Rebirth: Revenge to Love Book

Rebirth: Revenge to Love


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"Any unwanted episode which can change one's whole life is always a catastrophe." Such a tragedy happened with Elizabeth Smith. She is a naive and kind girl and appears from a prosperous family. She got deceived by her best friend and her so-called husband. They both manipulated her mental state so well that she believes them entirely. She has no one other than them. After they got what they wanted, they make her disappear from earth and their life as trash. "No, it can't happen please......" It seems that the heavens pitied her nativity and bestowed her last heart desire. Like all of a sudden, something supernatural occurs she heads back to the moment where it all began. She swears to get avenge on the bi*ch and cheater but accidentally she fell into someone's else love trap. "Let's catch up on what happens then!" ...... ..... .... ... .. . **Cover page belongs to respective owner** (Volume is based on the writer's fantasy: Parental guidance required some verses are not good for minors.)


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