1 Chapter 1: System is online

City H.

An abandoned factory outside the suburbs. 𝗡𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗼

It is so far from the city that only a few people will ever come here.

However, this time around an abandoned factory filled with the sound of gunshots, which many people would never hear in their lifetime.

On the outskirts of the abandoned factory, hundreds of armed policemen in uniforms, fully armed, were pouring their bullets inside the building.

They belonged to the 312th Brigade of Frontier Alliance.

This time, they had received military orders from their superiors to round up the terrorist organisation that had appeared here.

Ethan Hunt was one of them.

Ethan, a year ago, had just graduated from the Higher Military Academy of the Laplace Region.

A year after coming to the military camp, he had just turned from a military student into a real soldier when he received such a mission.

Looking at the factory gate in front of him, which was constantly spewed by bullets, he felt an inexplicable excitement. To fight the enemy with real weapons was a dream he had since he joined the academy.

Ethan had already gained an intermediate level of theoretical knowledge of military science.

Just as he lifted his head, he felt a sudden sound of wind above his head.

Raising his head, he saw a concrete slab falling down.

That shot from the terrorist just now had hit a wall right behind him.

Ethan happened to have just raised his head when the concrete slab, which was almost knocked down, fell onto his head.

Ethan only had time to curse, "You motherfucker." before getting knocked out.

After he fell unconscious, the whole battlefield changed.

Behind the Fourth Battalion, hundreds more terrorists suddenly appeared.

The terrorists, who were originally pinned down by the armed police, at this time, responded from the inside and took the armed police by surprise.

Ethan felt dazed and confused.

When he woke up completely, he saw that all his comrades around him were pinned down.

At his side, a comrade who was very close to him inside the barracks, at this time, was in a blood splash.

All that could be heard on the battlefield was the sporadic sound of gunshots coming from not far away.

Ethan stood up in a panic and was about to move closer to the sound of gunfire.

However, just as he stood up, he felt a faintness in his head and sat down on his buttocks.

Inside his mind, a large spinning wheel with a red blood light appeared.

[The Military System is activated, please be prepared.]

Ethan, before he could understand what it meant, saw the pinwheel was already spinning rapidly.

After a few dozen minutes of spinning, the pointer stopped at a blue area.

[Binding the Military God System and providing the lottery reward.]

That spinning wheel, once again, began to spin rapidly then the blue grid filled his vision.

On it, Three words appeared.

[Perception: Max Level.]

Ethan was ready to curse this scenario. In this situation, how could it play any role at all?

At this time, the sound of gunshots outside immediately woke him up.

Just as he looked up, he saw three to four people in camouflage, who were rapidly approaching him.

Just when Ethan was formulating a way to deal with them.

Suddenly, he found himself being able to predict their movements and notions just by looking through their actions and expressions.

There were some barriers placed by the armed police which were now used by the terrorists.

Ethan pulled out a grenade he had on him.

When those terrorists were about to jump in, Ethan threw the grenade with perfect accuracy.

The timing was just right.

As they jumped in, the grenade exploded.

This action here attracted the attention of other terrorists.

Ethan, after a quick analysis of his surroundings, ran toward the place where the gunfire was still active.

Now, the only way to get out of this unfavourable situation was to find some teammates.

After using a few dead ends, Ethan quickly approached the place where the gunshots were still heard.

This was also the only place where there was still constant resistance.

Ethan kept advancing and soon some people noticed. He just hid behind a bunker.

Just then he heard a female soldier's voice.

"Come over here."

This time, in addition to their Fourth Battalion, I heard that a special forces battle group had been specially invited.

Ethan quickly swooped over in the direction of the voice.

It was a small basement, with five special forces soldiers in camouflage inside.

At the back of the basement.

Ethan saw his officers.

The Battalion Commander of the Fourth Battalion and two other men.

"Come and help."

It was the same female soldier's voice. This was also the first time he saw the female soldier's appearance clearly.

Although it was said that her face was painted with camouflage, she could not hide that stunning face at all.

A gun was pushed into his hand. He, in fact, wanted to say one sentence.

'One is not good at fighting.'

Helplessly, he could only take the gun and came to a position closer to that female soldier.

Just as he raised his head, a bullet, plunged past his ear.

Ethan slowly climbed up and took a quick look at the situation outside.

This is the last position under their control and all the gunfires were concentrated on this area.

Thinking carefully, Ethan immediately guessed the position of the other leader.

Just as he was about to climb out again to have another look.

The female soldier who had been next to him.

At this time, she turned back fiercely and stared at him. Ethan, in an instant, understood what she was angry about.

"I can find the location of the leader of the terrorists, you can one-shot them then."

But to his surprise, the female soldier didn't believe what he said at all.

"Don't be overconfident. Think rationally. Look at your cowardly appearance now, you don't have any qualifications to wear this outfit."

It turned out that just now, Ethan's actions had made that female soldier think that he was already scared in the face of the terrorists outside.

Ethan saw that the other party gave him a fierce glare before he turned back and fired outside.

He as soon as he looked up, saw a flare just in time.

In an instant, he pounced on the female soldier.

The female soldier, who had just fired a shot outside, turned her head and saw him lunging towards her.

Ethan grabbed her in a hug and did a roll.

The female soldier just opened her mouth, then saw a shovel being blown away with a shot.

From the power, one could tell that it was definitely not shot by an ordinary gun.

