Reborn As A Divine Saiyan

Cryptic_werelord · Anime & Comics
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5 Chs

First mission pt 1

When my mother , and I arrived. the other participants going on the mission. were already there waiting for me to arrive. We walked over to join the group, by the entrance to the spaceship. That will be bringing us to the planet we need to conquer. Once we were with the group. Two men in the local lord's military outfits came over. "congratulations young warrior's. This space ship is a s-60 military grade spaceship. That can warp through space..." The military man went on, and on about the ship. even gave us a tour explaining all the mechanisms on the ship. Only because it was his personal ship that he piloted, and pretty much told us to take care of his spaceship.

While the man was talking I was scanning my teammates power levels. There was two other participants. one girl, and another guy. The Guy was jacked like a body builder. wearing all black basic combat armor. on his upper body was a tank top like body armor. while he was wearing a black pair of leg armor conformed to his legs. With black boots. He had green eyes, and green hair, with a green tail. His ki felt stable but like it could explode at any second. While the girl was a head shorter than me. with similar hair, eye, and tail color. But her ki when I sensed it was more like the sun. scorching hot, and very dense.

Finally after explaining for almost 3 hours the guy wrapped everything up with all of us participants getting on the ship to leave. After getting on the ship with the other participants. we all went to a sleep Chamber, and got in it. Soon everyone was asleep, and the ship took off into the distant sky leaving the planet. After the spaceship left, the parents gathered together. "Good evening, Chilip." The mother that looked just like her daughter that left spoke. On the mission with me.

"Good afternoon, lereni." chilip said as she looked at lereni's husband, and greeted him too. "hopefully you're son isn't weak, and can fight. or my kids will leave him there to die." A big burly man who also had green hair said. "Don't worry Brolok. My son is stronger than both of you'r kids combined." Chilip said as she turned away triumphantly, and flew away. "we'll see about that." Brolok said as he, and is wife left.

...one month later our ship arrived at the new planet, and orbited the planet. Waking us up from our sleeping pods. The twins as I called them stepped out of their pods first. "awww this place is so beautiful, brother what do you think?" the girl asked. As her brother walked over beside her. looking outside the spaceships big bay window that was facing the planet."yes pretty." her brother said in the simplest way. "Hi, I'm Belirad Zucchini, Nice to meet you." I said after leaving my sleep pod. "Hi, I'm Arugula Broc, and this is my brother Berlee Broc. You can call me Aru, and my brother Ber." Aru said blatantly, as she responded back to me. "Okay I'll head out first, and test the inhabitants. I said as I approached the exit.

"No your weak. With your pitiful aura. you couldn't even fight a basic tier lifeform from this planet." Ber said as he faced me. Trying to intimidate me. "How about you fight me, and find out ber" I said as we stood toe to toe. you could see the sparks from our auras colliding. "Enough you two! we have bigger problems, we got a group of three coming towards us!" Aru said angrily at us boys. "Ship command land on the planet" I said as I approached the exit with Ber, and Aru. As the ship landed I could sense the life forms approaching us. They didn't seem to strong, but I could tell they were hiding their strength. because there was minor fluctuations in their ki. From holding back their strength. After landing the ship door folded outward then extended to the ground.

I walked out first then the twins came after giving a intimidating appearance as we left the ship. Soon I saw the alien like beings that were one solid color. They were bigger with purple,dark green, and yellow hues for their skin. they had antenna like hair on their heads. that had a colored gem on the ends of their antenna. "Why are you here foreigners?" Asked one of the beings. "we're here to take over your planet surrender to us, and we'll only enslave you." Ber said as his ki jumped up a little bit to intimidate the beings.

"You take over our planet. our master is stronger than all three of you combined." one with a purple gem on it's antenna said. before raising his power level a little bit too. "I Belirad Have sensed your leader's power. he is just slightly more powerful than my father. I know he wont be able to handle all of us at once." Belirad said with confidence as he strode forward closer to the new beings. "Now tell me more about your planet." Belirad demanded as he stood in front of the one he deemed as the leader of the group. "you'll never get any information out of us." Their leader said as his power started to rise. "Get ready twins their gonna fight us!!" Belirad said as he rose his power level to match the leader.

'It can't be possible sayien youths with this much power. Bido go to master at once and warn him of the intruders.' The leader ordered telepathicly as Bido the one with the purple gem left immediately. Before the battle commenced. "Aru you can take out the runner." Belirad said, as He, and the leader who where closest to each other clashed. together causing minor shockwaves to rustle the grass around them. Soon all of them were locked in battle. Another of these strange beings was off in the distance on a tree that reached the stars, with azure pine needles. staring towards the direction of the fight. After a minute of staring the man disappeared from the branches of the tree...