6 Katsuki Bakugo's Punishment!

(3rd Person Pov.)

Normally during the weekends, the students of UA Highschool would enjoy themselves in whatever they so pleased. However, during this specific weekend, two families would come to learn the shock of their lives. Within the confines of UA'S Principal office sat Mitsuki Bakugo, ad her son Katsuki Bakugo. And next to them sat Inko Midoriya and her son Izuku Midoriya who was trembling at being called to the principals office with his parent on a weekend no less than a week into his study at Japan's number one hero Highschool.

Soon enough, three individuals walked into the office. The first being UA'S principal Nezu, the second person who was dressed rather neatly than he usually would be with his hair slicked backwards tied into a bun, it was none other than class 1-A's homeroom teacher Shota Aizawa. And last but not least, Japan's number one hero All Might. After greeting the two mother's, and exchanging pleasantries, Aizawa iniated the conversation.

Aizawa: "Good Day to the two of you miss Bakugo and Midoriya. I'm Shota Aizawa the homeroom teacher for both your son's, but you may call me Aizawa."

The two women nodded their heads as Mitsuki questioned curiously. 

Mitsuki: "Nice to meet you Aizawa-Sensei. Just tell me what my brat of a son did, and I'll punish him accordingly."

Mitsuki's words surprised both Aizawa and All Might as Aizawa questioned. 

Aizawa: "Are you saying that this isn't the first time you've had a meeting with your son's homeroom teacher?"

Mitsuki shook her head and answered. 

Mitsuki: "No. Its because I know for a fact that Katsuki here likes causing problems at home, so I'm not surprised that his rather explosive personality would her him in trouble. But still not even a week in, and I already meeting the principle, his homeroom teacher, and All Might. Hopefully it's nothing too serious."

Aizawa sighed tiredly as he questioned. 

Aizawa: "Ms Bakugo & Midoriya, how long have your son's known each other?"

Both mother's were confused, but they still answered at the same time. 

Mitsuki/Inko: "Since they were children."

Aizawa: "I see. And may I ask how much of their lives are you both aware of?"

Mitsuki answered the question. 

Mitsuki: "I mean, I know that my son used to always go play at the arcade everyday after school with his friends during his middle school year's."

Aizawa: 'Too much trust in her son making her not too aware of what he usually does.'

Aizawa noted before turning to Inko and asking her the same question. The chubby mother gripped the hem of her skirt tightly as she spoke sadly.

Inko: "I-I was aware of some of the things Izuku usually does or that happens to him, but I choose not to push any further when he tells me he's fine."

Aizawa: 'She's probably aware that her son has some secrets that he doesn't wish to share with her, and she doesn't have the courage to confront him about that. Most likely afraid that it will affect their family.'

Aizawa released a frustrated sigh pinching the bridge of his nose as he spoke. 

Aizawa: "Then I'll be blunt and direct with telling you the reason why you have been called here today."

Aizawas extremely serious words caused the two mother's to begin worrying as Izuku and Katsuki's eye's widened as they had an idea what was about to be discussed. 

Aizawa: "Sometime last week, Katsuki Bakugo ignored orders from his teacher not to use his gauntlets that stores his sweat for a big explosion during a mock battle and almost ended up killing Izuku Midoriya if not for one of our newly hired security guards preventing the worst case scenario."

Both mother's gasped in horror at the teachers word's as Mitsuki spoke surprised and shock evident in her tone.

Mitsuki: "HOLD ON! I know Katsuki is a little hot headed, but there's no way he actually tried to kill his best friend."

Aizawa gave her a dissaspointed look as he spoke.

Aizawa: "It seems like you truly weren't aware at all about your son. All Might, show them the video of the match."

All Might nodded his head and pulled out a controller and pressed a button that caused a holographic video to play showing the entire fight with audio. The two mother's looked horrified at Katsuki's insane grin as he pulled the pin on his gauntlet launching a large explosion that almost hit Izuku when he tripped over when trying to dodge. And then the attack simply vanished causing relief for both mother's as Aizawa continued.

Aizawa: "Although All Might is also partially to be blamed here because he didn't stop the match the moment he witnessed Bakugo ignoring his orders, and preparing to launch a powerful explosion in a small confined space against another student."

All Might looked down guiltily. Aizawa was about to continue speaking, before Nezu cut him off.

P.Nezu: "Continuing on from where Aizawa left off, I did a little digging into your sons profile from his kindergarten days until he graduated from middle school due to the fact that the reports don't seem to match his personality in person. The same applies to Izuku Midoriya. 

