Reborn as klaus Mikaelson at the beginning of Originals

Reborn as klaus mikaleson at the beginning of the show originals. Read as this new klaus while still vicious, merciless and manipulative, however, more calm, not prone to anger and attains everyhignt he original klaus wanted, family and loyalty. no harem,

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Plotted against!

Haley was in her new room at the compound, slowly unpacking until she heard a noise. When she turned around, she saw Klaus leaning against the door frame with his iconic smirk.

"How do you like your new room?" Klaus asked.

Haley's eyes met Klaus's, and they gazed at each other before Haley noticed she hadn't answered him yet and quickly looked away. "I love it," she said awkwardly. "It even has a fireplace."

Klaus smiled and slowly walked into the room closer to Haley. "Yes, it used to be Kol's old room. I'm sure he won't mind," Klaus said as he walked towards the window and looked out. "You even have a view watching over the city. They often play soft jazz at night, which can be heard from here," said Klaus, almost reminiscing.

Haley gave a soft smile while looking at Klaus's back. "Yes... thank you for doing all of this for... for the baby," Haley said, almost whispering the last part as she looked down at her stomach, gently rubbing it. "She is very lucky to have you as a father."

Klaus slowly looked back, observing Haley with a thoughtful and conflicted expression. He slowly walked towards her without her noticing until she felt a gentle hand on her cheek, slowly pushing her head upwards, forcing her to meet Klaus's firm yet gentle eyes.

"Haley..." Klaus started, looking deep into her eyes, knowing it would get her attention as he rarely ever called her by her name unless something important was to be said. "This... all this... it's not just for the baby," Klaus said while gently stroking her cheek with his thumb, slowly closing the gap as he leaned in, followed by Haley subconsciously. "Haley, I..."

"KLAUS, GET DOWN HERE! IT'S IMPORTANT" Rebekah yelled, almost making the house shake, yet neither of them choosing to take a step back, to look away.

"KLAUS!" Rebekah screamed once again, this time forcing Klaus to bite his lip to not blow up in front of Haley.

Haley just sighed. "You should probably..." Haley started before Klaus cut her off in a tone of annoyance but somehow still gentle.

"Yes... I know..." Klaus sighed, looking down before once again meeting her gaze and brushing her cheek one more time before starting to walk out.

"Someone is fucking plotting against me..." were his final thoughts as he exited Haley's room, leaving Haley in her own conflicted thoughts.

"FINALLY! What took you so long?" Rebekah asked annoyed while reaching out her arm holding a file with several pictures in it. - i need your help to decide the decor for...

Klaus simply took a deep breath, refusing to answer in fear of not being able to control himself as he would tear her apart.

(The next day)

Hayley was sitting in the middle of the compound peacefully, and as she did, she saw Klaus sitting opposite her, also opening a book and starting to read. They would often steal glances at each other, both thinking about the conversation that took place yesterday, or rather, that was to take place.

Hayley was very happy currently. Ever since she moved into the compound, she felt even more at home. Marcel, Rebekah, and Klaus were always doting on Hayley, and Davina was around like a little sister to her.

"Hey Hayley, I did a little more digging about the crescent curse, and I think I am getting close to it," informed Davina.

She had been made aware of the crescent curse by Marcel on the day they moved in. He explained to her that the wolves can only become human during the full moon. Hayley didn't like the fact that the wolves were trapped in their bodies but tried not to judge yet before having a conversation with Marcel.

Klaus furrowed his brows as he heard this. Davina was a very talented witch, something she had already proven herself on numerous occasions. Klaus knew that at this pace, Davina would be able to reverse the curse of the wolves by the next full moon.

He knew Haley wanted to help out her pack, and while they did play a part in Klaus's plan, Klaus felt this was too early. His and his family's relationship with Haley had not yet reached the point he wanted to, where he would feel comfortable bringing back the wolves, especially Jackson.

He didn't want her to be left in the middle, torn between Mikaelsons and pack of dogs. In fact, he would much prefer if she chose them and gave Jackson a good kick in the dog-parts... or maybe a few kicks... something his sister from his former life would much appreciate.

He had contemplated just having him killed, but he wanted Haley to be in a position where she would choose him, strengthening their relationship and her loyalty to him rather than Klaus just manipulating the situation.

Hayley had also tried to go and visit the wolves during the full moon, but Klaus had forbidden it, saying that it was not safe in her pregnant state. She was against this, but she saw that Klaus was truly worried about her, so she finally gave in, especially when he argued that given the length of time they have remained in their wolf form, they may not be in complete control of themselves and would endanger her and the baby more.

"Thanks, Davina," said Hayley, smiling towards her.

Then the two women heard a phone ringing. It was Klaus's. "Hello Elijah," started Klaus. "Alright, I will be right there."

"You going out?" asked Hayley. She had become used to Klaus's presence and always felt lonely whenever he wasn't there. She actually felt annoyed that he could make her feel that way.

"No, I am just helping my brother get something in," replied the hybrid.

Klaus went outside, and then he and Elijah came back in with a wooden coffin.

"Okay, now that I've helped you get this inside, care to explain what's in it?" asked Klaus curiously.

"Not what? Who?" spoke Elijah. "The lead you had received about a powerful witch, well, it turns out she is in a coma and will be like that for almost a year."

"Shit!" Klaus thought. He knew Freya would be under Dahlia's spell but was unaware that she would remain in this state for another whole year. Klaus needed a powerful witch he could trust to carry out his plans in a few months, and now this would be a severe setback. Then a thought popped into Klaus's mind. "How do you know she will wake in a year?"

"The thing is when I saw her in this state, I was about to walk away and come back, but then I thought to try to wake her by going into her mind. I learnt about this through that," responded Elijah.

Klaus got curious when he heard that. "Did you find out anything else?"

Elijah just stood there with his lips pressed. Everyone in the room started to get curious.

"Elijah?" asked Hayley, whose patience was starting to run out.

"Let Marcel and Rebekah arrive, then I will explain everything."