity wasn't as noticeable with how small of a change it was in percentage however his thoughts cleared up some and he could feel his control over his spirit power growing more precise as the changes to his intelligence stat were made.

Hisashi had been hunting throughout the forest for the past couple of weeks picking off a lot of Gillian and even a few stray Adjuchas. His new more humanoid form gave him a significant boost beyond just his stats growth, but also because now he was able to finally integrate bipedal footwork into his swordsmanship unlike before.

Unfortunately, though Gillian were quite common in the Forest of Menos they made up the vast majority of inhabitants while Adjuchas were just not that common and as he had been avoiding Las Noches and Baraggan's territory like the plague he had thankfully managed to avoid any Vasto Lorde and Arrancar so far though as soon as Aizen made it here with the true Hogyoku the amount of Arrancar should increase quite a bit.

Devouring Adjuchas vastly outclassed consuming Gillian at this point where despite him devouring hundreds of times the amount of Adjuchas he has managed to the Adjuchas still provided more progress towards his evolution than all the Gillian combined did. He wouldn't complain about any little gain though as he was on a timer.

During this time he had been able to avoid any troublesome people during his hunts though he did sense the Harribel trio on the periphery of his senses a few times meaning they were probably keeping an eye on him on Harribel's orders. He didn't mind that as long as they didn't get in his way though.

'I wonder how everyone is doing. Hopefully my interference has been limited enough that Ichigo and the gang made it through the whole Soul Society arc alive or else Masaki is going to raise hell for us all.' He thought to himself. He felt he had done his best to give them a better outcome though and the rest was ultimately up to them.

While in thought and traveling through the forest in search of his next prey he noticed a commotion in the distance and decided to stealthily take a closer look at what was causing it. If it was some strong Adjuchas clashing it could be a two for one special by ambushing them while distracted by eachother and exhausted.

There he found the Harribel trio the Tres Bestias in a stand off with a large white panther looking Adjuchas staring down at them proudly and 5 more backing him up. They resembled a knight, a bruiser, a bull, one that still looked like a Gillian and a hammerhead shark.

'Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez and his followers. One of the last things I wanted to run into at this time in Hueco Mundo. Not only is he annoying to deal with himself, he should also be joining Aizen anytime soon now if he isn't already in contact with him. Worse unlike Harribel's little group this is never going to end peacefully with this hothead around.' Hisashi thought to himself hoping to make a quick exit if he could.

They must have run into his little clique while trying to follow him and once Grimmjow came across them it would be hard to get him to let go of his targets. The trio was more powerful than Grimmjow's team mates individually, but they were outnumbered and Grimmjow is significantly stronger than the rest of his group.

'I would usually just ignore Grimmjow and avoid him using my stealth skills, but chances are this encounter was never meant to happen it being a result only from my presence meaning the trio could very well die or be forced to submit changing things significantly. Then again so could interfering with their fight and revealing myself to Grimmjow shortly before he joins Aizen.' he pondered unsure as to what to do with this situation.

Finally he sighed to himself: 'In the end I'm kind of a softie. Though ruthless to enemies I want to repay kindness in kind. They were pretty nice to me for Hollow and I don't really want harm to come to the only ones to treat me like that during my entire stay in Heuco Mundo. They are probably also my only potential allies here aside from possibly Nelliel's group except they are completely unreliable.'

Grimmjow's group was slowly nearing the trio and surrounding them with Grimmjow in the middle still holding them in place with the pressure of his stare.

"I guess you barely qualify!" He spoke arrogance dripping from every word. "I'll give you all a chance. Kneel before this king and serve me then I'll spare your lives, otherwise you can be the next step towards greatness for this king!"

The trio were looking at eachother hesitantly as they were extremely loyal to Harribel, but the odds of them escaping unscathed and possibly even alive wasn't that great.

Grimmjow bared his fangs at them threateningly due to this delay in response and lack of servility. If they wouldn't kneel to their betters he would simply trample upon them.

"How about I help you shove that big head of yours up your ass instead!" Apacci finally couldn't stand it anymore and recklessly insulted him in return.

"Then I will just take it." he sneers and pounces towards Apacci.

[New Mission: Protect the Tres Bestias]

[Reward: New Skill - Skill Infusion]


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