Rebirth in Bleach

The story of an 18 year old reincarnated into the world of Bleach I don't own Bleach or any of its characters as they belong to their respective creators although the main character is mine The cover image is also not mine as it was taken from: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/637400153491136907/

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Why hell was feared

Within a large red hall, a single cocoon lay in the middle. With it beating slowly, it was reminiscent of a heartbeat. The doors opened and in came Aizen surrounded by the three arrancars, the dark ones and two Shinigami.

However, following them was surprisingly a familiar white and green top hat.

- Soul Society -

Screams of pain resounded throughout the Byakuya household followed by shots.

"Push Rangiku, Push!"

This went on for some time before the wails of child were heard. Inside, a rather haggard looked at the baby in her hands with pure love. Yoruichi and Soi Fon also looked from the side as Hisana pat Rangiku's back. Knowing her intentions of letting her rest, she passed the bundle of joy to Yoruichi and laid back.

Yoruichi carefully held the baby and noticed that the baby had fallen asleep as she passed it towards Soi Fon. She also looked at the baby with care before laying it down in the baby's cot.

However, then wail of the baby seemed to have awakened someone in a slumber.

- Hell Realm -

Itsuki swore he could hear a wail in the distance before screams of despair and anguish drowned it out. An intense surge of emotions just collapsed into his head like a waterfall as he struggled to find his bearings. Slowly Itsuki's willpower overcame those voices as they died down, but never went away. Looking around Itsuki's vision gradually cleared up and he found himself floating in the void. He could see Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, Hell and the Living World. Beneath the living world he was able to see Reverse London and beneath Soul Society he was able to see Schatten Bereich. The shadow empire where the Quincy were hiding.

However above soul society lay another 'soul society'. Calling it another soul society wasn't correct as the latter was nearly half the size of them. Although Itsuki knew that was where his target was, he couldn't see clearly as it was rather far away. However, what he could see was the sheer size of Hell. If here to put it in comparison, placing Hueco Mundo, the Living World, and the two soul societies together could barely match up to it. That was including Reverse London and Schatten Bereich.

The feeling overwhelmed him as he realised that all those voices was from the souls currently being tortured in hell. He could also feel the Kushanada's intention and the fact that hell was now a part of him.

He could feel the dissipating life of the soul king as well as a connection from soul society. A very weak one, telling him of his descendant.

Looking behind him, all he saw was black yet saw something akin to stars in the distant. They were very far away as his instincts told him that he would never be able to reach them. Throwing these thoughts out of his head, he felt a pull and his vision immediately went through a change.

He appeared in the red hall surrounded by the people he had come with. Urahara being there was within his expectations as he left enough clues for someone of his calibre to track him down. He and Aizen were carefully inspecting the cocoon as it started flashing colours. He could now properly get a grasp at Aizen's strength when the man suddenly looked towards him.

'He has indeed obtained the recognition of the…'

Itsuki's thoughts were interrupted as he felt something else. Something he had overlooked but it was there. In a certain part of hell there was a familiar arrancar and on other parts of hell were certain figures making their way towards his location. Itsuki recognised some of them through their records while some were new to even him. Apart from the deceased captains, hollow like creatures were making their way towards the centre. While their appearances varied wildly, common visual motifs between them included large rings protruding from or comprising parts of their bodies and thick chain patterns on their skin. No reiatsu was felt from them but Itsuki could feel that their strength was nothing to scoff at.

A smirk found his way towards Itsuki's face as he began to realise why Hell was feared so much.

- Beta Soul Society -

The group of people were back as shadows covered their faces. There was a heated debate about hell, but clear fear was present within their eyes.

- Hell -

Aizen suddenly felt massive chakra slowly surrounding them and felt the presence of being with no Reiatsu among them. As the halls opened, he came face to face with someone he thought he would never see.

"Szayelaporro Granz"

"Never expected to see you here, Aizen-sama."

Aizen had his usual smirk while the people slowly got ready to fight. As the atmosphere suddenly tensed, the cocoon let out a bright light and a hand burst out. Tremendous reiatsu suddenly appeared as nearly everyone was pushed to the ground. Sweat beading down the former arrancar, he found it difficult to look up as he nearly laid on the ground. The Reiatsu disappeared and he was barely able to look up and found another figure present in front. Finding his breathing strained he was barely able to gather himself and kneel, something from the depths of his soul made him.

Looking at his army in front, Itsuki had a rare smirk as he witnessed hundreds of beings kneeling. While only 11 were humanoid, the rest were hollows that had no hollow hole but rather a ring protruding outside of them. Connecting the dots and seeing the ring behind Granz it was hard to connect the dots. With a swipe of his hand, a throne made of bones appeared behind him as he sat down. Aizen looked at the man he had chosen to follow. He couldn't feel his reiatsu nor see his strength.

Itsuki had a red Haori on his back and kept his clothes. On the back it read Hell King, while a skull had formed on the left side of his head. His eyes had a tint of gold in them but kept there look of being azure with a pinkish ruing within them.

His vision was still the same but he could will what he could and cannot see. Keeping everyone's lines and pints of death visible but making the realm's lines and points of death disappear.

Short chapter, sorry but it will take time to take out something good. I dont want to rush it. But once again thanks so far for the support

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