"TCA-50, counter-sniper rifle."

Ethan, although, say, not very good in combat strength, was known to be knowledgeable in guns.

"You, how do you know?"

Ethan didn't even have time to answer his words.

Picking up another shovel from the ground with a helmet over it, he slowly probed out.

Sure enough, just halfway out, the sapper shovel inside his hand had already turned into two halves.

"At six o'clock, are you sure?"

The female soldier, without any hesitation, nodded her head.

Then he saw that the female soldier, with a flip, arriving behind the pillar on the other side.

After waiting for a few seconds.

The female soldier, with a turn of her body, fired her rifle in her hand.

The sniper, who was holding a counter-sniper rifle on a high shelf not far from here, was about to fire a shot at this moment.

But a bullet, which had already penetrated the scope, came out from behind his head.

Inside the basement.

The female soldier after firing her shot.

Then he turned his head, to Ethan, and nodded.

The two of them came back from the front.

"You just said that you could find the location of their leader."

After that one incident just now, it had already made this female soldier, somewhat start to believe Ethan.

Ethan didn't explain much.

From the side, he picked up the binoculars. Looking at the building in front of him, he carefully observed it for a while.

Then pointing at a man in that direction at five hundred meters and nine o'clock, he said.

"Take him out."

The female soldier, without seeming to say much, aimed and fired, in one fluid motion.

The man he was pointing at, had his head blown off.

Sure enough, after that man died, it was obvious that it caused a panic.

Again, it was direct proof that the man killed was not of low standing in the terrorist group across the street.

Ethan quickly pointed out two or three more people.

After those people died, the terrorists, at last, had some violent reactions.

The people who were originally scattered all over the command, at this time all of them withdrew to the back.

"They've all retreated back." Ethan voiced out.

After this half-hour of gunfire, Ethan and his side, the original five special combat team members lost one of them.

However, the opposite side paid an even heavier price.

"Captain, ammo, we are running out."

After these series of confrontations, the ammo on each man was scarce.

That female soldier, once again, looked at Ethan.

Obviously, it was as if he was the only commander here.

Ethan, with his newly gained ability, quickly analysed the current strength of the enemy and his side.

"There's only one way out, and that is to find a way to take out the main person on the other side, or we won't be able to hold till reinforcements arrive."

One of the special forces soldiers turned around and spoke as he shot his gun.

"They are already hiding in the back, what can we do, we can't just shoot them from this distance."

Ethan leaked out a small smile.

"Distance-wise, we are indeed far, but, we can advance the cover the distance."

Ethan, the moment he said this, the few remaining people looked at him like he was a madman.

"It's hard for us to even resist now, going out now is no different from death."

Another special soldier, with an unkind face, uttered these words.

At this time, even the female soldier, also revealed a disappointed expression.

Ethan looked back at the four men.

"If you leave with your captain, how long can you guys last."

Although they didn't know what he meant, those special forces soldiers still replied quickly.

"Half an hour."

Ethan turned his head again looked at the female soldier.

"Are you willing to trust me one more time?"

That female soldier looked him in the eye.

"Okay, go ahead, what do you need us to do."

Ethan took his binoculars and looked around.

"See that place, once we both get there, we can run into them, I've just observed them, they all have gone inside that tall building outside the factory."

The female soldier replied without doing much thinking.


"Leave your weapon with them as well and let's go find a better one."

With that, Ethan, with the female soldier in tow, quickly left the basement under the suppression of the four special forces soldiers.

Ethan had long ago observed a path, which should have been a path specifically left by the terrorists.

After taking care of three to four of the terrorists.

The two of them had quickly arrived, where the sniper had just been.

From coming out with only a short knife to being fully armed now, it only took them ten minutes.

Ethan threw the dead sniper's body to the side.

He handed the TCA-50 sniper rifle, which was on the ground, to the female soldier.

"Can you use it?"

The female soldier, skilled in her daily routine, loaded and adjusted the scope.

Ethan said with a small smile.

"My name is Ethan Hunt, what's your name?"

The female soldier raised her head and looked at Ethan with a strange look.

"Don't get me wrong, it's just for the convenience of addressing you later."

"My name is Alice Davis."

Ethan nodded his head.

Coming to a position near the window.

Taking the binoculars in his hand, he looked out at the tall building outside the factory.

It was a bit blurry like this, but, still, one could see that inside, there were four or five foreigners, and two locals, staying together.

"Those two should be our targets, take a look, can you take care of them both."

Alice, lying there by the elevated shelf, used the scope, after looking carefully for a while.

Nodding her head.

"No problem, but once I shoot, the other one, I'm afraid, won't be easy to deal with."

Ethan took one of the rifles next to his own.

"The other one, I'll take care of him."

The reason why he dared to say this.

It was because just a short while ago, he got another skill.

On then did he understand this system thing.

The few people that he just commanded Alice to kill had given him the Kill Points used for the system draw.

The ten Kill Points that he got, were exactly enough to allow him to draw a prize once more.

On such an occasion, it was natural to use it without any hesitation.

This time, Ethan finally got a skill he was in desperate need of.

[Gun Handling: Max Level.]

Before, although Ethan said that his gun skill was not so shabby but it simply did not feel like this.

The gun inside his own hand seemed to be able to shoot out with its own mind.

He used the binoculars to determine the direction and fired his first shot.

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