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Rebirth of Technology


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A programmer, back in 1989. The computer age had not yet begun and the Internet still had a long way to go. Play with your strengths, start easy and then go hard. Start with sensors, go deeper and deeper, layer by layer breakthroughs, the possibilities are endless! Technology is king! The industry is king! Step by step, changing the technology, changing the history! Hardcore technical literature, no stock market, no finance, no investment! Brand new research route! Different technology development routes! _______________________ You can find it over the Internet as 'Rebirth of Nothern Technology' Author: Light of Ice City I am just a reader like you. I read this novel a few months ago and liked it so thought of sharing it with you guys. With some minor tweaks here and there to make the story more readable. If there is any racism inside the story I will try to curb it to the best of my abilities and help me in it as well.


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