Rebirth: My Fiery Marriage With Mister Dragon!

Fantasy Romance
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What is Rebirth: My Fiery Marriage With Mister Dragon!

Read ‘Rebirth: My Fiery Marriage With Mister Dragon!’ Online for Free, written by the author Little_North_Star, This book is a Fantasy Romance Novel, covering R18 Fiction, MAGIC Light Novel, MYSTERY Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: ~Our love will bring chaos to the world...but who cares~Many eons ago when dragons still roamed the lands bringing peace...


~Our love will bring chaos to the world...but who cares~ Many eons ago when dragons still roamed the lands bringing peace and prosperity to it’s people. Then one day a dragon decided to rebel, it was known as the black dragon, the creature known to bring chaos and destruction along its wake. His actions had angered the gods and with that a curse was laid on him. That he would suffer for eternity, day and night, feeling the pain and sorrow of those he had cause pain and suffering to. But one god was merciful and said for if the black dragon found the reincarnation of the goddess Nu Wan and she remembered who he was, he would be made whole again. Fast-forward to the present day... "I've waited centuries, watching civilizations rise and fall, waiting for the day you'd arrive. And now, you deliver yourself to my doorstep?" The 199cm tall CEO of DK Corporation, with eyes that burned like embers, pinned a nervous-looking woman against the bedstead. He could smell the scent of the goddess all over her. "Pardon me, sir, I'm just a maid who got hired today. I don't understand what you're talking about?" The man's face paled, his grip on her arms tightening. "Do you not remember who I am?" The woman shook her head, confusion etched on her face. This was her first meeting with the enigmatic CEO. "They deceived me! What is your name?" "Nu Wan..." The man's voice was low and husky as he pulled her closer. "Listen, Nu Wan. You belong to me now. You'll love and adore me, and no matter what it takes, you must remember who I am." Nu Wan's ordinary life is turned upside down when she meets the eccentric CEO, who turns out to be the dragon king and her betrothed. Now, she's tasked with the mission to remember their past and break the curse that has haunted him for centuries.

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I read all the seven chapters in one setting and i can tell that the plot is hooking and i anticipate the upcoming chapters. It's a really fun romance book and so far enjoiying it. Thank you very much! author San! 🤍


One word: Anticipate. If you are a romance fan, this is for you.


I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! love author's sense of humor. Some lines were so funny, I couldn't stop laughing. The chemistry between the female lead and the male lead is wonderful!


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