Nezu fished out a few documents and handed them to the mothers who were looking on in disbelief. Katsuki's documents were full of praise for his quirk, grades, and his personality. Yet Izuku's was the complete opposite.

His documents were full of scorn and false reports on how he'd always be disrupting classes, skipping them, a few petty crimes he was accused of such as stealing things from classmates and insulting them, not listening to what teachers asked of him, and constantly breaking school rules.

P.Nezu: "I did a little bit more digging, only to find that since kindergarten, not only has Katsuki Bakugo been illegally using his quirk without the proper licence, but he was using it to harass and bully the other student's. The one he most frequented bullying was of course none other than Izuku Midoriya due to his apparent lack of quirk during his younger years."

Both mother's kept reading the reports of the two boy's over and over again, and Nezu's words caused Mitsuki to become desperate for proof that everything she's just been told is a lie. 


Principal Nezu glanced into Mitsuki's red eye's with a sister glint as he spoke. 

P.Nezu: "I have so much proof miss Bakugo."

One by one video's from the daycare center all the way to the end of middle school that showed Katsuki's arrogance growing day by day. Bullying those he deemed weaker than himself, extorting money from Izuku, publicly shaming him infront of the entire school and both students and teachers laughing and mocking him, he was attacked by explosions to his entire body except for the obvious spots like his forearms and face.

Principal Nezu held a bright smile seeing the look of absolute despair on Mitsuki's, and Katsuki's faces for completely different reasons as he spoke cheerfully.

P.Nezu: "My, don't look so surprised Katsuki. Due to the unpredictable nature of quirks, security camera's "MUST" be placed on every single school, be it daycare centres, all the way to college and universities security cameras must be active so that just incase another situation happens with someone's quirk going berserk like what happened with Sirzechs Gremory twelve years ago, juvenile prison, or the death sentence for user's who lost control of their quirks can be avoided as there was proof that it wasn't intentional. So that's why consider me quite impressed by just how worse you became after each year of the schools you studied at. Ah but my favourite has got to be your words to young Izuku Midoiriya on the day you were attacked by the sludge villain."

Izuku's heart pounded in his chest anxiously and full of worry, and Katsuki's face turned pale as Inko immediately questioned. 

Inko: "W-What did he say?"

She sounded terrified at what she was learning, same with Mitsuki. Nezu played a video that when they watched caused Inko to fall to the ground clutching her heart and crying as they heard Katsuki's harsh word's.

(Video Katsuki: "You should take a Swan Dive off the roof and pray you get yourself a quirk in your next life.") 

Everyone present had their eye's wide open as Nezu spoke. 

P.Nezu: "Mr Katsuki, I hope you understand that we do not take quirkless discrimination lightly here at UA. For the vast majority of your life you have physically and mentally bully a boy just for being quirkless, and has even gone as far as telling him he should commit suicide. Do you have anything to say in your defence?"

Katsuki was panicking as his entire history of bullying was laid bare for all to see. In his panic and confusion, he did the one thing he shouldn't have done. He spoke his True thoughts. 


Katsuki stopped himself from speaking by covering his mouth as he looked on in horror at what he's just said. The room fell deathly silent before that silent was broken by the sound of someone being punched. 


Everyone in the office looked on surprised at the Green Haired woman who sent Katsuki to the floor with a punch to his face. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying, and her hand was slightly bruised from punching him. But what shocked Katsuki the most was the fury in her eyes. The fury of a mother. However she was held back by her son, which made her struggle for a bit before falling limp and just crying causing Katsuki's face to scrunch up in guilt as he looked away. 

Mitsuki watched this entire scene play out unable to form a coherent sentence at the shock from what she's come to learn about her son. Finally, Mitsuki questioned her son with tears, and a heartbroken tone of voice

Mitsuki: "Katsuki.... Why did you do such things."

Bakugo remained silent not daring to speak. No it wasn't that he didn't dare to speak, it was that he didn't know what to say. Instead, another voice spoke up on his behalf. It was the principal. 

P.Nezu: "From what I've been told by our new security guard, it most likely stem from an inferiority complex as well as jealousy."

Everyone became surprised at the Principals word's as Inko questioned furiously. 

Inko: "An inferiority complex and jealousy made him tell my son to go kill himself?!" 

P.Nezu: "Exactly. From the videos, we've seen that Izuku's always helping out others even if it means he'll get hurt. This heroicness of his made Katsuki feel inferior and jealous thus making him bully Izuku to break that heroism of his. But eventually he lost track of that goal, and simply bullied Izuku out of prejudice for not being born with a quirk. That is atleast of theory."

