Rebirth: My Fiery Marriage With Mister Dragon!

~Our love will bring chaos to the world...but who cares~ Many eons ago when dragons still roamed the lands bringing peace and prosperity to it’s people. Then one day a dragon decided to rebel, it was known as the black dragon, the creature known to bring chaos and destruction along its wake. His actions had angered the gods and with that a curse was laid on him. That he would suffer for eternity, day and night, feeling the pain and sorrow of those he had cause pain and suffering to. But one god was merciful and said for if the black dragon found the reincarnation of the goddess Nu Wan and she remembered who he was, he would be made whole again. Fast-forward to the present day... "I've waited centuries, watching civilizations rise and fall, waiting for the day you'd arrive. And now, you deliver yourself to my doorstep?" The 199cm tall CEO of DK Corporation, with eyes that burned like embers, pinned a nervous-looking woman against the bedstead. He could smell the scent of the goddess all over her. "Pardon me, sir, I'm just a maid who got hired today. I don't understand what you're talking about?" The man's face paled, his grip on her arms tightening. "Do you not remember who I am?" The woman shook her head, confusion etched on her face. This was her first meeting with the enigmatic CEO. "They deceived me! What is your name?" "Nu Wan..." The man's voice was low and husky as he pulled her closer. "Listen, Nu Wan. You belong to me now. You'll love and adore me, and no matter what it takes, you must remember who I am." Nu Wan's ordinary life is turned upside down when she meets the eccentric CEO, who turns out to be the dragon king and her betrothed. Now, she's tasked with the mission to remember their past and break the curse that has haunted him for centuries.

Little_North_Star · Fantasy
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20 Chs

Meeting the dragon king(1)

"Master do you really wish to have a human maid?"

A brown haired man with sharp brown eyes bowed he was around 186cm but his height still paled in comparison to his master's.

"I live a very boring life Ye Gu having a human here will spice things up.Don't you think?.."

Ye Gu still had his head bowed in front of the dragon King no one dared to look him in the eyes.

"I support anything the master likes and wishes.."

The man stood up and walked to the window, the entire room was pitch black, devoid of light until the curtains were opened.

"Ye Gu we've been friends for eons now you can't be so formal.I'm not going to kill you if you wish to speak your mind..."

Ye Gu gulped how did the master know he had something on his mind?

"Well master, humans can't be trusted especially their women.They always have a motive when they approach you, this one might be the same too.."

"She's welcome to sleep with me if she desires. I miss the dragon women, these female humans can't seem to satiate my sexual appetite.."


"As part of your punishment master, the elder gods did say you won't meet any woman that would fulfill your sexual appetite. Only the reincarnation of the goddess Nu Wan would be able to handle the sexual desire.."

The man eyes blazed in anger, eons had past and yet the reincarnation of that perky goddess had never showed up.

He had searched all parts of the world.

But he was never able to find her, he couldn't even sense her presence.

"You may go"

Ye Gu bowed and nodded he cleared his throat to remind the man of one thing before he left.

"Master do you not wish to go to the company today?"

"No...I've spent years earning money I might as well be the richest man in the world. Let someone else do the work.."

Ye Gu bowed and nodded closing the door as he left.

The man's hands gripped the windowsill. For how long would he continue to suffer in pain and turmoil.

The people he had caused pain and suffering had all died and found peace. He had learnt his lesson, he just wanted to be free.


Nu Wan staggered as she ran forward, this was her new job and she was already one hour late.

She was already lucky to work for a man like Ling Xiaoting but he was also a cold and heartless man she feared she might really lose this job she worked so hard for.

Nu Wan, 23 years old, orphaned at birth had spent most of her life working to pay her bills and tuition fees. She graduated university during a rather short major because she could not afford to pay for the long term ones.

But after graduating for some reason no company agreed to hire her as a personal assistant. She had spent the last one year searching for a job and finally gave up when she could not find any.

Instead she started looking for jobs as a maid, she had found one or two jobs which she had been fired from. In a house full of married men and house wives, having a face as beautiful as hers had become a problem.

She paused when she got to the gate taking her time to catch her breath.

Nu Wan looked at the mansion in awe, this was probably the only mansion that was built this way in the capital,no probably the whole country.

"Who are you?"

A charming voice rang out drawing Nu Wan's attention.

