32 Paragon Magus

*In the 20 minutes prior to Lyrian and his family leaving the testing room.*

Lyrian's parents stood beside him, beaming with pride and amazement. They knew their son was special, but this exceeded even their wildest expectations.

"You-- you're a paragon magus! You hold control of all four major magical elements! This... I have to report this immedia--" The bewildered examiner said before beginning to fiddle with his coat to retrieve a communication device to relay this information.

"Wait! Stop that now!" Rosa suddenly said, seeing what the examiner was trying to do.

"What? But why ma'am? This is amazing news. No, this cannot be defined by such petty words... a paragon magician is like a god!" The man spoke, not being able to contain his astonishment.

"That is precisely why this information cannot be released... our family is already targeted within this city as you know. We don't want our boy to be targeted even more in the future." Rosa said as Grasus joined in.

"We are more proud of our son than words can express but seeing another's success will lure many envious eyes who wish to crush that winner's glory for their own sake. My son is not going to be a victim of that." He said sternly, causing the examiner to lower his communication device.

Before this, Lyrian didn't if whether to hide his power or not, but it looked like his parents had already made the decision.

Of course, he wasn't going to simply obey everything they said just like that. If he deemed it was beneficial to showcase his power, then he would do so, since in the end what is beneficial to him is beneficial to his family.

However, currently, their reasoning was solid enough for him to listen to them.

"How do you know that I will keep this information to myself?" The examiner questioned.

"We do not know that, we only have the option to trust you... will you plea--" Before Grasus could finish, Lyrian interjected.

"You said yourself that a paragon magician is like a god, no? Would you want that god to be against you?"

The examiner paused, realizing that although he held some power at the current moment when it came to this conversation, soon, he would not.

'This boy is truly a paragon magus. He will likely go on to be close-knitted with the kingdom and possess extreme power... I wouldn't want to have an enemy like that.' He thought to himself.

"If you keep this information to yourself, I personally give you my word that in the future, you and I will be friends." Lyrian confidently stated.

Being friends with a kid wasn't something that many would consider a prize of any sort, but the examiner knew how much value was behind those words.

"Alright! I accept! My name is Galdro Murus, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." The examiner quickly said before slightly bowing his head. "If you have any questions or requests for me, I will be happy to fulfill them."

Hearing this satisfied both of Lyrian's parents, putting a smile on their faces as they looked at each other, impressed by their son's wordplay.

The next moments were spent learning about what exactly a paragon magician was, and also some other basic information that had to be relayed to Lyrian for passing the exam.

By the end, he also received a small silver plate with words inscribed on it that read "Pass: Fire"

*Present moment.*

Many amazed sounds and faces of awe mixed with shock were cast all across the room as people heard of Lyrian's victory in the test.

As Lyrian and his family walked across the room to exit, the three rookie adventurers from before couldn't help but lower their heads in shame, not being able to face the Theagelds any longer.

It looked like they had their fair share of embarrassment for the day and didn't want to continue to dig a deeper hole of cringe for themselves.

As Lyrian and his family left the adventurers guild, Glis Silandra watched from a distance, her eyes narrowed with a mix of awe and determination.

The arrogance that once radiated from her had been slightly tempered by Lyrian's power. At that moment, a seed of respect was planted within her, alongside a fierce desire to surpass him.

For Lyrian, his preparation for the exam consisted of training and learning, but he couldn't become as prepared as he had hoped since the entrance exam to Anaviotis was different each and every year.

Still, he did what he could. Now, all that there was left to do was to wait until the day that the upcoming entrance exam finally arrived.

(Important Author Note: Lyrian can/could use the basic elemenst as soon as he had/has mana. However, he can not cast spells. He hasn't learned them yet.)

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