Inko gritted her teeth as she yelled at Katsuki furiously. 

Inko: "All that just because you were jealous of my son? My boy looked up to you! Respected you even! Because he knew that you were special! He knew he was quirkless, but that didn't stop him from persuing his dreams of becoming a Hero. And one day, he finally awakened his quirk. Did you know how happy he was the day he told me finally awakend his quirk?! And the first thing he said was that now he can finally begin catching up to you! Even with all the bullying and your venomous word's, he still had the heart to forgive you and continued looking up to you!"

Mitsuki tried to place her hand on Inko's shoulder only to have it slapped away harshly causing the mature Bakugo to flinch and back away as Inko spoke softly. 

Inko: "I-I'm sorry. I need sometime alone with Izuku. I don't think I can bear to see Katsuki's face anywhere near myself or my son anymore."

Mitsuki: "I'm sorry. We'll take our leave for now. Thank you for enlightening me on what Katsuki has been doing all this time. I'm truly ashamed for what I've allowed him to become. Goodbye" 

As Mitsuki was preparing to leave, principal Nezu spoke up. 

P.Nezu: "Now, now. There's still one more thing we need to discuss before we can adjurn this meeting."

Mitsuki froze before she nodded her head defeatedly and sat back down causing Katsuki to clench his fists in shame. 

P.Nezu: "Aizawa if you'd please."

Aizawa mudded his head as he sternly spoke. 

Aizawa: "Katsuki Bakugo. Due to the sheer number of crimes you've committed in the past, not just against Izuku Midoriya, and several others. But breaking multiple of our countrie laws as well. For all of that, we'll have to expel you, and your records will be blackened. With the number of criminal charges that can be used against you, you'd be lucky if your parents won't be getting a life sentence since your still a minor. Your parents would take the blame for not raising you properly, and since your too young to go to prison, your parents will be charged instead."

Katsuki's eyes widened in horror and regret. Because of his actions, he's hurt aunty Inko, his mother his reputation, everything has been destroyed. But what came out of Aizawa's mouth gave him a little bit more hope.

Aizawa: "Is what I'd so desperately like to say, but sadly the principal has other plans for you."

P.Nezu: "Thank you Aizawa. Now then, I feel like this should be fair. Katsuki Bakugo. I'll permit you to stay as a student in UA, only if Izuku Midoriya allows it."

However, the principals word's completely destroyed his hope. 

Katsuki: "What?!"

Aizawa glared at him and spoke sternly.

Aizawa: "Stay silent Katsuki."

Izuku who also heard the principals words froze like a deer in headlights as he fumbly spoke.

Izuku: "W-Wh-What?! Why me?"

P.Nezu: "Because you were his biggest victim. I believe that it's only fair that you choose rather you wish to expel Katsuki Bakugo or not."

Izuku gulped nervously, that was until he heard a thud and looked down to see Bakugo's mother kneeling infront of him in a dogeza position startling Izuku as he tried pulling her up gently and spoke panicking.

Izuku: "Why are you bowing?! Please stand up."

But no matter how much Izuku tried she didn't budge even with her arms trembling. Izuku sighed softly as he could feel the shame she was baring and thought to himself.

Izuku: 'She wants to ask me to not expel Ka-chan. But with everything she's learnt about his deeds, it'll be hipocritical for her to say anything, thus all she can do is prostate herself in the hopes it'll help allow Ka-chan to stay. Afterall, at the end of the day she is still his mother.'

Izuku let out a shaky breath as he forced Mitsuki to stand before sitting her down on the chair and spoke. 

Izuku: "Aunty Mitsuki. Please never lower your head to me. Your not in the wrong here. I'll allow Katsuki to stay."

Mitsuki nodded gratefully as she sobbed tears of relief thanking him over and over again. Even when Izuku continued. 

Izuku: "Only if Katsuki apologises instead."

Izuku's word's shocked Katsuki as he instinctively yell. 


Izuku for the first time since the meeting began looked Katsuki directly in his eye's causing him to flinch slightly as Izuku spoke harshly.

Izuku: "YOUR MOTHER BOWED FOR YOU! SHE LOWERED HER HEAD FOR HER OWN SON WHEN SHE ISN'T EVEN THE ONE MOST AT FAULT HERE! AND YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE THE ABILITY TO BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT SHE'S DONE?! All I'm asking for from you is simply a genuine apology and then you may continue your studies here. Does seeing your own mother bow her own head to a boy many years younger than her for her sons own mistake mot good enough for you to just say sorry? Is your mother embarrassing herself infront of us all not good enough for you? Do you want her to bow to me infront of the whole school before you finally say two words. Just two word's is all it takes for everything to move on. Or are you so prideful that seeing your own mother humiliate herself makes you angry at her? It's because she loves you that she's wiling to endure such humiliation!"

