reborn as harry potter with a Naruto system

anime fan reborn into harry potter body

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chapter one awaken

System, bonding with host

welcome to Ur new life as harry potter (new bloodline unlocked uchiha)

this allows you to unlock the sharingan this change your eyes to red with a tomie which are unlocked through intense emotions

and one starter pack

harry pov....

Well that's good that I can unlock the sharinganI suppose it's more helpful than the bykuguan let's see what I have for a starter pack opening your,starter pack contains.

there basic academy jutsu

fireball jutsu

25 shuriken and kunai that will,restock every 24 hours one shinobi academy training manual.

clothes with the uchiha crest and one free common jutsu ticket and a free clothes packet ticket

the clothes packet ticket let's u pick a free set of clothes from the Naruto series

jutsu ticket let's u but one c or b rank jutsu for free and the last one being a kakashi style face mask ...

alright it' appears that Dudley birthday will be in two months so I have fair amount of time to practice god I wish I could have gotten the shadow clone jutsu sighing in draft right first thing first get rid of the glasses don't need these anymore I say taking them first training plan practice.my chackra control tree walking first I suppose or the leaf exorcise since well I am not sure Thiers anywhere I won't get noticed defying gravity if attempt tree walking just now

system fully integrated I recommend host uses the artificial training ground. This can be used once per day an upgrade will be provided once u reach level ten

would u like to use training ground

yes/no I clicking on the yes option I see myself

appearing inside a lush forest area with a pond I recognized this as being the team seven training ground my first task

Is the bell test steal the bells from kakashi)

rewards icha icha paradise a set of bells and a training session with kakashi at the start of Naruto

beginning in three two one

getting into a read a stance I rush to attack kakashi but he dodged with a tilt of his body then kicks his leg out sending me a few feet back (snake oxe boar) fire style fire ball jutsu

A ball of flame comes spewing out my mouth aiming right at him as he goes to dodge I go to swipe the bells just barley touching as I had jum out the way of a kick and gaining distance I look around searching around looking up above I hear him under neath you and feel myself getting pulled down dam it a sigh (well your are quite skilled but since your still still new to this shinobi or system thing you got a bit overconfident kakashi says you talks I say in suprise...well of course I can talk I am human think of as the Ur system showing you what this current kakashi knows and feels something along the lines of the version a hatake kakashi u admire so much but not quite the original version it will be the same for the others that u will eventually unlock through our time together such as u may encounter) cool thanks for explaining it to me I flaring my chakra ato break out I rush throwing three kunai towards him which he dodged as predicted going through my hand sings agian I aim my fire ball jutsu towards the ground creating a smoke and using it to grab a bell

mission completed

here are your regards

1 icha icha paradise

2hour training session with kakashi hatake

a set of bells used for the team seven exercise) alright I exclaim with enthusiasm I guess that's it for today I turn around around and wave bye to kakashi he simply eye smile and sends me a thumbs up

appreining inside my bedroom covers i sigh stretch and go for a nap

(end) note I am a fairly new writer so don't expect this to be a master (plus I don't really have an upload schedule it's more hey I feel like writing a chapter and boom u get a new chapter) have a nice day/night