"I-good morning I'm Nu Wan, I'm the newly hired maid.."

Ye Gu chuckled he could sense her running from a mile away he knew exactly who she was.

But that name, it's been a while since he had seen anyone answer this particular name.

"Miss Nu Wan please come in.."

The gates opened and Nu Wan walked in, the was the first time a human had ever walked into the black dragon's den and it was probably going to be the last.

Ye Gu was standing at the door waiting to lead her inside.

He raised his brows in astonishment, this was one beautiful woman, almost as beautiful as a goddess?!

Ye Gu had a guess, she could really be the goddess Nu Wan's reincarnation.

"Good morning.."

"G-good morning miss, please come in.."

Just like the exterior, the interior had rich heritage. She guessed her new boss must be an traditional man.

Nu Wan followed behind Ye Gu closely despite being inside the house, she did not have a good feeling about it, she could sense she was being watched. This was the feeling she had been getting her whole life.

"This is the master's room, wait in here for him.."


Nu Wan blinked was it really right to wait in her boss's room.

"Are you sure?"

"100% you have nothing to worry.."

Nu Wan nodded and walked into into room, Ye Gu closing the door behind her.

Nu Wan felt as though she had walked into a nightmare, the room was pitch black and she had no idea of where she was going.

Suddenly a black shadow approached her grabbing her by the waist.

That smell, Ling Xiaoting's eyes widened, that smell he knew that smell anywhere. It belonged to that annoying goddess Nu Wan.

"I've waited for years, centuries, I've watched civilization been built. Waiting for the day you would arrive and you deliver yourself at my doorstep?.."

The 199cm man trapped the nervous looking woman against the bedstead. He could smell that scent of that annoying goddess all over her. It was her, she was the one he had been searching for.

"Pardon me sir, I'm just a maid that got hired today. I don't understand what you're talking about?"

The man paled as his hands on her arms tightened.

"Do you not remember who I am?"

The woman shook her head in confusion. This was her first time meeting this man in person.

"They tricked me! What is your name?"

"Nu Wan.."

The man grabbed her again bringing her closer to him.

"Listen Nu Wan, you belong to me now, you can only love and adore me. And no matter what it takes you have to remember who I am.."


"I'm sorry sir, I'm not an object so I do not belong to you.."

Nu Wan's voice shook, she couldn't see his face, she could only see his eyes which glowed in a strange light and in a color she had never seen before.

"You do not belong me?"

Ling Xiaoting clicked his fingers and the curtains flew open, the once dark room was now filled with light.

His mark, he had his mark on her and he knew exactly where it was.

Ling Xiaoting's hand landed on her dress and directly rip it away from her body.


Nu Wan's eyes widened in fear as she immediately covered her womanly parts.

Was this really the great Ling Xiaoting, was he really a pervert in disguise.

He waved his hand and a mirror appeared, his hands roamed all over her body till he found it.

The mark that belonged to him and him alone.

"You know what this is right?"

Nu Wan's eyes widened how did he know she had a birthmark there. This something not even her close friends about, who exactly was this man!.

"It's my birthmark.."

"Good, this mark was placed on your body by me but it's not a birthmark, it's a bite mark signifying that you, Nu Wan belong to me alone.."

Nu Wan wanted you escape but his grip on her only tightened. How did she get into this? All she ever wanted was to find a place she belonged in and earn money to pay her bills. Why did she get entangled with such a man and why did her body react to his touch like they were familiar.

Deep in thoughts Nu Wan suddenly felt her feet leave the ground and saw Ling Xiaoting carrying her to the bed.

Her entire body froze, he was going to sleep with her and she had no power to resist him.


Nu Wan whimpered why did all the men she met treat her like she did not have a say over her own body. Why didn't anyone care about her feelings.

Ling Xiaoting tossed her into the bed trapping her between him.

He buried his face in her nape inhaling her scent. The scent he hated the most had become his calming pill, bringing peace to his tortured soul.

Nu Wan's hands clenched she could feel his body grow hotter and hotter and soon he could come to claim her.

They always treated her like a thing meant to be passed around. She would rather have never been born.


Nu Wan's tear fell on Ling Xiaoting's shoulder and he paused. Raising his head to look at her face.

"Why do you cry? Do you not want this?"