Katsuki: "*Grrr!*"

Izuku looked dissaspointed with Katsuki as he spoke coldly. 

Izuku: "Now why are you growling at me you rabid dog. Get on the floor and apologise. Get in the same position your mother was in previously. Show me that you truly care for her by prostrating yourself before me."

Everyone in the room was surprised and even taken aback at Izuku's sudden harshness. However, It seems to be working as Katsuki slowly and very reluctantly got into the dogeza position prostrating himself before Izuku. With gritted teeth, he mumbled.

Katsuki: "*mumble* I'm sorry" 

Izuku: "What was that? Speak louder Katsuki."

Bakugo: "*Grrr!* I'm sorry."

Izuku: "Again. I want a reply from a human being, and not some prideful rabid dog whose ego is bigger than the size of his explosions."

Izuku's cold words caused Katsuki to get really angry making him growl louder. Izuku took notice of this as he spoke. 

Izuku: "Do you want your mother to help you apologise properly? How dissapointing that the "Future Number One" is so prideful he would rather have his own mother prostate, lower her head and humiliate herself just because your too much of an animal too. If all you know how to do is growl like a rabid animal, I think your more deserving of being placed in a zoo than a hero school."

Izuku's words caused Katsuki to finally give in and apologise properly.


Izuku: "Much better. Principal Nezu. I want to allow Katsuki Bakugo's Punishment be lifted and he may continue his hero career here at UA."

P.Nezu: "Very well then. As young Izuku has requested it, Katsuki Bakugou will be allowed to continue his studies here at UA. However, Katsuki Bakugo, and Izuku Midoriya, you will both undergo therapy, and Katsuki will also take anger management classes as well. And depending on the results, the staff will vote on rather he will be permanently suspended or not"

Mitsuki hugged Izuku tightly thanking him over and over again causing his face to begin turning blue from lack of oxygen. Mitsuki eventually let him go before apologising to Inko profusely. The older Midoriyas heart was simply too soft. She forgave Mitsuki her best friend, but felt conflicted about rather she should forgive her best friends son as well. Eventually, both Mitsuki and Inko left with their kid's as Aizawa questioned.

Aizawa: "Was that wise of you to do Nezu? You know what will happen when the public finds out about this don't you?"

P.Nezu: "I'm well aware. But we'll be painting him as a victim of society. Though there was obviously alot of trouble he's caused, it'll also be great publicity when we decide to help out Katsuki and Izuku. But I must admit Izuku Midoriya's dramatic change in personality was very amusing to watch."

Aizawa: "Yet that bravado only appears for others and not himself."

P.Nezu: "Moving on. Toshinori, you'll also be temporarily suspended of your job as a teacher of UA due to not taking precautions when you noticed Katsuki Bakugo about to unleash that big attack within a confined space against a fellow student who is also your successor."

All Might nodded his head and deflated back into his Toshinori form before apologising. 

Toshinori: "Yeah. I got beaten up by granny Chiyo the moment she was told what happened."

Aizawa: "Also. Toshinori, I'd recommend you talk to Izuku's mother about just how he got his quirk. Because you should understand that as of right now, everytime he uses his quirk, he destroys his body. And I don't think it'll be easier to convince her about the Fate of every One For All user if her son has to constantly go to the hospital after using his quirk."

Toshinori became solemn at Aizawa's word's. Twelve years ago proof that All For One was still alive came from those monster's that attacked the Gremory household. At first he refused to believe it, but he remembered how All For One was the only person capable of granting quirks that would've made a powerful enough army to attack the Gremory manor. 

Toshinori: "I'll think about it."

-(Scene Break)-

Within the Midoriya family car, Izuku was trembling as he muttered extremely quickly. 


Right at the moment they left UA, Izuku's sudden confidence vanished in an instant, leaving a mumbling mess. Sirzechs watched the scene in amusement as he thought to himself whilst lazing in the library. 

Sirzechs: 'How interesting. The boy's quirk isn't even his own, but rather All Mights? And then there's the name, one for all huh? And it seems like there's a fated rivalry with someone with a similar quirk. How cliché.'

Sirzechs got off the bean couch he was sitting on and dissappeard to continue his training within the alternative space.

-(Scene End)-

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