Reborn as Adam Taurus

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What is Reborn as Adam Taurus

Read ‘Reborn as Adam Taurus’ Online for Free, written by the author Zhepr, This book is a others Fanfic, covering Fanfiction, Fan Fiction, Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Juno Watanabe, an average 30-year-old salaryman woke up one morning after getting drunk in the body of Adam Taurus, one ...


Juno Watanabe, an average 30-year-old salaryman woke up one morning after getting drunk in the body of Adam Taurus, one of the antagonists in the RWBY Series. How will he survive in this Grimm infested world and what path will he choose? ________________________________________________ Hey guys, I'm Zhepr and this is my first time ever creating an original story so please be gentle with me. I'll try to improve and listen to the feedback that you give. I'm also about to graduate High School so I won't be able to post that much, but I will try to post every once and a while. Thank you guys and I hope you enjoy! ________________________________________________ Cover by ChronicPlane one Comic Vine (If you don't want me to use it just message me!) ________________________________________________

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I really like how your taking your time and not rushing the story like other people. I hope that you will continue with what you're doing and progressively build up to the canon storyline. Some things I really liked was how the MC is not finding things to make him op like the moment he steps into the world, not making the MC overpowered as hell and not giving him BS abilities that have no reason to be in the story as I find that stupid but its still entertaining so I guess its okay for most people. Some things I don't really like is that MC somehow still has the same Semblance as canon Adam because as far as I know the semblance depends on ones soul and since Adam isn't the same person I believe he shouldn't have canon Adams "Moonslice" but I don't really find it that distracting and can quickly get used to it. I hope this story continues until its done.


I think it will be better for a Single pairing, and with Weiss Schnee if you can. They're quite similar if you think about it. And that pairing could help with the goal that Weiss wanted to do to the SDC company, fixing it's work ethic. And the ensuing drama would be epic too. Why not Blake? Because it's repeatedly stated by Blake in the early Volume that her relationship with Adam is a student and mentor. But somehow that's all is thrown away and Adam is changed from a Terrorist leader that cares about his subordinates, to a pathetic psychotic yandere ex-boyfriend. And no, don't replace Jaune with Adam, that's just lazy writing. Instead what you should do is try to integrate Adam with the main character of RWBY without eclipsing the main character potential to grow as a character. My suggestion is, instead of having Adam joined the Beacon, just keep him in the White Fang. But instead of submitting fully to Cinder, he only joins her for the sake of his subordinates safety, (Just like in the series the first time Cinder meet him) to silently protect the RWBY main character from the cover of White Fang, and to wait patiently to backstab Cinder. (Preferably during the fall of Beacon, so that Pyrha can be saved). But the main character of RWBY including Blake didn't know this at first but will gradually understand Adam. This will make Adam W Taurus into a cool misunderstood anti hero like Itachi Uchiha, with the Intention of saving as many RWBY main character as possible. And I think that is the most suitable route for Adam. He will be the Anti hero to Ruby Heroism.


........................................................................ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hey, I really liked this story, keep up the good work!☺☺☺ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡Dont drop¡!!¡!!¡


Now i will be completely honest with you i suck at giving reviews, but i would like to say i really like this novel its not fast or slow just normal paced and the person development for adam i feel could be more defined but that can be done at a later date, and with my extremely small knowledge of RWBY fanfics i would say this novel is better than most of the novels i find besides two novels that are of such good quality like this one, so thank you for your effort in writing this novel.


Love this story. Has a lot of potential to be one of the best Adam fics out there. PLEASE update soon. It’s too good of a story to be left unfinished.


I'm the backup, commander! Here! More 5 stars for you to get into Star Realm (Basically having 10 reviews)! Hwusgwhdjwjjwjxkwjjdhhdujajhcudiwpqorfihdncnxnsncnxiwhbwjjfjwjwhjqkodoiwpp103urj1idjfowjwhwjfjosjqgwp2jdh


Reveal spoiler


This is an excellent fanfic, Adam fighting style and semblance was my favorite in rwby so i like that you took him as your mc and made some change to his character so that he won't be an asshole while keeping his seriousness and goal for equality. The story is very good so far and i like you pairing him with Blake. Thanks for the good fanfic.


Love it😍😍😍😍😍 Pls continue😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 seriously tho this is really great




It's too hard to find anymore good rwby fanfics , especially with adam as the MC , there are none , only jaune fics ( everybody is writing about him for some reason ) I'm extremly dissapointed thay this was dropped , it had so much potential If anyone is reading this , please help a brother out and recommend any rwby fanfic you know that has adam as the mc


Come on update please add new chapter don't drop this fanfic man its very good an new perspective new possibilities DON'T DROP! DON'T DROP! DON'T DROP! DON'T DROP! DON'T DROP! DON'T DROP!


This is a good fanfic it shows a new perspective on how will Adam Taurus could have been if he didn't go bat**** crazy at cannon and git ruined by not revealing much about him


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Please don't drop this it's a very good novel and please update more


good work! ..................................................................................................................................................................................................




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