Reborn as klaus Mikaelson at the beginning of Originals

Reborn as klaus mikaleson at the beginning of the show originals. Read as this new klaus while still vicious, merciless and manipulative, however, more calm, not prone to anger and attains everyhignt he original klaus wanted, family and loyalty. no harem,

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Villain reeps the benefits of Hero

After the battle, all the vampires who participated in Thierry's betrayal were sent to the garden, while those who remained by Marcel's side and showed their loyalty were rewarded by cleaning up the mess.

Thierry, the one who orchestrated and betrayed Marcel, was made an example of. Klaus, after ripping off both his arms and legs, had some vampires take him and put him on a stick in the middle of the garden. He was also hooked up to a blood IV so he would be conscious and aware of his pain. His constant screams and prayers for death served as a warning to anyone who would harbor any delusions of revenge or plots against the Mikaelsons.

Marcel was looking around at all the dead bodies, the faces of people he once believed were his friends, ones he could trust to have his back.

"Are you feeling alright?" Rebekah asked as she came into the room to check on Marcel.

"Yeah," Marcel said with a sigh. "It's not the first time... I just thought I had surrounded myself with people I could trust, ones that would have my back."

Rebekah looked at Marcel, understanding his pain. "Betrayal is always the hardest blow because it's one that you never see coming, one that not even your worst enemy can ever hope to deliver."

Marcel looked at Rebekah, remembering well the quote Klaus would often tell him when he was a child. "Friends, enemies, allies are all circumstantial, while family is forever and always," Marcel replied with another quote he learned from his adoptive father.

A heavy silence settled between them, filled with memories of past struggles, fights, and heartbreaks, but also the ones of laughter, joy, and even happiness. All the good and bad, but no matter what, they yet stood together.

"You know," Marcel began, breaking the silence with a thoughtful tone, "I realize those lessons from Klaus were not just about survival. They were about knowing who truly stands with you when the world falls apart. Who will come for you at the time of need, even if we had a falling out."

Marcel looked at Rebekah with great affection and determination. "I want you all to move back," Marcel said. "This was once your home... our home, and I need people in my life that I can trust, people I know, no matter what, will have my back to rule at my side."

Rebekah was surprised by Marcel's suggestion but gave a bright smile. "I will let Klaus know."

"Where is he anyway?" Marcel asked, looking around, not having seen him since the end of the battle.

"Oh... he is just tying up a few loose ends," Rebekah replied with a smirk of her own.

(In the woods)

Tyler Lockwood was running through the woods while making sure he was not being followed. After a few more minutes, he arrived at his destination, greeted by a man covered in darkness.

"I trust all went well?" the man asked, and a grin appeared on Tyler's face.

"It all went as you had predicted," Tyler replied. "The vampires under your control had already sown enough fear and paranoia among vampires, and Marcel joining back with the Mikaelsons. That, combined with the little theater they set up talking about how Marcel was going to give back the crown in return for rejoining the family..., a conversation Thierry's little witch girlfriend coincidentally picked up on, put them all right at the edge," Tyler explained as his smile grew bigger.

"Of course, he still had some doubts as he is the most loyal to Marcel and has stood by his side since the very beginning, but once I revealed the baby and its power to create hybrids... the straw that broke the camel's back comes to mind. Once he was convinced, the others quickly followed."

The man hiding in the darkness listened patiently to Tyler's explanation before coming out of the darkness with his iconic Klaus Mikaelson smirk.

"You have done well... better than I had expected," Klaus said before grabbing his throat and looking into his eyes. "Now I need you to return to the Scooby gang and your little friend Caroline. You will be the perfect boyfriend... patient, understanding, forgiving. Basically, wiggle your tail at her every request, understood?"

"Yes, of course," Tyler replied before Klaus continued.

"You will also keep me informed on the matters of Elena and Damon. I want to know exactly when Bonnie returns from the Prison world with Damon, and I also need you to befriend the two siphon witches, as they play an important part in my plans. No one is to know, and you are only to inform me, as I explained, to ensure no one gets suspicious."

"Understood," Tyler said with great difficulty as Klaus was holding his throat.

"And the other matter?" Klaus asked, slightly easing his hold.

"I compelled them all, and they are waiting for your instructions," replied Tyler.

"Good boy, now run along and don't disappoint," Klaus said, and without waiting for an answer, threw Tyler several meters before vamp-speeding away.


