Reborn as Hades In PJO

An OC-insert into the Greek God of the Underworld in the Percy Jackson universe.

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I've seen a couple of people asking who im going to choose as a pairing, and the only decision I could come to is that it would be a single pairing but deciding who it would be is were im struggling so im just gonna list a bunch of potential options and let people vote.

Persephone the Dread Queen: Despite popular belief Persephone isn't the Goddess of the Spring, rather this was a title bestowed upon her because Persephone' return from the Underworld symbolized the lessening of Demeter' wrath, leading to the ending of winter and the coming of spring. There are some versions of the mythos having Persephone predating Hades as a ruler of the Underworld by at least a thousand years and giving credit to the belief that the creation of Hades was most likely used as a way to make all the big three male. Persephone also has a lot of stories of her passing judgment on mortals she either favored or hated. Persephone unlike Hades was ruled by her emotions often making her capable of acting without thinking and being capable of being manipulated. This made people who sort something from the underworld only making their attempts when Persephone was present. Persephone was an exceedingly gorgeous Goddess, she was so beautiful her mother Demeter would hide her away from Olympus in fear of her fellow Gods reaction to it. Described as having the form of a tall young woman with an beautiful but pale face, her hair was dark and long that curled and flowed as if it was weightless. When within the Underworld her eyes took the color of an dying flower and held a haunted quality, whilst when in the overworld they shone with a healthy green glow like a flower during the bloom of spring.

Hecate the Queen of Witches: The Daughter of the Titans Perses and Asteria, Hecate was the Titan Goddess of Magic, The Mist, Crossroads, Necromancy, the Night and Moon. Often depicted as wearing a flowing black gown and surrounded by her Familia, Hecate has two physical depictions in Ancient times she was depicted carrying twin torches burning with a green hellish flame, whilst having three heads each depicting the morning, noon and night. In modern times Hecate is described as having glowing green eyes that swirled with power, luscious dark hair that barely came to her shoulders. Her face was the vision of a Goddess beauty with alluring pale skin and features described as being ageless. And surrounded with a greenish aura that radiated strength.

Nemesis the Vengeful: A daughter of Nyx and Erebus, Nemesis is the Goddess of Balance, Retribution and Vengeance. When viewed by immortals Nemesis has short, curly black hair and eyes that burnt with molten gold. However to mortal eyes she appears as however they wish to take vengeance on. 

Styx the Oathkeeper: One of the many daughters of Oceanus and Tethys, an embodiment of one of the five rivers of the underworld. Styx is symbolized as the keeper of Oaths and also a giver of the curse of the river Styx granting the bear near invulnerability(If Mortal). Styx cannot leave the boundaries of her river and similar to her Protogenoi grandparents takes a form that is effected by her domain, with ebony long hair that wafted in the currents of her river, with sublime features that are shrouded with the waters of the Styx, her eyes were holes of obsidian that radiated authority. During the Titanomachy Styx betrayed her husband Pallas and sided with the Gods giving her children Zelus the Zeal, Nike the Victorious, Bia the Force and Kratos the Strength to be Zeus' honor guard.


Just a couple of pairing options and background info on what they will look and possibly act like if chosen.

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