Reborn as Hades In PJO

An OC-insert into the Greek God of the Underworld in the Percy Jackson universe.

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Domain Explanations:

King of The Underworld: Being the ruler of the Underworld allows Hades free will on how the Underworld operates and the ability to determine its terrain and infrastructure. It also will enable Hades to rule over all Beings related to the Underworld, allowing him to strip those who are disloyal or need punishment of their divinity(If it is related to his nature or relies on his realm). This is the same authority both Poseidon and Zeus have over their territories. This also means Hades is the only one capable of granting domains related to the Underworld, making him capable of giving Godhood to those he chooses. Because the walls of the Underworld are made up of Erebus(The protogenoi of darkness and mist), Hades is given some control over shadows and darkness. This ability is strengthened when he is within the Underworld itself. 

God of The Dead: As the Greco-Roman Lord of the Dead, Hades has complete control and dominion not only over the dead; this does not make him the God of Death, so he is not the bringer of death but rather the one in charge of determining one's destination once they have arrived in the Underworld, Hades has free reign in deciding where someone gets placed as well as what their punishment will be. This also allows Hades to revive the dead; however, it isn't something he would do lightly as it is seen as an insult to his domain. This also causes Hades to give off an aura of death that is found eerie and terrifying for not only mortals but also immortals due to the fact it is something they, as immortal beings, should not be able to experience; this has led to most immortals find being in Hades' presence uncomfortable and leads them to be distrusting. Hades also has substantial control over one's soul and can even manipulate the souls of lesser immortals.

God of Riches: Hades is granted dominion over all the precious metals beneath the Earth. This gives him excellent material wealth and makes him the one people pray to when hoping for riches. This domain also allows Hades to manipulate those seeking material wealth for his gain. Those of great wealth will pray to Hades to maintain their great fortune. This has earned Hades the moniker The Rich One. This domain also grants Hades a measure of control over the Earth, specifically minerals and hard metals. 

God of Divination: This Divinity grants Hades a measured view of past, present, and possible future events. Being one of the few beings capable of affecting and viewing fate gives Hades a power that most Gods respect and fear while maintaining their envy. Unlike his nephew Phoebus Apollo or his nieces, the Moriai, Hades can not directly affect fate's strings but views their possible outcomes and manipulates them to suit his needs. This power has also made Hades some people seeking ways of avoiding their perilous fates pray for guidance, hoping that Hades' good counsel will help them in their choices. This allows Hades to predict other people's actions and moves, making him a very infuriating person to fight even for an immortal fellow.

God of Forbidden Knowledge: Being the Deity responsible for holding forbidden knowledge, Hades is seen as a holder of both helpful and destructive expertise. Hades is known for using the allure of forbidden knowledge to lure people into servitude. Is Not only knowledge like lost magics and rituals part of Hade's domain but also any secrets or plots that may be occurring; this has led to Hades being prayed to by rulers and politicians in hopes of uncovering plots. Hades' domain over forbidden knowledge has led him to be considered one of the wisest of the Gods and often seen as the Patron of Secrets.

Just a brief explanation on how Hades domains work and what sort of power's and responsiblities that come with them.

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