Marcel left to check up on Davina and Hayley, to inform them of everything that has taken place. Rebekah remained in the compound, looking over the cleanup and thinking of all the renovations that needed to take place.

She was instructing everyone until she heard her phone ringing, seeing it was Elijah. "Hello, big brother, where have you been all this time?" Rebekah answered.

"Hello, sister, I trust you and Niklaus have not set the city on fire yet?" Elijah replied sarcastically.

"Nothing like that, so did anything happen, and where are you right now? You've been gone for almost a week," asked Rebekah. She was actually expecting Elijah to return before Klaus did, so she was a little worried when her brother didn't return.

"No need to worry, sister, I have just been busy learning the identity of the witch Niklaus had told me to fetch. Turns out the strong magical presence that our brother was informed about was related to us."

"What do you mean?" asked Rebekah curiously. "I will explain it to you when I get there," replied Elijah.

"And when will that be?" asked Rebekah, sounding annoyed as she was getting frustrated with the secrecy. "Perhaps by tomorrow evening or the following morning."

"Okay then, do not arrive at the Plantation House but to the compound; we all would have moved by then," stated the original vampire.

Elijah raised an eyebrow, "Why are we moving there?" - I'll explain it to you when you get here," replied Rebekah, amused.

(Plantation House)

Marcel had caught up both Hayley and Davina on the recent events that occurred when Klaus walked into the house. Marcel turned around to see him.

"I assume you took care of Tyler Lockwood?" asked the vampire.

"Yes, what are you all discussing?" replied Klaus.

"Marcel was explaining to us about everything that happened and us moving to the compound," replied Hayley, causing Klaus to look at Marcel in surprise and suspicion.

"Compound?" Klaus simply asked.

"Yes, I would like for you all to move back so we can all rule together. I would like people around me, people I know will have my back even if we had a falling out."

Klaus gave a smile, hearing what Marcel was saying, trying not to scoff at how he described 'a little falling out'.

He had the entire family believing he was dead, murdered by their own father, each mourning him for centuries. He had abandoned the woman he so confidently proclaimed to love, the father who saved him, raised him. An entire family who taught him and welcomed him into their life, into their family. He also did not care much for how, after everything, Marcel kept saying what he needed and what he wanted.

Klaus went towards Marcel and reached his hand out, and Marcel took it without hesitation. "It would be my honor to rule by your side, little warrior."

Marcel was happy that his father figure had agreed to his offer, and so he went on to explain to all of them about moving to the compound and how it would be done.

"I suggest Davina move in too," stated Klaus, which made everyone turn to him. "It cannot be safe for her in that church anymore, and with us there, no one will even dare the thought of harming her."

"I actually was wondering the same thing, what do you think, D?" asked Marcel.

"Yeah, I would like that," responded Davina, to which the two men smiled.

"Also, Klaus, I will take my old room since I was using yours, and I would presume you want yours back?"

"Your assumption would be correct, Marcellus," replied Klaus with a smirk.

"Which room do I get?" asked Hayley.

"I think the room next to Klaus is available; you can stay there," spoke Marcel. Marcel got a feeling that something was going on between Klaus and Hayley due to their casual glances, so he felt this was a good opportunity to nudge them towards each other.

Hayley imagined being in the room next to Klaus. She had been living in the same house as him, but she was at the far end of the hall, away from his room. As she was imagining different scenarios that could happen due to the close proximity, her eyes met with Klaus's, and she blushed as her eyes immediately went down. Klaus smiled at her reaction.

"Okay, it's settled; we should go to the compound right away. A few people will get the essentials to the compound tonight, and the rest will be brought by tomorrow," informed Marcel as he got up.

Klaus sat down on the couch, thinking about everything that had recently taken place. He was far more pleased than he had thought.

With the betrayal he had orchestrated, he not only got rid of all the vampires that were against him, but also those who would prove to be a future threat. Those who remained were not only trustworthy and loyal to Marcel, but now Klaus would also have their loyalty and gratitude for saving their lives and the city. It also made controlling the city easier as Marcel was still in charge. While he may yet wield the crown and rule at the side of the Mikaelsons, everyone knows who would truly be in charge.

Klaus was yet wary of Marcel but would await his final judgment depending on the prophecy to come. For now, he would serve him well to keep the city in check while Klaus focused on more important matters. If everything went according to his plan, no prophecy, not even Mother Nature, would be able to do a damn thing.