32 Gork and Mork

Both Gork and Mork came to a solution after finishing beating the shit out of each other.

The solution was this stealth Dakka both of the brothers equip their ships with so much stealth generators and guns. They went beyond the borders of ridiculousness.

Both Gork and Mork are both satisfied with this resolved, and started to load up all the boys into the ships to fight the shiny boys, which they started calling their enemies.

With this simple action mark the beginning of the counter, attack of the old, one armies against the lord of cosmic light.

However, it will take several years for this little Armada to reach that territory, because both of the brothers failed to notice one thing that their ships did not have enough engines.

When they realized it when they were already in space, they did the next supremely stupid idiot. Brilliant thing they took omega, level, duct tape, and wrapped all the ships together to one is resulted in them calling the new ship the big wanker.

Every one of their boys were excited to the point where they started fighting each other both generals realize they would kill their own army by the time they reach the enemy, so they did the next big thing they brought a device that the old ones often use on them by pressing the big red button, produced a certain type of psychic frequency that made all the boys for sleep, except for the generals.


C'tan the Night bringer is Marshall He his forces to begin his counter attack against this new enemy that caught them off guard.

even merging some of the armies that were left over from his other siblings death.

Making his own army bigger, he swears to bring death to the entire universe, until every last star and soul is devoured.

His armies will swarm every world. He comes upon bring nothing but death however, as of late he has been very wary of his other brother to deceiver. He never knows what goes on in that creature's head.

Even the void dragon, the wisest of them is being very cautious now, but that does not matter. He is the death bringer, for he does not fear death, for he brings it.


The Forces of the lord of cosmic light continued to build defenses on the the world's that they took from both the old ones and the C'tan.

Towers are constructed mini defenses are built shrines are raised as well as their ships or prepare for possible counter attack from either side.

However, they have their orders they must quickly rectify as much defenses as they can. They cannot disappoint their Lord, or they may feel his wrath.

They even finish building a portal where they can constantly sending reinforcements to their positions.

The same is true with orbital supremacy some are portals built in space to bring in more of their ships resulting of increasing their mortal allies.

The dragon ogres have proven they're worth through the first stage of this war many of these ethereal's did not expect much from the mortals.


With the new faction in the war of heaven made the battlefields around the galaxy, more chaotic, forcing both the old ones and The C'tan Are forced to split there armies to deal with the new faction, leaving them with less forces, the fight each other with resulting in more stalemates than their war before making the war drag on for several millennia.

All three sides equally have one and lost something weather in territory in armies or in starships.

One thing is for certain the galaxy will never be the same the scars of this war Will run deep to the point where, even when countless millennia will pass after this war, those scars will remain as a constant reminder of what happens when greater powers do battle with each other.


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