Rebirth Of The Strongest Worldsmith

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What is Rebirth Of The Strongest Worldsmith

Read Rebirth Of The Strongest Worldsmith novel written by the author WriterTheos on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, system, magic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


(NOT DISCONTINUED) *Ding* [Congratulations! You have created a new world!] Lyrian Theageld's rebirth shattered the chains of his nightmarish past. In a fantasy realm, he seizes a second chance, determined to forge an identity and escape victimhood. Armed with a unique ability to create skills and magic, Lyrian embarks on a relentless quest for power. His journey intertwines with self-discovery, leading to epic battles, formidable companions, and the conquest of vast empires. Will his unwavering resolve propel him to the pinnacle of triumph, or will the pursuit of power cast him adrift in an endless struggle? Only time will unveil the answer. [---------------------------------] Lyrian won't be your typical hero or lone wolf MC. Even when you think his character is fully developed, he won’t stop changing until far later on. He will be an antihero in the future, and much more. Enjoy each personality while it lasts. There will be a point in time where the mc personality will completely change in a certain way. [---------------------------------] The first two chapters can be considered prologues. They are darker than following chaps, but this novel doesn't have a DARK tag just because of that. No spoilers. The novel will get better after the entrance exams end. I want to preface this because as this is my first contracted novel, I am still learning and improving. Although, I wouldn't consider it bad at any point. [---------------------------------] There will be no harem whatsoever in this novel, and when it comes to romance, it will be scarce, if not completely invisible until 500+ chapters. If you want to see clear and full cover then look at it through the website. The mobile app distorts and blurs the cover. [---------------------------------] Vote for extra chapters and if you want to support the novel further Castle = 1 Bonus Chapter, Spaceship = 3 Bonus Chapters, Golden Gachapon = 5 Bonus Chapters. 100 GT = 1 Bonus Chapter 500 PS = 1 Bonus Chapter Lets hit that WINWIN goal! Each goal hit = 1 extra chapter Top 25 WINWIN = 30% discount on all tiers Top 10 WINWIN = 40% discount on all tiers Top 5 WINWIN = 50% discount on all tiers Top 1 WINWIN = 80% discount on all tiers Thanks! [---------------------------------] Discord: https://discord.gg/dyDtEbGH

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Volume 1 :Entrance Exam Arc: Starting Off
Volume 2 :Anaviotis Academy Arc: The Beginning
Volume 3 :Deployment Mission Arc: The Adventure Begins


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As per usual, you see the author writing a 5 star review [img=proud]. Here are some things I want to preface after 285~ chaps. 1. This is my first time writing a contracted novel, so the story gets significantly better as you read. (Especially after entrance exam). 2. Lyrian is constantly changing in character! He won’t be fully developed until far down in the story. 3. Upload rate is 14/week. If u want more then gift! [img=gift] 4. I got some hype cookin up! 5. If you wanted to know something I didn’t mention here, just reply and ask me. I’ll answer if possible.


Very good beginning but since the entrance exam its horrible to read… stretcht way too long to the point, where you wait for 50 chapters for it to end and dont actually like these 50+ chapters.


The tone is very dark at first but is executed well and feels natural. In just two chapters, the author made me feel connected to the MC and his struggles. Before I knew it, I found myself rooting for him. As long as he keeps uploading, the book will definitely become a gem.


Yea... the novels amazing. Not really much more I can say...


This novel is a banger. Author managed to make you feel connected to MC's struggles from early on, while also making you feel as if you were inside the story.Since this review is made early in the story, I can't say much about the world background, but even so it's extremely captivating and it gives you that drive to continue reading it further.I'm sure it's going to take flight and smash the tops.Thank you for wasting your time to read my humble review. Good luck fellow daoist/daoists!11/10


I can see this novel growing much more in the future, it has a stupid amount of potential!


Great start and everything, even if the humor kind of clashes with the huge misery sandwich that is the beginning, but the update speed worries me. I know that us authors are busy folk but still. And also. HILLBILLIES. Loved that. Will read more later.


Great story author,but you kinda killed it with the whole system thing for me,I mean there's at least a thousand system novels out there and alot of them are prolly better than yours (no offense btw) so I just think it would have been alot better if you hadn't added the system part but nevertheless still a great story 👍Btw,I haven't read your story that far so I may have been a little bit stingy with the stars 😅


Review from reading the first chapter. The first chapter is dark and grim - which is the norm for reincarnation novels. The writing is ok and readable. A few mistakes here and there because the author is human. Nothing that bad to rant about apart from the sad background story for the MC. overall good novel


Early review here. Looking at the prologue, the tone seemed quite dark. Fans of those types of stories would like this. Grammar is quite fine with only minor issues, though some words are somewhat hard to understand. Still very early, however, hope the author will improve as the chapters progress more. Keep it up!


Reveal spoiler


This book is very promising. The world background is quite intriguing but the pace is so slow for me and school life is dragging that why I'm dropping this novel. Probabyly will return once the character starts his journey after the academy and his quest for world domination


I haven't read this yet. I am going to though. What I want to know is what the author envisions of the MC. What does he wish the MC's goal to be, and what things the MC requires to do to reach said goal.


will the main character be building his own kingdom.


Romance Just wanted to ask if there was romance in your book


I like how the main character was written! The pacing was well executed, and I like how the setting was fleshed out. Overall, though this isn’t what I normally read, this was a nice read. Keep it up!


Great plot and storyline, actually forgot there was only one chapter and scrolled for more


"Pretty good first chapter. We got a little insight into the story and a cliff hanger which is good. Lacking the character purpose/goal but it is a prologue so thats understandble."


The story is nothing but a cliche. The main character is betrayed and dies, only to reincarnate in another world where he receives a system that allows him to complete quests and gain stat points. Despite becoming incredibly strong after acquiring free stat points for almost a decade, he still waits for his opponents to attack before beating them. However, the truth is that he could have defeated them easily right from the start, without taking any damage.


Amazing…………………… have high hopes for this.


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