Rebirth Of The Strongest Worldsmith

*Ding* [Congratulations! You have created a new world!] Lyrian Theageld's rebirth shattered the chains of his nightmarish past. In a fantasy realm, he seizes a second chance, determined to forge an identity and escape victimhood. Armed with a unique ability to create skills and magic, Lyrian embarks on a relentless quest for power. His journey intertwines with self-discovery, leading to epic battles, formidable companions, and the conquest of vast empires. Will his unwavering resolve propel him to the pinnacle of triumph, or will the pursuit of power cast him adrift in an endless struggle? Only time will unveil the answer. [---------------------------------] Lyrian won't be your typical hero or lone wolf MC. Even when you think his character is fully developed, he won’t stop changing until far later on. He will be an antihero in the future, and much more. Enjoy each personality while it lasts. There will be a point in time where the mc personality will completely change in a certain way. [---------------------------------] The first two chapters can be considered prologues. They are darker than following chaps, but this novel doesn't have a DARK tag just because of that. No spoilers. The novel will get better after the entrance exams end. I want to preface this because as this is my first contracted novel, I am still learning and improving. Although, I wouldn't consider it bad at any point. [---------------------------------] There will be no harem whatsoever in this novel, and when it comes to romance, it will be scarce, if not completely invisible until 500+ chapters. If you want to see clear and full cover then look at it through the website. The mobile app distorts and blurs the cover. [---------------------------------] Vote for extra chapters and if you want to support the novel further Castle = 1 Bonus Chapter, Spaceship = 3 Bonus Chapters, Golden Gachapon = 5 Bonus Chapters. 100 GT = 1 Bonus Chapter 500 PS = 1 Bonus Chapter Lets hit that WINWIN goal! Each goal hit = 1 extra chapter Top 25 WINWIN = 30% discount on all tiers Top 10 WINWIN = 40% discount on all tiers Top 5 WINWIN = 50% discount on all tiers Top 1 WINWIN = 80% discount on all tiers Thanks! [---------------------------------] Discord: https://discord.gg/dyDtEbGH

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'Magia?' Lyrian thought to himself as he stared at the picture of a man dressed in a robe, holding a wooden staff that was conjuring some sort of fireball.

Interested, he immediately opened up the book and began reading.

After a span of 10 ten days that he spent most of the time reading to himself, Lyrian had finished the book and was awe-struck at the knowledge he had learned.

Magia, or in Earthly terms: Magic, was something he noticed that Cole and Kane always used to watch on tv.

In his past life, it meant powerful spells and element manipulation to a person's will, that person usually being a wizard.

But, this point of view of magic might have been skewed, however, as Lyrian didn't have the time to leisurely watch tv.

In the book, Magia was described in a much larger context, being the pillar of all life and civilization in Zaryn.

Apparently, only 50% of people in the world who usually were born in higher-classed families were born with the ability to use this magia.

That 50% have the ability to conjure spells of various types and elements, be it body enhancing or spell casting.

To put the information the book possessed in a few words would be impossible, but all this knowledge made Lyrian obsessed with magia.

Although all of this was true, there was something still missing. This book spoke about the uses of magia in the world and how it affected society, but never did it speak about its origins or how to use it.

Of course, that was the crucial thing Lyrian wanted to know more than anything. He wanted to become stronger for his own sake.

Just thinking back about his traumatic times on Earth sent shivers down his spine and filled his mind with negative thoughts.

He never wanted to be taken advantage of and abused ever again, so getting stronger would help him with that goal.

'I have to get that other box.' Lyrian thought to himself, knowing that there was one more box under his fathers bed. He was eager but also serious about his purpose for getting the box.

After putting the book back into the box and sliding it under his bed, he created a plan for himself to get the other box.

It consisted of eating his food as fast as possible and quickly going into his parent's room to retrieve the box while his mother finished eating.

His father wouldn't be a problem, as he would still be at work when dinner would be served.

Thinking of that fact, Lyrian felt a bit guilty about stealing from his father, but nonetheless, he was going to go through with it.

He truly, truly didn't mean any harm.

Instead, he didn't want any harm to come to himself ever again. It was a noble reason, he thought.

The next day, Lyrian waited for his dinner to be served and quickly threw in a bit of cold water into his soup, making it cool down quickly so that he could chug it down quickly while gobbling down his bread.

"Slow down, son! Why are you in such a hurry tonight?" Rosa said with a hint of concern as she watched this four year old feast down like a rabid dog.

"I wantugoread" Lyrian said in gibberish, still having his mouth stuffed with food.

After finishing, he quickly got up and ran away with his stubby legs into the hallway where both his parents and his room were, disappearing from Rosa's sight.

'What's with him these past couple of days?'

Going into his parent's room, he quickly slid under his father's bed and took out the box before storming out and right into his own room.

He threw the box on his table, closed and locked the door behind him, and jumped up onto his chair before finally breathing.

"Phew!" He panted, before trying to open the rusty lock.

This lock, however, didn't fall apart as easily as the previous one. No matter how hard he tried, it simply didn't budge.

So excited to read the book, he hadn't thought of this possibility. Looking out the window, he knew that his father would arrive on time now.

In the end, he decided to put the box under his bed and open it the next day by force.

After unlocking the door, he got into bed but wasn't able to sleep, squirming around and thinking of all the things he could do with magia under his bed sheets.


The door suddenly opened.

"How are you feeling? Honey?" Rosa said, leaning against the door frame.

Upon hearing this, Lyrian was a bit surprised, but he knew that it wasn't completely unexpected.

After all, he had been acting quite suspiciously trying to read alone in his room the past 10 days, and knew that his mother would get concerned over the smallest things about him.

Of course, this wasn't a bad thing that he would take for granted at all. Unlike many other children, the respect he had for his parents was a lot.

"I'm alright, Mother. I just… want some more books to read, is all." He tried to make up something on the spot.

"Books to read?" Rosa said before lightly giggling to herself. "Haven't you read enough books? You sure are a bookworm, Lyrian."

"I want to learn more about the world…"

"Well… alright then, how about tomorrow we go to the library, just you and me."

Hearing this, Lyrian opened up his eyes in excitement.

"Yes! That sounds great!"

"Well, alright, don't stay up all night thinking about it. Good night, honey." Rosa said endearingly before closing the door.

Indeed, Lyrian was going to have a hard time sleeping that night.