Rebirth: My Fiery Marriage With Mister Dragon!

~Our love will bring chaos to the world...but who cares~ Many eons ago when dragons still roamed the lands bringing peace and prosperity to it’s people. Then one day a dragon decided to rebel, it was known as the black dragon, the creature known to bring chaos and destruction along its wake. His actions had angered the gods and with that a curse was laid on him. That he would suffer for eternity, day and night, feeling the pain and sorrow of those he had cause pain and suffering to. But one god was merciful and said for if the black dragon found the reincarnation of the goddess Nu Wan and she remembered who he was, he would be made whole again. Fast-forward to the present day... "I've waited centuries, watching civilizations rise and fall, waiting for the day you'd arrive. And now, you deliver yourself to my doorstep?" The 199cm tall CEO of DK Corporation, with eyes that burned like embers, pinned a nervous-looking woman against the bedstead. He could smell the scent of the goddess all over her. "Pardon me, sir, I'm just a maid who got hired today. I don't understand what you're talking about?" The man's face paled, his grip on her arms tightening. "Do you not remember who I am?" The woman shook her head, confusion etched on her face. This was her first meeting with the enigmatic CEO. "They deceived me! What is your name?" "Nu Wan..." The man's voice was low and husky as he pulled her closer. "Listen, Nu Wan. You belong to me now. You'll love and adore me, and no matter what it takes, you must remember who I am." Nu Wan's ordinary life is turned upside down when she meets the eccentric CEO, who turns out to be the dragon king and her betrothed. Now, she's tasked with the mission to remember their past and break the curse that has haunted him for centuries.

Little_North_Star · Fantasy
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19 Chs

Houdan province

"Why must everything be vulgar with you?"

Ling Xiaoting chuckled and nodded, at least the prophecy was correct and things were falling into place.

"I can't help but compliment pretty women when I see them...." His voiced trailed off as he took a step out of the room.

"Take a shower and meet me downstairs, we'll continue our discussion there.."

Ling Xiaoting smiled and closed the door behind him.

Nu Wan rubbed her hands slightly, she could still remember what happened in that cell

but she wasn't scared anymore and the voices in her head had disappeared.

"No longer human huh?."

She wasn't even human to begin with, Nu Wan walked into the bathroom and turned on the faucet, hot water slowly filling the tub.

She walked to the closet and saw her bags on the table erected at the middle of the closet, unzipping it she arranged her clothes neatly before taking out a beige floral gown and two white hairpins.

Nu wan soaked up in the tub, letting the water soothe her aching body. New life, new body, even a new set of people. Her life would never go back to the way it was before.

And perhaps it wasn't so bad.

Ye Gu looked at Ling Xiaoting with an embarrassed expression, the position they were in was not something two men should be in.

"The fact that you're blushing amazes me and all I wanted was to get an apple."


"You didn't have to pin me against the counter to do that! Besides you're way too close, I'm not blushing, I'm embarrassed!"


"Normal men don't pin other men against the counter!"

"Since when we're we normal men? When we've slept together before..."


"We slept on the same bed centuries ago, don't make it sound like we f...kd! You bastard.."


These were the words, Nu Wan heard when she came downstairs. The shock look was obvious on her face.

"I didn't say anything, you brought this on yourself when you blushed. Besides I only f..k women, no I only want to sleep with one woman and she's standing right there"

Ye Gu loosened his tie and took a step back, all he ever did was tease and seduce people like they were his playthings.

"You look fantastic in that dress"

Ling Xiaoting stroked his chin, admiring the view. From where he was, he could see her breathtaking face and slim yet curvy body.

"I'll take my leave master.."

"Stay, you're my right hand man...this involves you too"

Ye Gu sighed and nodded, Nu Wan hearing what he said earlier, made it more awkward.

"Make some tea, it's going to be a long conversation..."

Nu Wan kept staring at Ye Gu as he left with different unholy thoughts in her head.

"Your ears are sharp...or maybe it was Ye Gu talking to loud.."

"Did you really sleep with him?"

Ling Xiaoting chuckled and shook his head, he was only interested in bending women and not men.

"It's against the rules for males to mate with themselves. Since they cannot bear children so it's kind of a waste for me to go after one.."

Saying this,that's didn't stop another dragons from breaking the rules.

Even his own subordinates has broken the rule. But he couldn't care less about who they f..ked with.."

Nu Wan shook her head clearly those unwanted thoughts.

"What is it you want us to discuss?"

"Your training, now that you've unlocked your abilities. You must learn how to control it.."

Nu Wan bowed her head slightly, she did not know what her appearance was when she was not human and she was too terrified to find out.

She just wished she could sleep and wake up to find out that it was all just a nightmare and she was still a normal 24 year old looking for a good job.

Ye Gu placed the tea on the table and filled their cups. Next he sat down waiting to hear why Ling Xiaoting wanted him there.

"English tea?"

Ling Xiaoting nodded he found the english tea better than the chinese tea in some aspects or maybe just like Ye Gu they had spent a little too much time there.

"I like my tea sweet...it makes my blood pump faster.."

Ling Xiaoting drank a few mouthfuls and placed the cup down. He leaned back against the chair, stretching his long legs.

"When you're not training, you'll be with me at work. Where I can keep my eyes on you. Ye Gu and a few other friends of mine will be your trainers..so you may have to call them master.."

Nu Wan turned to look at Ye Gu, who had a small grin on his lips.

"If they're willing to train me then I don't mind calling them master.."

Ling Xiaoting pouted he didn't want to hear her call other men master but she belonged to him so he had nothing to worry about.

"Ye Gu has insane martial arts abilities so he'll be when master when it comes to physical fighting.."


Nu Wan eyes widened in awe, his fighting skills must be amazing for Ling Xiaoting to praise him.

"And do you know who taught him?"

Judging by the grin on his face, Nu Wan didn't even need to ask.


"That's right, Ye Gu was trained by me and then he trained the other dragons.."

If he was so good why didn't he train her?

"But I can't be the one to train you.You see, because of that mark there, I'm drawn to you, I won't be able to train you properly if I'm moved by your pitable looks. It's also the reason why you saw me standing at the door earlier. I wouldn't be able to bring myself to hurt you even if it's just for training.."

Nu Wan stroked her chin so it was like that.

"Who are the other people, 3 are here on earth and 2 are in Houdan province or well the dragons birthplace. It's located in the god realm."

Nu Wan wondered if she would be able to go such a place.

"Out of the two, one is the master's younger brother.."

I mean no disrespect to chinese tea, both English/Chinese tea/drinks would be used in where they suffice

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